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Friday, February 29, 2008

There is no sign of hope...

I wanna kill myself right now. I havent been able to in on to any computer. The library is being a bitch and i cant in during study halls. Right after school i have musical rehearsal till madd late and then when i do get back home i still have to do all my homework and then take a shower before i in to bed so im completely beat. I cant go over my friends because 1. I dont like going over peoples houses. I have very high standards for cleanliness because my mom is a neurotic bitch and freaks out when one hair falls on the floor. 2 none of my friends have fast enough computers and i dont like how retarded they are. And 3, i dont like going on my art sites when my friends are around because then they start asking me to draw stuff for them and i dont like drawing stuff for people. So yeah, now i bought the internet on my phone again and mobile internet sucks ass. I still cant reply to any of your messages so please keep them to a minimum unless its something important. Ill get to them as soon as i can. Bye!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Im not going to be on in a really long time. My mom disconnected the internet. So i have no way to get on here. The only reason why i sent this is because i got the internet on my phone. But that cost money and ill probably get yelled at for going on here

And yes i am so much of an idiot i put my whole post in the title without even noticeing. I hate mobile internet :(

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

highs and lows: BEWARE! TIS VERY LONG!

good news:
I saw mandy today and we went to applebee's so i basically vented everything that has happened for the past few weeks

Duane got his phone back, so now i can vent everything to him now while we watch our shows. Its been really quiet and weird watching deathnote and the other shows, without discussing what happened during the commercials. This is the only day i really talk to him and we olnt talk at night when our family is asleep because we can have some very... strange conversations.

Bad News:
My two best friends have now turned bi... and are going out with some girls, then one of them was dumped and she's not taking it well, she's also the one i would NEVER expect to be in the closet, i thought she was so far away from the closet i thought she was outdoors! So yeah she's not taking it well and she is really flaky, and i have NO idea what the hell she's going to do now. She does not take break-ups very well. She's a very needy little thing... she annoys the hell out of me because of it, but i still like her, i mean we've been best friends for a long time... she's just REALLY flaky.

Para is going out with someone(lets call her tweety). Again i did NOT see that coming. in fact one of my friends who didnt go to the school had to tell me about it, so i asked tweety, because me and her are fairly good friends and she said it was true and then i talked to Para and i was like FTW!? when did this happen? and he's just laughing at me because i was ranting about how no one tells me things. so yeah i felt like a blonde idiot. I hate that feeling too.. and that happens alot. I mean honestly i felt like i lived under a rock er something, all this random shit is happening at like supersonic speed! (the director said that and me and mandy just burst out in laughter. it was hilarious, because you dont hear that anymore so now im gonna say it!)
but anyway that really got me depressed, and confused. and then ever since then all i've been hearing on the radio are love songs! im like FTW?! is this someone's cruel idea of a joke?

and now in musical i feel like i dont have a group i belong in. im just standing there like, ookayy... i fell awkward. All my friends last year in musical were ALL seniors, so now that they're gone, and i have no really close friends that i feel comfortable to be around.
I just feel like i'm an outcast, and it's weird and i dont like the feeling, because im friends with some people then when i sit with them and their friends i get like madd quiet and i feel like i dont belong. damn i sound like some Emo kid... shit.

the past few weeks have been weird as hell, and i hate it. i wish this year was like last year. I would still hang out with my friends, no one would be doing random shit. I would still secretly like Para and tell no one. and i wouldnt be an outsider, and i'd still have a boyfriend... i really dont care about the boyfriend shit, but it was a nice cherry on top of the sunday of niceness that was last year.

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Friday, January 25, 2008


Im changing up my friends list, if im not on your list, you wont be on mine.

If you have any questions P.M me, ASAP so i know.

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GO COMMENT NOW! I think its one of my best (except for the damn wire TTATT) COMMENT AND VOTE AND FAV IT PLEASE!

Ipod, Kittyk Style!
| Hosted By theOtaku.com.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Its back

the person on here i hate is back! with sunshine shoved higher up their ass than ever before gawd.

Bonus points to anyone who has ever heard of the first song on my playlist! I have a dance to it too :B

I HAVE TODAY AND TOMORROW OFF FROM SCHOOL! Then i had MLK day off, so yeah only two days of school makes me a happy person. Not to mention My college buddy is coming Saturday and were going to lunch. She's like a big sister to me, i luv her :3. trying to get some more pictures up .. if my NEW scanner will stop being a conceded bitch. *kicks.... i need to figure out a name for my scanner... damn*
Gin's feelin better! or as you know her as Johnny. I call her Gin when she behaves. (you pronounce Gin like you would the alcohol "Gin") i want to name a girl kitty that... Gin, like the alcohol x3, i want to name a boy kitty TOBI! XD(im dead serious too)

welp im bored so if you wanna talk with me talk
people i gotta say stuff too:
Kelsey: Will we eva finish ONE of our stories? lol
Rachel: I'm inking my art trade as we speak, and i will get that R.p Back to yah soon. :3
ArtMunkee:Hi, LETS R.P :3

and i think thats just about it....
no wait, anyone wanna do a DeathNote r.p? I wanna work on Kagami's personality, and thats the best way i develop my characters. Thats why Emma is so amazing XD

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Madd bitches are stealing my name

seriously anytime i try to create a new account, some already has my name! WHAT THE FNCK!?! i liked it better when no one knew me jesus!

If you know someone who stole my name... let me know... i will personally kick their ass!


(in case you didnt know, im pissed today, for countless reasons...)

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Damn, i must be getting good.

i just found someone on here named "KittyKoma's Fan" not gonna lie. I dont know if she just likes my name, if she's some fangirl(which would creep meh out a tad) OR if she's actually a HE! :O! and i probably wont know, because she/he has an inactive site, so i cant find out about this fan, who loved my name/ me enough to actually make their name "kittykoma's fan"

NOW THAT'S DEDICATION! why cant you be like that (JUST KIDDING!)

seriously though, bonus points anyone who knows about this "kittykoma's Fan" and my eternal love for anyone who names something after me! XD

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Friday, January 11, 2008

I Person can develope a cold.

hah one of the songs i sing... i love it XD

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


*all rejoice!*

we have a wind-day!
its been blowing so hard that it officially became a hazard for people to go to school. We go through single digit temperatures, blizzards, and icestorms but we get out of school because of WIND.... oh well a day off is a day of... :]

so i have nothing better to do so LETS R.P! XD

finally a day off! *tis very happy* :3

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