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Thursday, June 9, 2005

I GoT tO bE mAnAgEr FoR a wHiLe!1!11!1!
Today at work, the assistant manager was there and neither was my boss so this other manager had to come in.. one problem we open at the cafe at 11:00..he didnt come in until like 1:00. Even worse when it was 11:30 the manger who owns all of the restaunt areas came in. He is fun but UBER strict. So i was freaking out. But once Francis came in (the other manager) everythinh cooled down. then 2:15 came and Francis had to go to the other restraunts so he said your incharge to me! i was sooo exited and scared at the same time! i had leave work though after an hr but it was still cool..sorry that i blabbed about my work life...well ill talk to you guys laters

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