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Thursday, August 11, 2005

   ....Can't think of what to call this post, lol....
Bandcamp today was lame, it was even hotter outside then usual and I felt really sick and dizy the whole time I was there. Alexis came up behind me when I was standing and drinking and pushed me to the ground, yelling "Dumb dyke!" Our band director was just like "No pushing" then went back to sitting on her ass doing nothing. Everyone laughed at me, including Alexis. That is until Julie punched her in the face. She fell on her ass with a bloody bisted up lip. Julie pulled me off the dirt and was like "we are leaving, this is enough B.S. for one day." We just took off in her car, the director was really pissed at Julie so I guess it's a good thing. I hope Julie won't get in too much trouble, after all Alexis deserved what she got. Anyway we went over to Julie's house and Julie was so mad. I'd cut my knees and arms up from falling and Julie kept saying things like "Alexis is a fuckin dead bitch! I am going to find her, away from that bicth band director, and beat the crap out of her for hurting you" I was like it' a few cuts but Julie didn't care. I guess it's the fact that Alexis hurt me at all that pisses Julie off. I'm pissed too but not about the cuts. I'm pissed too, I'm sick of being treated like shit because I like girls as while as guys. The rest of the day was better though. I did heroine for the first time. Chris gave me and Julie some and we all tried it together. It was fuckin awesome. Really wild. Guess that' all that happen that's worth mentioning.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Kat woke up when ice cold water was splashed onto his face. Kat choked and spat out some water, looking around wildly. “Huh…NO!!” Kat screamed as he looked around and saw Jose standing beside the bed he was on. He was laying in his and Caine’s bed. His shirt was off and he discovered, his hands were tied tightly together and tied to the bedpost. “Untie me right now!!” Kat commanded, trying to sound confident and strong even though he was scared shitless.

“I see the years haven’t made you any smarter, kid. You are in no position to tell me to do anything. If I were you I’d show more respect for those in control, you whore!” Jose said and slapped Katherine across the face.

“Oooowwww!” Katherine whimpered. His lip was busted, and blood was flowing down his chin. “Jose,” Katherine said, wincing from the pain from his lip. My only chance is to try to keep him talking and calm until Caine comes home. I can’t believe this is fuckin happen! “What are you doing in Boston? What happen to your club?” Katherine really didn’t give a shit about either of the questions he asked but he had to get Jose’s mind off of whatever sick shit he’d come here to do to him.

“My club was shut down by the fuckin cops and I was arrested for just trying to make a living. Fuckin pigs. They should be thanking me for taking in those boys and letting them earn a few bucks. Who gives a shit if I rent them to people for a night or two. The fuckin kids probably enjoyed getting fucked anyway,” Jose said angrily, while pacing back and forth by the side of the bed. “But it doesn’t matter I suppose. I got off thanks to my attorney. I moved up to Boston to live with my brother and we’ve opened a new club together. As lady luck would have I was going to meet with a friend of mine when I saw you running. Isn’t it great, kid. We must be destined to be together.” Jose laughed, and sat down on the bed beside Katherine. He grinned down at Kat like he was his prey, and given the circumstances that’s how Kat felt.

“So it was just pure chance that you found me?” Kat asked, cursing his unbelievably horrible luck.

Jose went over to the nightstand and pulled a wet washcloth out of a bowl of water. Sitting down on the bed next to Katherine he placed the washcloth on Kat’s forehead. “You seem to be feeling better. So lets get down to business,” he said. Jose took the washcloth off of Kat’s forehead and put it back in the water bowl then grabbed hold of Kat’s capris and started to pull them down.

“Stop it! Get you fuckin hands off of me right now! Stop! STOP YOU SICK FUCK!!!” Katherine screamed, and kicked his legs out at Jose. Jose had pulled Kat’s pants off and grabbed his panties and tried to yank them down too. “Get your damn hands off of me!!” Kat shrieked and finally managed to land one of his kicks. His foot struck Jose’s prominent nose and Jose let go of Kat’s panties, leaving them around his thighs.

“Aggggggggg!” Jose screamed and pain and punched Katherine in the stomach. “You fuckin little bitch! What the hell is your problem?! It’s not like I haven’t fucked you before!”

Katherine didn’t reply, he was gasping for his breathe and writhing in pain. Jose had hit him hard and in the same spot Caine had struck him in. “Oooooowwww…” he cried.

“I hope it hurts like hell, you little fuck! If you start that kicking shit again I’ll beat the shit out of you!” Jose yelled at him. He grabbed Kat’s panties and pulled them all the way off, running his hand along Kat’s inner thighs as he did so. “Hehehe…I think this’ll be fun, kid. Just like old times,” Jose chuckled cruelly.

Katherine had realized by now that he was going to be raped. Jose wasn’t going to spend 8 hours talking to him so waiting for Caine to come and save him was useless. By the time he gets home I will have already been fucked and Jose will be long gone, Kat thought, terrified. I can’t get free, the ropes are too tight and strong and kicking Jose will just end up with me getting my ass beat. What the fuck can I do?

“Don’t look so scared. You’ve been down with enough men to know that if you don’t resist then it’ll go over better. Relax, kid,” Jose said as he wrapped his hands around Katherine’s skinny thighs and pushed them up and back.

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Katherine thought over and over again. This isn’t happening, this can’t be fuckin happening? “HELP!!! HEL…hmmmm!” Jose’s hand clasped onto Katherine’s mouth, muffling his screams.

“You stupid, whore! Shut the fuck or I swear to ya I will beat the shit out and break your fuckin arms!!” Jose howled. He waited a moment to make sure Kat wasn’t going to try anything stupid again, then took his hand off his mouth.

“I…won’t scream anymore. But please…please Jose don’t do this!” Katherine said crying. He was so scared and he didn’t have anyway to stop what Jose was going to do to him. Helpless. He was always so fuckin helpless, relying on the mercy and whims of over people. Oh jesus-fuckin-christ not again! Kat thought.

“Don’t do what?! You’re a prostitute, kid. You can clean yourself up all you want but underneath that squeaking clean act you are a whore. So stop playing like a virgin and take it like goddamn man!” Jose shouted and unzippered his pants and drove his large dick into Kat.

“No! Stop! Stop it! Ah! Ah! This is rape Jose! AH! Stop! Please stop!!” Katherine whimpered and sobbed.

“Yeah, rape,” Jose grunted scornfully. “You can’t start giving away the sugar for free and then get mad when people come back for more, if ya know what I mean?” Jose said. “You are sooooo damn tight. You trying to keep me out or something? It ain’t gonna work!” he grunted and threw his weight onto Kat as he drove into Kat harder.

Kat was silenced by the last remark, seeing some truth. Jose is right, I am whore and you can’t rape a whore, Kat thought sadly. “Ah! Owww! AH! Please stop, you’re hurting me!” Katherine cried as Jose continued to try to fuck him open.

“If you’d stop resisting me it wouldn’t hurt now would it?” Jose grunted in reply and slapped Katherine’s ass.

“Ouch! Get the fuck off me and get your filthy dick out of me, you sleazy bitch!!” Katherine screamed, sick of begging and being treated like Jose’s bitch.

Jose gasped and moaned as he came into Katherine. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGG!” he pulled his penis out of Kat, and it dribbled cum onto Kat’s naked body and the sheets. “You just had to shoot your mouth didn’t you? I’ll teach you a lesson my Papa taught me a long time ago, kid,” Jose said and pulled out a thick leather strap from his back pocket.

Katherine’s eyes went wide and his heart beat rapidly in fear. Not a strap! Anything but a strap! Katherine thought. “NO! I’m sorry! I won’t shoot my mouth off anymore! I’ll suck your dick, anything you want, just PLEASE don’t strap me!” Katherine no longer saw Jose before him, he saw his Daddy. NO! he thought.

“So you have a fear of the strap, good. Might as well stop begging. You are a bitch that stepped out of line and I’m going to put you back in line!” Jose shouted. He turned Kat onto his side and held him there with one hand and the strap in the other.

“Please, Jose, don’t….OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!” Katherine shrieked in pain as Jose brought the strap down over and over and over again. He hit hard and really fast, and Kat could feel his ass bleeding by the third blow.

“Your ass is gonna be raw by the time I get through with it, kiddo!!” Jose said as he rained more blows down on Kat’s ass, thighs, hips, legs, and back. “Life ain’t a bitch kid you are the bitch!” he said with a laugh.

Katherine hoped that he would pass out and Jose would leave. But he doubted that either of these would happen. Kat wondered once again how people could believe there was a god when such horrible things happen. Caine, please help me! Kat screamed in his mind. Kat felt like he was just a kid again, being strapped by his Daddy after being fucked. He just wanted it to stop, wanted Jose to finish fuckin with him and leave. “Stop PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” Kat wailed after the fiftieth blow struck his back. I can’t take any more, he has to stop!! Katherine thought in panicked pain.

Jose laughed at Katherine’s pathetic pleas and finished off strapping his back and aimed the strap lower. It struck the back of Katherine’s legs again and again and again. Twenty five times it lashed across Kat’s skinny calves, leaving them bruised with traces of blood.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Katherine shrieked, as Jose delivered the last five blows. Kat felt Jose’s hand push his back flat against the bed. “OOOOOOWWW!!” he moaned in agony as his bloody back, legs, thighs, and ass pressed into the sheets. “Please don’t hurt me any more. Just finish doing what you want with me and leave,” Kat sobbed. I have no fuckin dignity, no pride, he thought. I am dirt. Jose is right, I’m just a bitchwhore.

Jose, having decided that Kat had had all will to resist beaten out him, untied the ropes around his wrists. “Don’t you even think about getting off this bed, bitch!” Jose growled, at Kat just to be sure he didn’t try to bolt.

Katherine, however, didn’t need to be told this. The thought of trying to escape had crossed his mind briefly before being dismissed as impossible. Jose would grab him and beat the hell out of him if he tried to run. So instead he laid on the bed, awaiting what Jose had in store for him next.

“I think I’ll take you up on that offer to suck my dick. Get over here and do it, whore,” Jose commanded Kat.

Katherine made sure he didn’t hesitate, to hesitate would probably earn him a broken nose, and crawled over to where Jose sat on the bed and place his head in his lap. Katherine experienced a moment of queasiness upon seeing the site of Jose’s bloated, hairy, dirty penis. It reminds me of Daddy’s, he thought, and nearly puked.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Suck it, bitch!!” Jose screamed and slapped the back of Kat’s head.

“Ooowww! I’m going to, Jose!” Katherine said then quickly took Jose’s dick into his mouth. He willed himself not gag, ordered himself not to gag, and yet he gagged. He spat Jose’s disgusting dick out and vomited stomach acid and saliva into Jose’s lap. SHIT!!! Katherine thought in fear.

“YOU STUDIP FUCKIN WHORE!!” Jose thundered, seizing hold of Kat’s neck and standing up. He lifted Kat off the ground, his strong hands wrapped around Kat’s neck.

“I…can’t…breathe…” Katherine gasped. He was hitting and kicking Jose repeatedly, desperately trying to make him put him down. He’s choking me?! Katherine thought, in alarm.

“I don’t give a goddamn shit if you can’t breathe! You fuckin puked on me! What the fuck is your problem?!” Jose yelled, squeezing Katherine’s neck tighter. He was in a rage, no thought that he could actually kill Katherine by what he was doing, ever crossed his mind.

Kat couldn’t talk any more, couldn’t scream for help. He’d stopped struggling, realizing that it didn’t help and hanged there helpless as his lungs begged for air. Is he going to kill me? Kat wondered as he passedout from lack of oxygen, leaving his life in the hands of Jose.

Jose barely even noticed that Katherine had passed out, his eyes and mind were consumed in blind rage. He would have just kept choking Katherine until he killed him were it not for the sound of keys rattling in the door. Jose immediately dropped Katherine to the floor, grabbed the $50 he had found earlier in the house, then ran out the back door, zippering up his pants while he fled.

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Friday, August 5, 2005

Last night I had sex with Julie. It was great. She was great. She is the best female dominate I've ever had sex with. Julie is staying at my house tonight, she brought some of her sex toys with her so I hope we get a chance to use them tonight. Julie said I make the "cutest sex noises". Anyway today sucked. Alexis, this girl from bandcamp, waited until Julie had left to go to the bathroom then came up to me and said, "Why can't you just be normal? How can you like girls? You are so sick!" I told her, "What a dumb, ignorant thing to say! What is normal for you isn't normal for me. Why do you have a problem with who I choose to date? Why don't you just leave me the hell alone!" After I said that Julie came back and glared at Alexis asking, "Is there something I can help you with?" Alexis left and didn't bother me after that. Julie asked why didn't I call her a bitch? I said that I think she is a bitch but what would I have gained from calling her that. Julie said that I should of , but whatever. I really hate my stupid highschool. L8ers, everyone.
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Caine woke up with a start, from his nightmare. He was dreaming that Peter hadn’t hung himself but instead he had killed him. Peter was standing in front of him crying and Caine plunged a knife into his chest. Caine had woke up with a scream on his lips that he only just held in. He was drenched and sweat, and he realized, alone. The space next to him where Katherine should have been was empty. Caine sat up into a sitting position and looked at the clock. 6:30am it said. More then two hours before Caine had to go to work and an hour before he had to get up. CLANG! BANG! Caine jumped out of bed at the sound, fearing that Kat had hurt himself or worse, an intruder was in the house. He opened the bedroom door and looked out at the living room and dining room. No one was there. This is staring to get kind of weird, Caine thought anxiously.

“Katherine where are you!” he called. To Caine’s relief the kitchen door opened and Katherine emerged, a frown on his face.

“Why did you have to get up early?” he said, wiping at the flour on his cheek, which rubbed more flour onto his face from his hands.

“Huh? What are doing? And why do you have flour all over you?” Caine asked, an amused smile playing onto his lips.

“I was going to make you a surprise breakfast in bed before you left for work but I guess that’s kind of ruined now…” Katherine said, looking at his toes in disappointment.

“Don’t look so down, you can still make me breakfast, silly,” Caine said held a piece of Kat’s hair in front of his face so he could see it. It was white from the flour. Katherine grinned and they both couldn’t help but giggle at the mess Kat had made of himself.

Katherine led Caine into the kitchen and said, “I’m sorry about the mess it’s the first time I’ve made anything but toast. I’ll clean it up after…”

Caine kissed Kat and said soothingly, “I’ll help you clean it up. It’ll be fun. It’s not often I get to play around in a kitchen covered in flour. How did you manage to get flour all over the place anyway. It’s everywhere…haha?” Caine asked with a laugh.

Katherine didn’t reply, as he leaned over to get the waffles out of the waffle iron. But Caine grabbed his hand in his. “Hey, I got to get the waffles out of the iron. I made coffee and strawberries in cream to go with the waffles, just the way you like it…aaahh!” Katherine exclaimed in surprise as Caine grabbed him and shoved him onto the kitchen table. “What…”

“You look so fuckin sexy. Flour in your hair, on your face, hands, arms, clothes, you are good enough to eat,” Caine said, laying on top of Katherine on the table.

“But Caine, what about the waffles?” Katherine asked, looking over at the iron and hoping they wouldn’t burn after all the hard work that went into making them.

“Forget about the waffles for a second. You are what I’m hungry for this morning,” Caine replied, his dick growing harder every second. “I am going to screw your brains out right here on this table, babe,” he declared and took the towel he still wore around his waist off. Then he pulled off the cutoffs that Kat wore along with his black and red panties.

“Caine, the waffles are burning?!” Katherine said, as Caine slid his finger into him.

“You’ll be my waffles this morning, babe. And I am going to eat you up!” Caine said, sliding another finger into Kat.

“AH!” Kat gasped as Caine slid the fingers farther into him then almost out again then back in. “Aaahh…yes…hmmmm….oh the waffles Caine! Turn the iron off so they don’t burn please!!” Katherine pleaded.

“Okay, my angelboy,” Caine said and pulled his fingers out of Katherine and got off of him long enough to turn the iron off. Just in time, Caine realized, observing the waffles brown color. Turning back to the table and Katherine, who was still laying there with his pants down, he grinned wickedly. “Now…I will proceed to fuck you, my lovely little boy,” he said and got back on the table, straddling Kat.

“Please, no sex toys, whips, canes. I am way to sore for that still. Can you just fuck the hell out of me?” Kat asked, pulling off his shirt and tossing it to the floor.

“As if I need you to tell me that, babe,” Caine laughed then turned around so that his back was facing Katherine’s face and his face was facing Kat’s lower body. Then he leaned down and lifted up Kat’s hips and butt as he did so.

“Aaaa..OOOoooooo…ah…ah…aaahhh!” Katherine moaned when Caine stuck his tongue up his ass and wiggled it around. “Ooo…don…don’t stop. AAAHHH!” Katherine saw Caine’s penis not far from his face. If he leaned forward he could take it in his mouth and give Caine pleasure too. “Caine can I suck your dick? I promise I won’t bit,” Katherine asked then gasped as he felt Caine bit his ass. “Aaah!”

“Hmmmm...” Caine murmured and gave Kat the thumbs up sign. He better not bit, for his sake, more then mine, Caine thought.

“Yes, thanks Caine. I want to do something to pleasure you to…aaaaahhhhh…please don’t stop!” Katherine whined as Caine slid a finger in to Katherine in addition to his tongue. Katherine took Caine’s dick into his mouth and started sucking and slurping it. This beats waffles any day, Kat thought.

Caine continued tongue/finger fucking Katherine, while Kat slurped, sucked, licked, and kissed Caine’s swollen penis. “Hummmggggggggggggggggggggg!!!” Caine moaned as he shot out his warm stream of cum into Kat’s welcoming mouth. He continued playing his tongue around in Katherine, Kat kicking his legs in the air and breathing heavily.

Katherine swallowed Caine’s seed and felt Caine’s penis being pulled out of his mouth as Caine got up off of him and stood in front of the table. Kat grinned up at him and licked his lips. “Do you want me to pull my cutoffs and panties back up or would you rather I just lay here like this?”

Caine grabbed Kat’s panties and cutoffs and pulled them up and zippered the cutoffs. “I would certainly enjoy eating breakfast while staring at your pretty little ass and cute little dick but…”

“I really don’t like…” Katherine said, his face red, “you describing my dick as little. It’s embarrassing.” He got up off the table and stepped past Caine to the counter. Grabbing two plates he served waffles and syrup and strawberries and cream onto each. Still a little embarrassed by Caine’s comment, Kat walked past Caine into the dining room and set the plates down on the table before taking his seat.

Caine followed and sat down in the seat across from Katherine, feeling guilty that he’d offended Katherine. “I didn’t mean to offend you, Kat. I love everything about you, including your penis. I think your penis is very sexy and I wouldn’t want to change it’s size at all. I didn’t mean what I said as an insult,” Caine said looking down at his heaping stack of waffles.

“Oh, it’s okay. Sorry, it’s not really what you said so much as the memories that went along with it. A lot of the guys that I fucked for money used the size of my dick as an excuse to pay me almost nothing,” Katherine said, using his fork to cut a piece of the waffle on his plate. He popped it into his mouth and smiled. It did taste good. He hadn’t screwed the recipe up as he had dreaded he would.

Caine began eating the waffles and said around a mouth full of it, “These are really good, angelboy. Wow, you did a great job. Thank you for this wonderful breakfast.” Caine was glad at the smile that came to Kat’s face when he spoke those words, but when he looked closely at Kat’s plate he frowned inwardly. “Kat, is that all you are going to eat?” he asked, staring at the small portion of a waffle and the single strawberry on his plate.

Katherine sighed and ate the strawberry before putting down his fork, deciding that he was done even though he had only ate three forkfuls of waffle. “I am not very hungry, and yes this is all I am going to eat today. Why, that isn’t a problem is it?” he asked, feeling vaguely pissed off that Caine was hassling him again about what he ate.

“While…” suddenly Kat’s exact words hit Caine like a brick. “Wait a second, you just said that that was all you were going to eat for ‘TODAY. You didn’t say for breakfast you said for today. Kat that isn’t fuckin…”

Katherine cursed himself as he realized his slip of tongue. He hadn’t meant to tell Caine of his diet. Great now he is really going to be pissed, he thought. “Caine I am not a fuckin kid and you are not my Daddy. I can eat whatever and whenever I damn well feel like it! And if I only want to eat a little then I’m going to do that. You don’t fuckin…” Katherine stopped abruptly as Caine slammed his fist against the table.

“Katherine I am going to finish this fine meal you prepared then I am going to get dressed for work. After that you will eat something else, I don’t care what. You are not going to become an anorexic! You will eat something if I have to spoon feed it to you like you are an infant!” Caine said sternly.

Katherine didn’t say anything and Caine finished his meal in silence. When Caine was done both of them washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Caine then went to get dress in the bedroom, leaving Kat sulking in the living room on the sofa. When Caine came back he was dressed in a long sleeved purple shirt, close fitting black slacks, a pink tie, and black shoes. He walked up to Katherine and stood in front of him and said, “So what do you want to eat. I got a little while yet before I have to leave. I could fix you a sandwich or…”

“What the fuck?! I’m your boyfriend not your kid brother or your son. What gives you the right to force me to do stuff?” Katherine asked, anger overriding the fear he was feeling.

Caine glared at Katherine before going to the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later with a strawberry yogurt and a spoon. He sat down on the sofa next to Kat and said, “So are you going to feed yourself or do I have to feed you like a baby?”

Katherine glared at Caine in anger and began to get up off the sofa. Caine however, was prepared for that and grabbed him around the waist and slammed him onto the sofa. “Let go of me, Caine! I am not going to eat that!” Kat shouted as Caine forced him down onto his back on the couch then straddled him, preventing him from getting up. “Get the hell off of me…”

“Shut up Kat. I don’t like having to do this but you’ve left me no choice. Now I am going to place the spoonfuls of yogurt into your mouth and you are going to swallow. If you spit any out I will spank your sexy little ass,” Caine told Katherine, placing the spoon in front of Katherine’s closed mouth.

Katherine shook his head, stubbornly and kept his mouth tightly shut. I will not eat anything else today and Caine can’t make me, he thought,defiantly.

Caine grunted in frustration. “Kat open your mouth or I will make you open it.” When Katherine didn’t respond Caine took off his belt and swung it at Kat’s thigh.

Katherine tried to brace himself for the blow so he wouldn’t cry out and open his mouth. It didn’t help. CRACK! “AAAAAAaHHHHHHH!!!!” Katherine shrieked in pain as the belt struck him hard.

Caine took advantage of Kat’s open mouth to shove the spoon and yogurt into it.

Kat felt the yogurt in his mouth and instinctively spat it out onto his shirt.

“Damnit, Kat! I warned you!!!” Caine shouted at him. Despite Katherine’s struggles Caine easily got Katherine across his knees and pulled his cutoffs and panties down. “This is for you own good, angelboy!!” Caine said as he swung the belt.

SWISH! CRACK!! “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Please don’t hurt me Caine!!!” Katherine screamed, twisting and turning to get free but it was pointless and useless. Caine would not let go of him until he wanted to. “Please don’t…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHhaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!” Katherine howled when the belt struck his hip. “Stop Caine!! Please don’t hurt MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” he screamed when the belt struck his ass. It hurts!! Katherine thought. Why is Caine doing this??!!

“Katherine I don’t like doing this and I will gladly stop if you will eat the yogurt. Are you going to eat it?” Caine asked, temporarily giving the belt a break to give Kat a chance to answer.

“I am not eating anything else today and you can’t make…NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Katherine cried as the belt hit ass again. Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!

Caine paused in his assault, deciding to ask Kat if he still wanted to starve himself. “Will you eat now Kat or do I have to continue this unfortunate beating?” Caine asked, silently pleading for Kat to yield to him.

“YES!!! FUCK YES!! I’LL EAT THE YOGURT!!!” Kat shouted, desperately wanting the beating to stop. “I’ll do anything you want ,Caine, just please don’t beat me any more!” he sobbed, feeling horrible.

Caine pulled Kat’s panties and cutoffs back up and put Kat into a sitting position on his lap. “Do you want to feed yourself?” Caine asked him, his voice kind and no longer stern or harsh.

Katherine grabbed the yogurt and spoon from him and ate all of it very quickly then took the empty container and spoon to the kitchen. When he came back to the living room Caine tried to hug him but Kat angrily pushed him off. “Leave me alone!” Katherine shouted, his face a mess of tears and flour.

“Angelboy I’m SOOOOOOO sorry for what I had to do but I care too much about you to let you starve…”Caine tried to explain why he had done what he had done but Katherine wouldn’t hear it.

“You should be leaving for work now. Have a wonderful day,” Katherine snapped at Caine as he ran past him to the bedroom, crying.

“Kat, wait! You don’t understand!” Caine said but was only answered by the sound of the bedroom door being slammed shut. “Kat I love you. We’ll talk more later okay. And I promise you I will get you help to deal with everything. I love you angelboy,” Caine said then grabbed his black cloth briefcase and went out the front door.

The drive to work for Caine was spent in feeling frustrated and sad at what had transpired this morning. Caine popped in Marilyn Manson’s CD Lest We Forget in the Jag’s CD player and sang along as he tried to clam himself down before he arrived at work. I wish you could understand why I did what I did Kat. It’s because I love you, I love you and will protect you from your own worst enemy, yourself, Caine thought. Yet even though he knew what he did was in Kat’s best interest he felt so guilty for beating him. I will make it up to you, he promised, thinking of Kat’s angry and hurt gaze.

As soon as Katherine heard the sound of Caine’s car fade away he sprang up off the bed where he laid and raced to the bathroom. There is no way I’m going to digest this shit, he thought as he kneeled down in front of the toilet. He stuck his finger down his throat and gagged before puking up all his breakfast. That looks fuckin gross, he thought, as he flushed the toilet. But it’s worth it. I have to lose wait and if vomiting up the food Caine makes me eat is the only way to do it then that’s what I’ll do. Katherine brushed his teeth, showered then stood in front of the bathroom mirror naked.

“Damn…I need to lose at least 15 lbs,” he said, brushing his hair. “Maybe more like 25 lbs actually,” he said grabbing a pink ribbon and using it to tie his hair into a pony tail. “Caine doesn’t get it. I am sooooo dirty and if I don’t lose weight I’ll be ugly AND dirty. I can’t believe he beat me just for not eating that stupid yogurt!!! How could he do that?!! What’s wrong with him?!!” Katherine screamed and threw the toothpaste tube at the mirror with all his little strength. It hit the glass with a loud crash and the mirror cracked where it impacted.

Katherine ran out of the bathroom and grabbed some clothes from the bedroom. He quickly got dressed into black with pink polka dots panties, black capris, a pink spaghetti strap tank top, black socks, and his sneakers. Katherine went out the front door, deciding to go for a run to help him forget his anger and hurt at the beating Caine had given him. He didn’t have any right to force me to eat, Katherine thought as he started running down the sidewalk. He isn’t my Daddy he’s my boyfriend. He shouldn’t be able to treat me like I’m a kid. Kat ran hard, ignoring the pain from his thighs and butt, and the light-headedness he was starting to feel.

“Something troubling you, CC?” Professor Firthoth asked. Caine had been sitting silently at his desk, grading some papers and trying his best to seem calm. Apparently it hadn’t worked.

“Nothing, I’m just tired. And don’t call me CC. You know I hate that stupid nickname you gave me,” Caine said, circling an error he found in a student’s paper. Caine didn’t feel like talking to the Professor about how he was feeling and hoped that he would just go back to writing the article he was working on. He didn’t.

“CC, I know you well enough to know that you look really sad and pissed. Something happen between you and Katherine? You guys fight?” Jamie asked, sliding his office chair with wheels over to where Caine sat. He rested and hand on Caine’s shoulder. “I care about you Caine, if something is bothering you this much please tell me so I can help you.” He took one of Caine’s hands in his and gave his forehead a kiss. “Just because we aren’t together any more doesn’t mean that I don’t still love you as my friend, CC,” Jamie whispered to him.

“Kat and me have some serious issues and I think we need to see a psychiatrist. Can you suggest any gay friendly therapists? Maybe ones that can help you overcome internal homophobia and can counsel boys with eating disorders,” Caine said, tears running down his face.

Jamie got off his chair and embraced Caine in his. Caine let himself slid out of his chair onto the floor, where both of them sat, hugging each other tightly. “I recommend you see Dr. Rasheed. I see him regularly to help me in my current relationship with David. He is very skilled, a nice guy, and he’s gay. I am certain that he’ll be able to help Katherine overcome his eating disorder and you dispel your internal homophobia,” Jamie said, kissing Caine’s ear.

Caine looked at Jamie in surprise. “How did you know I was the one who suffered internal homophobia?” Caine asked, trying to stop the tears from falling. How embarrassing to break down like this at work, he thought.

“Caine I know you better then you know yourself. I could tell you weren’t comfortable with your sexuality back when we first meet. At the time you weren’t about to admit that so I never brought it up. I am sorry CC. You go see Dr. Rasheed, I’ll get you his card,” Jamie said, letting go of Caine and standing up. He offered his hand to Caine and helped him off the floor.

Caine sat back down at his desk to resume his work and Jamie handed Caine the card he’d promised. “Thanks, Professor. I…thanks for always being there for me,” Caine said, finally stopping the flow of tears. “Do you have any tissues…”

“Here.” Jamie said handing Caine a box of Puffs before sitting back at his desk. He worked with a cloud of worry all day, Caine and Kat on his mind constantly. Poor kids, he thought. So young and already scarred for life. It isn’t fair.

Katherine was breathing fast and raggedly when he came running back to the house. He felt sick to his stomach, weak, and woozy. As he slowed to a walk and approached the porch a familiar voice called his name.

“Katherine, long time no see. Who would have thought you’d be in Boston. I have missed you, bitch!”

Katherine whirled around and the man he saw standing behind him sent shock waves of surprise, fear, and revulsion through him. He pushed his arm out at the man, saying, “You get the fuck away from me, you asshole!” Kat turned around to unlock the door but suddenly his vision began to blacken and he felt the house keys fall out of his hand as he collapsed on the porch.

The man was a bit taken aback by Katherine’s sudden collapse but quickly decided that it was to his advantage. He picked up the keys and used them to unlock the door. Grabbing Kat up into he his arms he pulled him into the house and slammed the door behind them.
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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Julie asked me if I felt ready to have sex with her and after thinking for like a half hour while she rubbed my shoulders I said yes. But like when is the problem now, you know. I've never been one to make the first move and Julie hasn't done anything yet so I guess I'll just wait and see. I'm staying at my friend Chris's house with Julie and Chris's boyfriend Brent. Chris and Brent have this bet going on as to when me and Julie are going to "do it". Chris thinks it will be tonight and Brent says it'll be a least a few days from now. I think it's like only a $20 bet though, lol. Oh and random question but would you guys describe me as too passive or nice? Julie said I'm ,"too nice and forgiving of people," and that "even though that's one of the things" she "loves" about me, "It's not always a good thing. People will hurt you and take advantage of you if you don't have someone tough to look out for you, babe." I said,"That's why I have you." Julie protects me but I also want to be able to take care of myself too.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Today at bandcamp kind of sucked. Julie surprised me and showed up to watch us rehearse. At break time and lunch we would hang out and talk. Apparently me and Julie offended some of the homophobes in my highschool band. Julie is never shy when it comes to expressing her affection for me. She kissed me like five times, held my hand, pulled me into her lap and had her hands all over me. It was nice, until some stupid boy came up to me and Julie when I was sitting in her lap and holding her hand, and told us, "You dyke bitches aren't welcomed here, no one wants homos in this band or in this school. I would watch my back if I were you." Then he kicked over our drinks and walked away. Julie was so pissed and she wanted to go beat the shit out of him (she could too if she really wanted to I bet, lol)but I begged her not to and convinced her to tell Mrs. K (our band director) instead. We told her and she was like "The language he used is regretable but if you didn't want to deal with negative reactions then you should stop flaunting your lesbianism." I couldn't fuckin believe it. How can she blame us for some jerk being prejudice? I feel so pissed and I guess a little scared. Julie told me that,"if that asshole or any one else evers lays a hand on you I will personlly beat the shit out of them twice." She is so cool, she is always protecing me. I will be updating my fic soon I'm working on the next part. I've been really busy lately with band camp so I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to commenting on people's sites yet. I will try to later today or tommorrow. I'm sorry I feel bad about not commenting. But I will make it up to you guys, promise.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

   New site
I had to start another account so I could post comments because my kitty cat girl account won't let me any more and I don't know how to fix it.So my new account is "your slave". It will be a backup site to this one I won't stop updating this one. kitty cat girl will remain my main site and NOT be deleted, it's just I can't comment on peoples stuff with it. So expect to see me commenting on stuff in the next day or two under "your slave". L8ers and lots of love, all. :)
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Monday, August 1, 2005


Caine turned the shower on and sighed as the hot water cascaded over his skin. Katherine however, flinched and gave a whimper as the water flowed over his injured body. “Oooww! It stings…fuck it stings.” Kat backed away from the showerhead’s spray, slipped and felt himself falling to the shower’s floor.

“Careful,” Caine said, grabbing hold of Kat before he hit the floor of the shower. “It’s slippery, babe. Here let me soap you up,” Caine said and took the bar or lilac scented soap and rubbed it against Katherine’s chest gently.

“Th…ouch!” Katherine said as Caine rubbed the soap bar over his tender nipples then moved down to his bruised stomach.

“I’m sorry, Kat. That bruise on your stomach looks really nasty,” Caine said, scrubbing Kat’s arms then hairless armpits. “I get so angry sometimes…and I do things…”

“It’s okay. We’ve been though this already, so please stop apologizing already. AH!” Katherine gasped as Caine’s hands and the soap gently slide over his penis before thoroughly scrubbing his pubic hair. “That felt good…FUCK!” he yelped, as Caine nudged his thighs apart and scrubbed his switched thighs, legs, and ass. “OOOwww! Goddamnit!” Kat, cried and leaned into Caine’s chest.

“Almost done, angelboy,” Caine said kissing Katherine’s head comfortingly. Caine let Kat lean against him more as he lightly covered Kat’s back in soap.

“AAAAAHHHHH!” Katherine sobbed, his cuts stinging badly. Shit, how is it going to feel when I rinse myself off? He wondered.

“Sorry, baby, sorry. I’m being as gentle as I can.” Caine assured him with a loving smile. “Can you lift up you foot so I can scrub that for you, babe?”

Katherine placed a hand against Caine to steady himself and lifted up one foot at a time to be scrubbed. “Hehehe…that tickles, Caine,” he giggled, with a smile, wriggling his tiny toes. “I want to soap you up too. Can I?” Kat asked, kissing Caine’s chest.

“I would like it a lot if you did. Why wouldn’t I, angelboy?” Caine replied. He placed the lilac bar of soap down and handed Katherine the cinnamon scented soap bar that he preferred to use. “Lather me up, babe,” he said with a giggle.

Katherine decided to start at the feet and work his way up, so kneeling down he asked, “Can you lift up…”

“Oh, right. Sorry,” Caine said and lifted his foot up. He felt Kat’s tiny hands moving over his feet and realized that it did indeed tickle to have someone wash your feet. “Hahahahehe…that does tickle. Hehe” Caine laughed.

Katherine worked his way up Caine’s legs to his thighs. Kat worked the soap into a lather in his hands and ran them all over Caine’s thighs, his penis, and pubic hair.

“Aaah,” Caine sighed, when he felt Kat’s deft hands linger on his penis.

Kat was standing up as he lathered Caine’s stomach and chest before going behind Caine to lather his ass and back. Katherine placed the bar of soap back on the tub edge and said,” There, now we can rinse off…” Katherine started to say before Caine leaned down and kissed him square on the lips.

“First I will shampoo that gorgeous hair of yours, angelboy.” Caine said and grabbed the bottle of Lilac Beauty shampoo. Caine squeezed some out into his hand, placed the bottle down and began rubbing it into Kat’s long fair hair. When he was done lathering and rubbing the shampoo into Kat’s hair they walked closer to the showerhead to rinse off.

“Ooooowww!! It hurts but it’s nice to be clean,” Katherine said, trying not to cry as the hot water ran over his wounded slight body.

When they were done with their shower Caine shut off the water and helped Katherine out of the tub. “Here’s a towel,” Caine said and handed a pink fluffy towel to Katherine. Caine picked up a soft blue one and wrapped it around his waist.

Katherine was about to do the same then decided against it. Instead he began to dry his hair off with it. “That was…refreshing,” Katherine said and wrapped his hair in the towel and twisted the towel into a mound on top of his head. “You always take care of me Caine. You do everything for me and I don’t…”

Caine took the towel off his waist and began to softly pat Katherine dry with it. “I take care of you because I love you. I take care of you because you are my angelboy. I don’t need you to do anything for me in return. Just knowing you love me is enough,” Caine said, staring down into Katherine’s thoughtful blue eyes.

“Yeah…but…” Katherine wasn’t sure if he should mention what he wanted to say. Will it upset Caine, he wondered? “Never mind, it was just a stupid thought,” Katherine said, walking past Caine out of the bathroom, heading for the bedroom. Caine followed without saying anything and Katherine was just beginning to hope that Caine had let the conversation end as he sat down on the bed and Caine sat beside him.

However, Caine had decided that nothing should be left unsaid between them anymore. He didn’t want Kat to suffer alone ever again. “So you were saying?” Caine asked, his voice firm but not harsh.

Katherine sighed resignedly, realizing that there was no point in trying to bullshit Caine, so he might well tell the truth and take whatever Caine would dish out. “Whenever you would get mad at me because I was sleazing around you would…” Katherine shook his head, and looked down at his nude thighs.

“Kat, I said a lot of things that were cruel and that I shouldn’t of said…” Caine whispered, draping an arm across Katherine’s shoulders.

“Maybe some of the things you said were cruel and maybe you shouldn’t have said them but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true,” Katherine said, wrapping his arms around himself as if he were trying to hug himself. A lot of the things Caine said about me are true, he thought to himself.

“Look I’m telling you that what I said wasn’t how I really feel. I was pissed and hurt…and I let my anger get the better of me,” Caine said taking his arm off Katherine and putting his face in his hands. “Goddamnit! I am such a bastard! As if you didn’t have enough problems already I had to go and…”

“NO!” Katherine screamed, grabbing hold of each of Caine’s wrists. He tried to pull Caine’s hands away from his face and couldn’t. “Caine, look at me,” he said. Caine took his hands away from his face and looked at Katherine. “It’s not your fault. I believe that I’m a slut, a gold digger, a money grubbing bitch. Even if you hadn’t beat me and called me all those things I’d still believe I am those because…I’m nothing. I’m dirt. There’s only one thing I am good for. Sex. I am noth…Aaaaaahhhhhh!!”

Caine struck Katherine with his open palm and watched as he fell back onto the bed. Kat stared at him, tears streaming down his face. “STOP IT! You can’t really believe that. I won’t let you…be..belive that,” Caine stuttered at the end as he began to cry.

“Now I’ve made you cry. I am such a fuck up,” Katherine said, sitting up and hugging Caine. “I don’t want you to cry because of me. I deserve…”

Katherine felt Caine’s strong hands close around his wrists and next thing he new Caine was sitting on top of him on the bed, holding his wrists in one hand, the other free to strike him at any time. “If you say ‘I deserve it’ one more time I will..” Caine began but was cut off by Katherine’s scream.

“I DO DESERVE IT! I DESERVED EVERYTHING THAT’S EVER HAPPEN TO ME!” Katherine screamed, not caring what Caine would do to him. “I deserved what my Daddy did to me, I deserved being reduced Jose’s slavebitch, I deserved having to be fucked by complete strangers for practically nothing just to afford to…”

Caine smacked Katherine again, not very hard but enough so it stung and shut him up. “BULL FUCKIN SHIT!!!” Caine shouted down at the helpless Katherine. “Why do you believe that? How can you believe that?”

“Why do you believe you killed your brother? How can you believe that?” Katherine replied, his tears beginning to form a puddle on the mattress. “Don’t you get it? We are both hopelessly fucked. All we have is each other and our hate for ourselves.”

“Kat…I don’t know what to say?” Caine whispered, and got off of Kat. He pulled Katherine into his arms and kissed him over and over again, saying the entire time, “I love Katherine. I love you so you can’t be dirt. You are my angelboy, I love you.”

Fifteen minutes later Katherine was laying on his stomach on the bed while Caine was trying to rub antibiotic ointment onto the cuts on Katherine’s back. “Ouch! Fuck, is this really necessary?” Katherine asked Caine, though clenched teeth. Every time Caine touched his cuts Kat flinched in pain and gave a little cry.

“Sorry that it is uncomfortable but it has to be done. The cuts would hurt a lot more if they got infected so try to tough through it, angelboy,” Caine said, holding one of Kat’s hands in his while rubbing the ointment in with his other hand. Caine felt like he should say something about their previous conversation but he didn’t know what. I can’t just leave it like this but what the fuck am I suppose to do, he pondered?

“About what I said earlier, Caine, it’s not really accurate to compare how you believe you killed your brother to how I know I am nothing. You have no….OUCH!…reason to believe you killed your brother. All logical thinking points to your parents and your church. But…Ouch, can you stop rubbing that shit on me for a second please?” Katherine cried, pissed off. “As I was saying…all logical thinking in my case however, supports that I am nothing. It’s obvious from looking at my life that I’m only good for sex, being used, and hurting people I care about,like you.” Katherine didn’t care if Caine hit him, he just had to make his feelings know to Caine so maybe he could make Caine stop blaming himself for his pain.

Caine didn’t hit Katherine but instead resumed applying the ointment to Kat’s back. This time however he did it with less caution in regards to Katherine’s soreness.

“Oooowwwwwwwwwwwww! You did that on purpose, Caine!” Katherine wailed in pain, and tried to get up.

Caine’s strong hands held him firmly in place and Caine began to talk as he applied the ointment more gently to Katherine. “I’m not a fuckin therapist but even I can tell the warped reasoning you are using. You are a wonderful person and nothing anyone ever did to you could change that. Your Father was nothing, Kat. Jose was nothing. All the bastards that ever took advantage of you, they are nothing. How the fuck do you think that you are dirt because of what other people have done to you…”

Katherine pounded his tiny fists against the mattress and said in frustration, “What gives you the right to call my feelings warped when you haven’t even dealt with your own? You hate yourself because you think you killed your brother, which is not true. You didn’t kill him. But I don’t think that’s all Caine. I think you believe some of what your parents and church told you. I think you hate yourself not just because of the guilt but because you harbor internal homophobia.” Katherine flinched as Caine rubbed the ointment in to the last cut. He felt Caine’s warm breath blowing on them and sighed.

“You are right. I don’t have a right to try to correct your views if mine are just as warped. But you are not right about the second point. I do NOT ‘harbor internal homophobia’!” Caine said, ending in a shout.

“But it’s true Caine. That’s the reason behind why you think you killed your brother. It is the only thing that makes sense. You believe that being gay really is wrong and you feel if you had tried harder to be ‘cured’ then maybe Peter wouldn’t have lost hope and hung himself…” Katherine said, his words a sad whisper.

“That is not true!!” Caine screamed and gave Katherine’s back a hard smack.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Katherine gasped and shrieked in agony, yet was determined to go on. “If it’s not true then you give me another reason, Caine,” Katherine replied, trying to put his fear aside. I have to help Caine, he thought. Yet he ignored trying to help himself.

“I…goddamnit!!” Caine screamed and punched the wall above the bed, in rage. “You’re right. There are you fuckin satisfied! I hate myself because I’m a fuckin fag! Where the hell is this getting us?! What the hell do we have to do to save us from ourselves?!” Caine crumpled to the bed beside Katherine and pulled his head to his chest. “I think maybe we should get professional help,” Caine said, anticipating that Kat’s reaction would be very negative.

“ARE YOU FUCKIN JOKING?!!!!!” Katherine wailed, staring up at Caine, his eyes shocked and scared. Why would Caine suggest this, he wondered? He knows that I had a hard time sharing my past with him, what makes him think I want to share it with a complete stranger?

“No I am not joking, Kat. We need help and we can’t deal with all this baggage on our own. Seeing a psychiatrist is the best thing we can do. And we will see one, whether you like it or not Kat,” Caine added, his voice unyielding and leaving no room for argument.

Despite knowing that Caine could and would make him go to the shrink Katherine protested. “You can’t do that Caine. No, please don’t do make me go see a shrink. You can’t make me, I won’t. I won’t! I WON”T!!” Katherine shouted, hoping that Caine would change his mind.

“I’m sorry you don’t want to go, but you WILL go and you will make an effort to help yourself. If you won’t do it for yourself then do it for me. I don’t want to force you to go but I will if I have to. It’s for your own good. And I’ll be going too so it’s not like you will have to bear it alone, angelboy,” Caine said, running his hands through Kat’s hair.

“Please don’t make me go Caine. Please don’t make me go Caine. Please don’t make me go see a shrink!” Katherine whimpered this over and over again while Caine tried to comfort him and convince him it would not be so bad. It didn’t help, Kat was still utterly and absolutely dreading having to go tell another person that he was fucked by his own Daddy. He didn’t even want to imagine how shameful that would be.
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Friday, July 29, 2005


Katherine giggled in anticipation, knowing Caine would totally love what he’d done. Katherine had found one of his old bondage ‘outfits’ that he’d hidden from Caine and had slipped into it while Caine was trying to clean the house. The top part of the ‘outfit’ consisted of a black tiara and two black vegan leather straps that crisscrossed around his torso and were connected together in the center on his chest and back with a metal chain link like thing. The bottom part of the outfit was a pair of tight black vegan leather panties, black garter belt and black garters, and a pair of black spiked heel boots. Katherine was standing in front of the bedroom mirror when Caine walked up behind him.

Caine was wearing nothing on his chest, but on his head he wore a black vegan leather beret. He wore nothing on his lower body a except vegan leather belt that held a variety of sex toys.

“You are so fuckin delicious. I just want to fuck your brains out right now,” Caine said and leaned down to give Katherine’s neck a nip.

“Oooww!” Katherine moaned and pressed his body against Caine’s.

Suddenly Caine grabbed Katherine’s hands and placed a pair of handcuffs on them. “Oh you are such a lil’ badboy.” Caine whispered to Katherine. “On your knees you bad little boy!” he commanded and dealt Katherine’s back a blow with the whip.

“Oooowww! Yes sir!” Katherine cried as he knelt on the floor behind Caine so the mirror was no longer in their way. “I am a very badboy, please beat me master.” Katherine said.

Caine turned around so he was facing Katherine yet Kat was still in front of him. “I am your Master and I will do what I damn while feel like with you!” Caine shouted and kicked Katherine in the back.

“Aaaahhhhh! Ouch!” Katherine screamed and fell to his hands and knees. “Yes Master.” He said, not able to see what Caine was doing behind him. His heart beat in anticipation and fear at what Caine would do to him next.

Caine for his part was enjoying watching Katherine wait in fear and brace himself for a blow at the slightest sound from him. He was savory his fear and helplessness. Then swiftly he snapped the whip at Katherine’s back.

Swish. Crack. “Oooooooooooowwwwwwww!” Katherine shrieked in pain and struggled to keep his balance. If he fell down he would surely be punished.

“You are a bad slave boy. Naughty little boy!” Caine shouted and punctuated it by whipping Kat.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Katherine’s eyes had shut tight from the pain and his hands and knew were shaking unsteadily.

Caine looked with pleasure and arousal at Katherine’s cut and bleeding back for a moment, licking his lips at the sight, before striking him again.

Swish. Crack. “Oooooooooooooowwwwww! Fuck!” Katherine whimpered as he lost his balance and fell to his side.

“You are out of position! Ten lashes!” Caine screamed at him as he bent down and pulled Katherine up onto his hands and knees. Then he delivered the promised blows, one after the other, too fast for Katherine to scream after each one so he was forced to let out one long, continuous yell.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” the lashes stopped and Katherine was able to catch his breath and delight in the enormous pain form his back. He could feel the blood from the many cuts dripping down his back, and he shuddered in arousal. “Master please…”

“I am in control. No requests. Ten lashes for your impudence!” Caine said authoratively. Again he delivered the lashes quickly.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” Katherine wailed as the whip bite into his skin again and again. By the time the lashes were done Katherine again lost his balance and fell. “Shit!” he said, knowing too well the punishment.

“Bad slaveboy! Double offense, double punishment! Twenty lashes!!!” Caine yelled at him. He smiled upon hearing the fearful gasp from Kat at the number of lashes. Yes, my slaveboy, you should be afraid, he thought to himself.

“Master that is too…” Caine began delivering the lashes faster then even before. “Fuck! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!” Katherine’s scream was loud, very loud, and Caine wondered at the back of his mind what the neighbors thought of it. After what seemed like forever to Kat, the lashes finally stopped. Katherine cried, whimpered, trying with all his might not to lose his balance again. He had no desire to see what the punishment for a third offense would be. Yet he still luxuriated in the pain.

Caine put the whip down, deciding that the slave had had enough punishment for now. He kneeled on the floor behind Katherine then leaned his upper body forward so that his face hovered above Katherine’ back. “My yummy little naughty slave boy.” Caine whispered.

“Master I …ooooooooohhhhhhhh!” Katherine exclaimed as he felt Caine’s tongue licking across his cuts. He could feel Caine’s tongue poking into them and sucking for more blood. “Ooooooowwwwwwww! Don’t stop, please don’t stop Master!” Katherine cried in pure elation.

“Umm…yummy little boy,” Caine murmured as he licked the blood away and sucked out more. He is a delectable little minx, inside and out, Caine thought. He could feel his penis growing quite hard as it rubbed against Katherine’s panties. I want him now!

Katherine felt Caine’s body over his and his arms wrapping around his stomach. Oh, please fuck me, he thought, not so stupid anymore as to say that out loud.

Caine knew the slave boy wanted this as much as he did. He pulled Kat’s panties down to his thighs. Caine smirked with eager joy as he pulled a large thick circular wooden stick from his belt. “Let me know how this feels, slaveboy!” Caine said then shoved the stick into Katherine’s asshole.

“Ah!” Katherine said with a sharp intake of breath. He felt the dry, rough, hard, entire him and his asshole screamed for lube. Caine thrust it up into him hard and even twisted and turned it. “Aaaaahhhh! Ouch! Master that hurts…aaahhhhhh!” Katherine gasped and moaned in pain and pleasure, bucking wildly.

“Hold still, you bad boy!” Caine snapped at him and shoved the stick farther in with a twist.

“Shit! Ooooowwwww! Ah! Ah! Ouch!” Katherine panted and his vision blurred with tears from the pain.

“Farther in!” Caine shouted, plunged the stick deeper into Kat’s ass.

Katherine squealed and lunged forward in an attempt to pull away from Caine. Caine grunted and seized Katherine tighter to him. “Ah! OWW! Shit…NOOO!!” Katherine gasped, as he felt Caine pull the stick out of him. Swish. Crack. “AAAAAAaahhhhhhaaaaAAAHHHH!!!” he cried as he felt the whip cut into his skin. “Please don’t hit me again,” the slaveboy beseeched his master.

Caine released Katherine, who immediately collapsed on the carpet, and stood over him. “I’m going to make you swing,” Caine said, reaching down to grab the chain of the handcuffs on Kat’s wrists. He pulled the chain up, dragging Katherine with it. Caine, enjoyed the fearful and uncertain look in Kat’s eyes. He doesn’t know what I am going to do. He is completely at my mercy, I could do ANYTHING to him and he would be helpless to do anything about it, Caine thought. Such power was intoxicating, he realized.

“Wha…” Katherine started to ask what Caine was going to do but was silenced when Caine smacked him across the face. “Aaaahhh!” Katherine whimpered, falling but was picked up by Caine and carried over to the bed. But instead of throwing him onto the bed like Katherine thought Caine would he instead reached up above his head a pulled down a chain with a hook at the end that hung from a hook in the ceiling. Oh crapfuck, Katherine thought looking at the chain and hook and guessing what Caine meant to do.

“Don’t struggle or you will be punished,” Caine commanded, reveling in his utter domination over this boy. Katherine didn’t dare move as Caine lifted him a foot off the floor and hooked the chain of Katherine’s handcuffs onto the hook of the ceiling chain. Then he took his hands off of Katherine, leaving him hanging, his feet trying futilely to reach the ground, while he swung back and forth.

“Aaug,” Katherine groaned, feeling the strain on his arms and the cuffs digging into his wrists. “…Master…I will do whatever you say.” Katherine’s eyes affirmed what he had said, he was the picture of a submissive. Head bowed, dignity gone, fear evident in all his features. Yet both Caine and Katherine knew that they wanted this. Katherine craved the pain, fear, and humiliation as much has Caine craved the power.

Caine gave Katherine’s ass a hard shove, and watched as he swung more wildly.

“Eeek!” Kat exclaimed, his arms aching from the weight of his slight body. He kicked his legs, trying to stop his back and forth sway but only made it worst. “Do what you will with me Master. Please.” Begged the slave to his Master.

“Yes, my little bitch, I will do what I want with you. Hehehe, but you may regret begging for it,” he added with a maniacal laugh that caused Kat to shiver in sweet fear and anticipation. Caine wrapped his arms about Katherine’s skinny waist and brought his body to his. Caine’s chest was pressed against Katherine’s bloody back, when he shoved his penis into Kat.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Katherine sighed as he felt the familiar and now welcomed sensation of Caine’s dick inside him and the painful feeling of his cuts being pressed against Caine’s chest. He could feel them opening more and felt more blood trickling down his back and smearing on Caine’s chest. “Ah! Aaaah! Yes…please…AAAhhh… don’t stop Master. Eeek…AH!” Katherine moaned as Caine fucked him rowdily and very hard up the ass. “Aaah! Fuck, yes! Eeee…ah!” he exclaimed as he was getting his brains fucked out while swinging back and forth. For indeed each time Caine drove into him Kat was pushed one way before swinging back again and so forth.

“Agggg! Ahgh!” Caine grunted as a response and slapped Kat’s thigh hard with his hand. “Ag! Naughty boy! Ahhgg…you feel so good…but…Aggah! You are so tight still. Aggggg!” Caine shouted and he drove into Kat hard. “I will open your ass up, slaveboy!” he gasped at Kat. He continued to spear Kat up the ass, occasionally spanking Kat’s thigh when he thought necessary.

“Oooo… ouch! Ah…AAAHHH!! AHHHH…EEEEEEEE…AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” Katherine shrieked as he felt Caine’s penis shoot out his cum into him.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGG!!!!!” Caine howled as he came and came hard. “Aauug…yummy. Yummy little slave boy,” he whispered to Kat as he unhooked Kat’s cuffs from the hook. Then, his dick still in Katherine, he collapsed on the bed with Katherine underneath him. “You are mine,” he said. He rolled off Kat and laid by his side, removing his penis from Kat in doing so, and kept one hand holding the chain of the cuffs while the other slid down to grasp Katherine’s penis. “You are mine, forever,” he said and constricted the hand that held Kat’s penis.

“Oooooowwwwww! Yes, Master, I belong to you. OOoooooWWWWwwww!!!!” Katherine sobbed in pain feeling his dick being crushed in Caine’s strong grip. “Ouch! Oooooowwwwww!!! Please stop, Master! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!” Katherine shrieked, as Caine let go of his penis and grabbed his still sore thighs and did that karate move he had done before. Kat once again tried to pull away, despite knowing that it would just cause more pain.

Caine just giggled, insanely and pulled Katherine closer to him before releasing his grip on his thighs . “Suck my dick, slaveboy!” he shouted. Kat just laid on the bed rubbing his dick and whimpering pitifully. “Did you not hear me!” Caine screamed angrily and took the whip in his hands. “Ten lashes for your failure to obey me!” Before Katherine could react he had grabbed him and turned him over, exposing his injured back.


When Caine was done he turned the still howling Kat over then sat him up. “Will you do as I say or do you wish for another whipping?!” Caine asked, glaring at Kat like a schoolteacher would a naughty student.

“Ye…yes…Ma..Ma…Master,” Katherine answered, wiping at his eyes.

Caine smiled and grabbed hold of some of Katherine’s blonde hair and used it to yank his face down into his crotch. “Suck it!!” He yelled at Katherine’s helpless form.

Katherine opened his mouth and took Caine’s large erect penis in it. Kat didn’t gag, he hadn’t gagged, choked, or retched since his Daddy first shoved his filthy dick into his mouth. Nor would he want to gag, this was Caine, and he tasted fuckin’ delicious. He took Caine’s entire penis into his mouth, his face was pressed into his dark pubic hair. Katherine could smell a faint hint of sweat and cinnamon soap emanating from the hair. He buried his face in it as he sucked hard, fondly thinking of the smell as “Caine’s smell”. He then sucked downwards to the tip of Caine’s dick and ran his tongue over and across it, sensuously.

“Aaaauuuuuuuuggggggggggggggg! Yes, that feels fuckin great….aaaaahhh!” Caine moaned, lolling his head back in ecstasy. He wrapped his fingers in Kat’s hair and flopped his back, back onto the bed. “Hmmm…ah! Good slaveboy!”

Katherine decided to suck harder, guessing Caine would like it. He was gratified to hear him sigh and grunt in bliss. Suddenly the thought of a little payback entered Kat’s mind. He bit me, so I’ll bit him, he thought.

“Aauug….Ouch!” Caine shouted in pain as he felt Katherine’s teeth bite down on the tip of his penis. “Who said you could bit?!!” he howled and sat up and gave Kat’s back a hard lash with the whip.

“Uuuuuummmmmmmmhhhhhhh!!” Katherine mumbled a cry of pain around Caine’s penis. Guess that wasn’t such a good idea after all, he thought belatedly.

“You will finish giving me my blowjob then you will be PUNISHED for your bad behavior, you little slave bitch!” Caine yelled and laid back down, still pissed off that his dick was hurting.

Katherine began sucking, wondering what his punishment would be. If he was going to whip he would have said so. He must have something else planned, he thought.

“AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHGGGGAAAAAAAAAA!!” Caine yelled as he came into Kat’s mouth. He then allowed Katherine enough time to suck up and swallow all the cum before pulling his punish out of his mouth. “Bad boy!” he yelled at Kat then yanked him by the hair, pulling him across his lap.

“NO!” Kat protested, guessing what was about to happen. “Please don’t spank Master! I promise I’ll be a good boy! I won’t…OOOOWWWWW!!” he screamed as Caine’s hand smacked his little ass.

“You have been a bad little boy,” Caine said, rising his hand and delivering another hard slap on Katherine’s naked and defenseless bottom. “I will spank you and spank you good and hard too, you little minx!” Caine punctuated the sentence by landing five quick and hard slaps on Katherine’s ass.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!” Katherine shrieked in pain as Caine continued landing smacking his behind. “Stop! Please…SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOPPPPPP!!!!!” he wailed his legs trying to go straight out, but Caine keep them bent so Kat was helpless to do anything to lessen the pain. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOO!!! SSSSSTTTTTTTTOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!” Katherine cried and screamed hysterically, his ass bloody and burning with pain. Oh, jesuschrist if he doesn’t stop soon I don’t know how I can take it, he thought.

SMACK!!! The last slap was given with an added sting and then it was over. Caine ran his hand tenderly across Katherine’s bruised and bloodied ass. “You were kind of losing it there, babe,” Caine said, their slave/master roleplay done. “You alright?” he asked, kissing Kat’s lower back.

“I…m’kay. That was fun. Painful fun, the best kind of fun,” Kat added with a laugh.

“You want to take a shower together then I can treat your cuts with antibiotics. We don’t want them to get infected.” Caine said, taking Kat into his arms and carrying him to the bathroom. “My sweet lil’ angelboy,” Caine whispered and brushed Kat’s hair out of his face.

“With you around, Caine, I don’t need to walk anywhere!” Katherine giggled.

Caine opened the bathroom door, thinking, he really is a wonderful boy. Each time he smiles he makes my knees weak. I love him, god, I love him.

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While obviously I still can't comment on anything so that sucks.

Anyway I've felt really depressed lately. I don't really know why. I shouldn't be feeling down right now but I do. Julie is at my house and I think she will sleep over. She noticed that I seem different and she asked me what was wrong. And I started crying. She was real concerned, I think she thought it was her fault I was depressed. She held me and I just cried until I couldn't cry anymore. She didn't ask me any stupid questions or try to make me talk, she knew that all I wanted was for someone to hold me.

I never did tell her why I feel so shitty, I think she'd understand but I don't think I'm ready to talk to her about it. I guess why I'm so sad is a combination of things that I've kept inside and let build up and now they are finally bursting over. I've been having bad dreams lately. But like these dreams aren't just dreams they are memories. I don't want to remember the memories but I can't forget them and I guess that's basically it. Everything seems to be spiraling down, down, down, and good things just seem bad and bad things seem horrible. I just want everything to go away.
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