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Sunday, May 15, 2005

   hello Again

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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Hello I'm back thanks for the nice comments on my site and now that formalities are over time for me to babble well today I had a sleep over at my friends house and we were up till early playind DDR and now my feet kill than the morning came and I was sadly woken up...BY HER BIRD and I am now sleepy so hows life for everyone is it good well thats great so now I an writing,well typing whatever comes to mind so today after I left my friends house I went to do reserch at another friends house on...politics and now I hate them and I always will so that Is what happend durring my weekend oh and after that we played MORE DDR and my feet are now dead for a long time and I was wondering,how do I get different music I forgot.and dont laugh because I't feels like 1:00 in the morning and I just had a huge brain fart and..........I forgot what I was going to type so I am now done for todat bai bai ^_^
yours truly..............Me, KittyKatQueen^_^

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hello this is my site,isnt it so cool my bestest friend in the woild helped me mak it because i am totally oblivious and untrustable with technology and yes as you can probably tell I love cats,And Luke but youl never know what he is to me so ha ha ha and I love milk,and chocolate chip cookies, have you ever heard of chocolate chip cookies with one chocolate chip? strange right,not to my mom! so yep thats pretty muvch it so yea laters oh yea if you say anything perverted to me(refuring to any guy that posts)I will send my evil cat whitey after you shes black too but no pressure just lil old me