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Friday, April 15, 2005

   Weirdo sites!
hey sorry that i havent posted lately im just really really tired and busy!..but guess what happened to me! last night i was watching tv and my dad called me over to the computer.he had gone on my favs and clicked on a site and it said all over the screen"IM A !@#$* BANDWITH STEALER @%^#%&!!" my dad asked how that it got there and i honestly didnt know.i still dont know but he got mad and said that i was the only one that could have put on there. i promise it wasnt on there when i added it to my faves! i almost got grounded again for it but luckily my dad just said that he better not find anymore things like that again!that freaked me out soooo much!ttyglaters!

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