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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little update :)
Hi everyone!

*Many many massive hugs* I've missed you all ^___^ I hope you've been very well. Thank you for the comments on my last post, I would reply, but am feeling too tired (lazy)

Though I'm not ready to fully come back online, I wanted to at least update to let you all know how everything went.

In case I didn't explain before- Several weeks ago I had oral surgery done. They needed to 1. remove my wisdom teeth because they were all impacted and driving me nuts with headaches and 2. Break my upper palette. The upper palette problem was the really major part of it. They needed to do it so they could put in a spacer (dislike it alot, I can't talk well with it in and I can't eat well...) it was to widen my upper palette, which was apparently way too small. We wanted to get it done since it's a hereditary problem (Mom has a similar situation and her teeth are constantly chipping and breaking because of it, so she really wanted me to)

Anyway, the oral surgeon and the orthodontist both think that the surgery went fantastically. ^^; Needless to say, I didn't enjoy it and the whole experience is something that I don't think I'd recommend to anyone who didn't need it...

So, yeah, that (along with having to crank the spacer in my mouth every day) has been what I've been up to. ^^; The worst of it (praise God) is behind me and I am honestly relieved that it's becoming more and more a part of the past in my mind.

Oh, and if you remember how I had been having problems with my weight before this, yeah ^^;;; Not being able to eat solid foods did have a bad effect. I lost approximately ten pounds in one week. BUT the good news is that I am recovering and slowly gaining it back now. ^_____^ I've even been able to participate for a little bit in Soo Bahk Do (don't worry, all the instructors know about the jaw thing and are careful to make sure I don't get hurt. We're all friends there ^^)

Anyway, the weather here has been hot, muggy and miserable, but I'm happy right now because the sun is out and I'm typing to all of you. As I get more and more of my strength back I'll probably be on TheOtaku again, but for now I'll just keep you all in my prayers and in my heart. ^___^

I hope all of you are enjoying your August, wherever you are. My brain is overheating, so I can't think of what else to say. Take care! *hugs tightly*

Have a great day!

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