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Saturday, June 26, 2010

... *waves* hi, it's me again

Hi everyone! *hugs tightly and doesn't let go*

Thank you to the sweethearts who commented on my last post so long ago... I, I can't believe how long it's been since I've been active here or on TheO.

First of all- the 'bad' news. I really feel bad about how many breaks I've been taking, but this year just hasn't been very easy on my nerves. This upcoming month is going to *hopefully* be the worst (I say 'hopefully' because I'm trying to maintain that I'll feel wonderful after its all done)

Don't really want to go into details of all the things going on. As it is I'm afraid of pulling your mood down (and considering how much I love you sweethearts, I don't want to make you sad) ^_^ Basically, one of the biggest things is the operation where they'll be breaking a bone in my mouth to widen my upper jaw. I'm ... scared ^^; But maybe I'm just too wussy. It doesn't help that recently (due to rubber bands they put in my mouth as 'spacers') I've lost ... about five pounds in one week. That shouldn't be bad, right? But I really don't have that much to spare, so I've been really weak and sick.

So, I didn't want to dump this on you, but I realized that maybe just hiding and keeping it from you wasn't the nicest thing I could do either. You all mean too much to me and I do sometimes worry that with all the 'breaks' I take, you'll lose patience with me.

Okay, so, I've left a few comments here and there (and I may comment a bit more, I especially wanted to at least leave a few 'happy birthdays', which I seemed to miss a lot of. The comments will probably be shorter than usual from me) But until 'things settle down' I think I'll be missing commenting on a lot of things, just a warning. I think for today at least I want to try to comment on one work per person at least... perhaps. ^^;; But, yeah, for the next month, I make no promises, except that I probably won't be online for a few days after the operation. Please pray for me ^^; It's not a 'major' surgery, but it's still... Yeah, well, you get it ^^;

Okay, well, I guess I should share some good news now, right? Umm, oh! My Mom and I both passed our last Soo Bahk Do test (finally ^__^ we had some 'conditionals' that we had to clear up first) Now Mom is a 1st Gup (red belt with two stripes) and I'm a 2nd Gup (red belt with one stripe) ^__^ That was a hard test, but I'm glad we made it through. Now I'm one test away from being able to test for Don (black belt) and Mom's training to be able to test for it. We're hoping that we'll be able to test at the same time, so I guess once I'm stronger I'll have to work really hard to catch up with her ^___^

I really don't want to make this post too long, so I think I'll end it here.

Instead of posting two random questions, if you're reading this and thinking of commenting, could you let me know how you're doing? If you're feeling well and hopefully if you're enjoying your summer? ^___^ I would love to know how you all are doing. < 3 Love you all so much!

Take care and may your days be blessed.

Have a great day!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank you!

Hi everyone *hugs* I want to thank everyone who sent me 'Happy Birthday' messages. I treasure them all and if I didn't respond directly, I probably just forgot (my minds not quite here at the moment)

Oh, before I forget, thank you Nana-san, Kelsey, Noir-san and FMA-san for commenting on my last post. It seems like that was forever ago ^^;

So, I unintentionally took a break from commenting on TheO for the past... has it been a week? I think so. I'd been in denial about being sick, but it all finally caught up with me and my mind was a little shot (please don't worry, though, I wasn't too seriously sick and I'm feeling better now) It just occurred to me that I haven't been commenting, so I thought I'd give it a try today.

I've missed a lot of things, and I guess that's fine. ^^; My mind... is wandering a lot today, so please don't expect to hear from me. It's funny how a cold can affect your brain (I just hope I don't catch the flu my brother got yesterday -.-; poor thing)

Oh, but I wanted to let you know how much it meant to me to see all the kindness you left for my birthday. ^__^ It definitely brightened me up. I enjoyed a very quiet day (aside from a phone call from my sister and then a cousin to wish me happy birthday... would have appreciated that more if my throat wasn't still sore from coughing XP) But all in all, it was really peaceful ^_____^ My oldest sister and brother each got me a cd of a Korean girl-singing group that I like. They're called So Nyuh Shi Dae, or Girls' Generation. I like the happy, upbeatness of the music. ^___^ Oh, and my parents got me a Diablo (not sure how to explain what that is if you haven't seen it) It's basically two sticks with a rope between them that you balance a sort of hourglass-shaped thing on... I'm not too good at it (yet) But I hope to get better.

Anyway, I thought I'd make this post to ... well, to thank you (though I suppose I've already done that ^^;) All of you mean the world to me and it's been a delight to get to know all of you. So, I hope all of you are well and please continue to be patient with me XP I suppose my head will clear up soon and I'll return to commenting as I like ~.^

It feels like this post is really long... It doesn't help that after every few sentences, I find myself staring off into space. But I think I'll end it here anyway.

Questions- (because I can ~.^)

1. Are you enjoying the weather wherever you are?

2. Are you smiling right now? How about now? Now? ^__^ *hugs*

Take care, everyone, and God Bless you.

Have a great day!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sending Smiles

Hi everyone! *hugs*

Thanks for the comments on my last post! Fma17- Don't worry about 'commenting late'. It was nice to hear from you! Noir- It'll be better if I just get all the dental-work done at once. Don't worry, though, I'm feeling better about it now! and Kelsey- ... -.-; I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS CAUGHT apologizing. Lol, it's even worse that I put it in the title! Okay, I'm renewing my determination to avoid it.

So, I'm *not* sorry for not posting for a while... ^^; Just kidding. I realize it's been a few days, but I have been active here. It's fun to come online and comment, but I decided today I really ought to post something.

Honestly I don't have much to say right now. I'm very overwhelmed with happiness because THE SUN IS SHINING! ^___^ It's been so long since the sun has shone and now this is the second day in a row of clear skies! *dances around* It's a very big deal ~.^ Mom even woke me up yesterday, excitedly telling me that the sun was shining XD I don't think I've ever woken up so fast before.

So, I am currently trying to blow some of the sunny-ness in all of your directions. ^__^

Hmm, in 'otaku' related news... Will it sound really psychotic if I admit that I'm now making a catalog of which users are 'featured artists' each day? It's because I've heard several people talking about how they don't understand why the same people's work keeps getting featured. So, I thought "well, if I make a not of the user name and type of work for every day I log on, maybe eventually I'll figure out the pattern" ... Possibly too much work, but I'm hoping that it will start to show newer artists and ... this doesn't sound as weird as I think it does, does it? ^^; Oh well, I'll probably end up missing some days anyway, but it's fun to keep track of for now.

Again, I'm thinking of submitting some artwork, but I want to find something that I really *want* to draw, if you know what I mean. I'm not the best artist, but I love to draw if I'm drawing something I care about. (Plus, my printer/scanner-thing has been acting strange lately, so that'll be a factor in whether I submit a drawing or not)

Anyway I guess this is going to be a relatively short post, since my mind is going blank. I hope all of you are having a wonderfully bright and happy weekend! *hugs*

Questions- (Lol, I had to add *something* to make it more interesting ~.^)

1. If you were stranded in a stuck elevator, what would be the TWO things you'd want to have in your purse and/or pocket? *random*

2. What's the strangest name for a band you've ever heard? (I think one of my favorites is the 'Nitty Gritty Dirt Band' No particular reason, but I find the name makes me smile)

Take care everyone!

Have a great day!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sorry for not posting!

Hi everyone! *hugs*

Thanks you, Nana-san and Aragorn-san for your sweet comments on my last post! They cheered me quite a bit. *hugs*

Yes, that brings me to- I'm sorry for taking so long to post anything. ^^; Time sort of got away from me. When I come online here, I enjoy commenting first, and then I guess I just forgot to post. So, umm, yeah, I'm not sure what I have to say, but I thought it might be nice if I updated here.

Things have been... busy, but aren't they always? I've been stressing over some dental news that I didn't want to find out about. I think I already talked about this, but just as a random update- I'm going to be getting braces and then (because apparently my upper palate is too narrow...) I'm going to be having a surgery done on it. And, just to make things more interesting- I can't really afford it (I don't have insurance), so we're going to be having the surgery done in the doctor's office, not the traditional surgical place (my brain is going stupid, I can't think of the word) It shouldn't be a problem, because the oral surgeon is okay with it. Oh, and at the same time, I'm going to be having my wisdom teeth removed. On top of that, during that time I obviously won't really be able to eat much, so my Grandpa is a bit concerned that I'll lose weight that I 'can't afford to lose'. Idk, I guess it's natural to be stressed over that, right? I'm not really obsessing too much over it... It's just distracting me for now...

OKAY, BUT NOW I SERIOUSLY WANT TO POST SOMETHING POSITIVE!!! ^___^ I'm so excited, my Mom and I are painting the main bathroom here at home! That might not sound exciting, but we've always had this really ugly sort of 'seventies' wallpaper in there that had a weird, dizzy print on it. Mom has disliked it forever, and now we've torn it down and we're painting the room light green. So far, about one wall is done and it's SO PRETTY!!! Mom picked out the color and it's so beautiful. ^__^

And, you know how my Grandpa owns his own little clock repair shop? Well, I'm super proud of him. When I was little, it just seemed normal. I mean, between home and school, his house was one of the places I spent most of my time at. So, it was 'normal' that my Grandpa could do what he did. But now I realize how special he is. ^__^ And, I'll talk to Mom and find out even MORE things that are incredible.

He has changed businesses so many times. He used to repair tarps, drapes and upholstery, knife and saw sharpening, woodcarving, metal carving, repaired sewing machines, office machines (sale and service), Greyhound Bus agent (his house was a bus stop a long time ago) and now he's stopped fixing watches, but still works on clocks.

You see, he doesn't work on watches anymore because (thanks to cheap throw away electronic ones ^^;) it's too expensive to repair watches. People aren't willing to pay what it costs. Plus, I think that he's having a harder time with small gears since he's getting older. So, I was a little worried.

But, now he's started a new project!! ^___^ He's decided to learn how to repair violins! I was so shocked when I found out. He's ordered 'how to' books and he's already saying that he doesn't think it will be 'too hard' for him. XP It's so cute how excited he is about it. And, there are a TON of violinists in our area and NO ONE repairs violins. These people are going over an hour away when they have a problem that needs fixing, so they're really excited that Grandpa is learning this too.

^__^ He just... amazes me. Sorry if this seemed sort of random, but I guess that if there has to be a lesson here- you're NEVER too old to learn something or follow your dream. That's something that I've definitely learned from him.

OK. Well, in 'otaku' news, I actually have drawn something... Not sure if I'm going to submit it. I drew it after seeing a challenge about a week ago. ^^ So, who knows? I am glad to draw again. I'm not really interested in making ecards at the moment. But, whatever I decide to submit, I will be trying to update on MyO more often. ^^

I hope all you sweethearts are doing well and enjoying warmer weather (it's cold here, but I still have hopes that it will warm up again!) Love you all! *hugs tightly* Thanks for reading my ramble! ~.^

Have a great day!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

I think I'm back... again ^^;

Hi everyone! *hugs tightly*

Thank you, Meagan and Kelsey for those very sweet comments. What you said, it really helped me feel better. (I will try to make it through this post without apologizing ^^; Sort of hard to break the habit, but I'll try!!) Please don't worry too much about me, though. Yes, I'm eating more now, and when I left to be by myself at the party, it was to be away from the noise. But I wasn't overly depressed. In fact, I just found a quiet bedroom and laid down next to the window and watched the sky. If I had been having a really bad attack, I would have found my Mom or possibly even my little brother and told them. So, umm, where was I going with this? Oh, yes, please don't worry! I'm doing a lot better now, I think.

Okay, well, yes, I guess some of you might have noticed that even though I meant to be on here more after the stress of the Easter party and everything else left, I still didn't come. Well, there were other things that were stressing me worse and worse (honestly, they were stupid things, so I don't even want to mention it)

Simply put- my body just got very mad at me for being an idiot and overworking it, so I had to deal with the consequences. Lots of crying and unexplainable worrying, but I have the sweetest people around me, so I'm really doing well.

So, with all that, I just realized that I needed more time than I had thought to take a break from socializing. But, like I said, I'm feeling better now. The sun is shining. It's warming up and I haven't the right to be sad right now ~.^ So, I will be trying to be around here more often, because I've really missed you all. < 3 (edit- I've tried to catch up on what you've all been doing, but I do know I've missed a lot, so I'll just be trying to keep up with what's happening now and in the future. But if I missed something that you're really proud of, please let me know! My backroom was completely flooded T.T I need to develop a backbone and delete some of the sweethearts that I never hear from even though they post...)

Bahh, oops, yeah, I guess I should say that I might be around here now and then during this week and then probably more regularly afterwards. I'm getting ready for a test in Soo Bahk Do. Master W. told us yesterday during class "the test will be next Sunday. Have your written work done by Thursday" Lol, I have to admit, I do love the random abruptness of how some of the tests will creep up on us.

Thankfully my mom and I (she's in Soo Bahk Do too) have been smart enough to finish our written work MONTHS before we suspect they'll want to test us. ^___^ It's all about preparation. Now I just need to spend a lot of time this week working on my strength and techniques (and refreshing my mind on some of the Korean terms ^^;) It should be interesting... I'm excited/nervous, though, because for the first time, I REALLY want to pass this test with flying colors. I've worked hard, but I'm still pretty terrible at most of the new techniques. ^^; It doesn't help that this is what they call the 'jumping' test. They laugh and say that because almost EVERY SINGLE KICK is done jumping, or jumping and spinning. -.-;

I jump like a crippled walrus.

Yeah, so, if anyone has any advice on how to improve air time, let me know. XP Yup, this will be an interesting week...

Whoops, I think I'd better end this. I'm afraid this ended up being a very rambley post. Hope all of you are well, happy and enjoying nice weather right now. *hugs* I love you all so much, if I could give you this blue sky right now, I would. ^__^

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorries *hug* (warning- sort of depressing post)

Hi everyone!

First- thank you, Kelsey, Lys, Meagan, MerokoYui4 and Noir for your sweet comments on my last post. ^__^ I was amazed how many people commented and I really did appreciate each one *hugs*

Now- I'm really, really sorry for just disappearing from the site for so long (I think it's been two weeks) Hopefully none of you really noticed my absence -.-; I feel terrible about not giving any warning about this sort of thing, but...

Well, basically, I got really busy and then I let myself get too stressed out (yes, I admit that most of my anxiety was my own fault). Mom even warned me to stop cleaning so hard. We were going to be having our extended family Easter get-together at our house and I ... I just wanted to make sure that everything was perfect and that there was something that everyone could do and they'd enjoy themselves.

It sort of worked, too. The family had a really good time and even the boys enjoyed the activities that I had spent the past week(s?) working on for them.

But, umm, I spent most of the time trying to sneak away to anyplace in the house that was quiet without them noticing. I kept getting anxiety attacks and I was so stressed out from everything that I had been doing that I could barely eat anything either, which just made it worse.

I'm happy to say that I managed to wait until everyone had gone home to break down crying! (I know that probably sounds weird to be happy about, but I am) I acted happy around all of them, but every time I 'act' like that, it's harder to keep it up... if that makes sense...

Basically, yeah, there was more to it than that, but I already feel like I'm making lame excuses. The whole point is that when I start to get really completely stressed out, I start shutting EVERYONE out, and I'm honestly sorry to admit that in the process, I shut you, my dear friends, out. I couldn't deal with people and I didn't even have the presence of mind to come on here to at least let you know.

*hugs you all tightly* I'm still recovering, and I hope to be commenting here again to find out what all of you have been doing, but I don't want to promise anything (since this week is likely to be a bit hectic too T.T)

It hasn't all been bad,though! Gall, I make it sound too depressing! There were several really sweet moments mingled into the madness this last few weeks. A really sweet part was getting to see my little cousins again. Bubba is five now and doesn't seem to want to spend as much time with me (I'm okay with that, I couldn't have handled too much rough-playing anyway. Besides, I was happy to see that the older boy cousins are becoming more responsible and played with him!) And little Anna is as adorable as ever. <3 She's becoming more assertive, which I suppose is a good thing ^^; Hard to keep track of her, though. That child must have given me who knows how many heart attacks by just disappearing outside (we live on a corner with two streets that tend to be a bit busy)

Oh, and I had my little brother (Bless his heart) help me design MyO page here. ^__^ It took a lot of work, but it was something fun that we could do together. He knows so much about computers and is so patient with my extreme lack of computer-smarts XP Do you like the design? (I hope it worked ^^;)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who is reading this and I will be around TheO and MyO again to comment sooner or later. Like I keep telling people- I don't think that I could ever completely leave this site with all of you, my dears, still here. ^_^ I love you too much for that. Take care and (in case I'm not back before this weekend-) have a Blessed Easter.

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clocks < 3

Hi everyone! *hugs tightly*

Thank you so much, Meagan, Sesshy and Char-san (what would you like me to call you? OK- I want to take some time to reply, so if you don't feel like reading this part, that's okay ^__^

Firstly- WELCOME Char-san! Wow, I was really surprised to see your comment. ^^ I didn't think it was creepy of you to comment at all!!! I'm actually glad you did (I'm guilty of not looking at my guestbook ^^; It's just not something that many people sign, so I might not have noticed yours for a long time) And, don't feel conceited!! o.o I like hearing personal stories from others. ^__^ I think it helps people relate to each other, if that makes sense. Anyway, thanks so much for the smile your comment gave me. I'll be stopping by your page as soon as I finish this.

Sesshy- You don't get snow? O.O Whoa. We get a lot here. ^^;; I'd be happy to give some of it to you, but I don't know how to ship it. Thanks for commenting!

And Meagan- ... You're too sweet, you know that, right? *hugs* I'm glad to know you ^__^ I can't even imagine how sad I'd be if I didn't know you! lol, seriously, you are too sweet ^^; I rant and you call me an angel? (I smiled for a long time over your comment, thank you so much) I actually took your advice and deleted a couple of names from my subscription page. I was a little sad to do it, but now I think I'll go find some more. It just doesn't make sense and it's driving me INSANE that when I leave for a while, I can't find the updates that I'm looking for underneath all of the Naruto and other random wallpapers -.-;

OKAY- I think that covers it. Thanks again to everyone, I'd respond more, but I don't want this to turn into another rant (though the last one did feel pretty good)

Now, since Meagan asked, I guess I'll share what I'd been doing last week. You see (in case you didn't see the last post) my dear Grandpa left for the week to go on a cruise with my uncle and aunt.

However, he owns his very own Clock Repair Shop. He is the only worker, so when he leaves, my Mom and I watch the shop for him. Basically, what we do is answer the phone and manage the minor things like dealing with customers who want to drop something off or pick something up.

NO I DON'T FIX CLOCKS! lol, I just felt like including that, because when people come to the shop, they ask me if Grandpa's taught me how to (like carrying on the legacy- I'm not kidding when I say that he is absolutely AMAZING!) But my hands shake a lot and I don't know that I'd want to study clocks as thoroughly as he has.

Grandpa has taught me a few things, though. He says that I now know more about clocks than most of his customers. *^^* Then again, he'll then grin at me and tell me that I now "know enough to get myself into trouble that I can't get out of" He's a sweetheart <3

So, yup, that's what was up last week. Well, not entirely... We couldn't watch the shop as much as we would have because first I got sick with the flu and then my Mom did. She's still trying to recover T.T

On the bright side- my Grandpa is back now!! So, I'm very happy. It always seems that whenever he leaves, the sky becomes gray until he returns (I'm not the only one who noticed that! I shared my thoughts with my oldest sister and younger brother and they thought about it and agreed!) He's special, what can I say? ^___^

OH AND HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY! I hope all of you are wearing something green ~.^ I'm wearing my favorite bright green pants (which I can only really get away with wearing this time of the year) Yes, I'm part Irish, so I'm especially excited today. There's just something cheerful about it. ^__^ I hope that some of my happiness can float over to you all! *hugs tightly*

I'm tired... I just spent a long time plodding through a lot of updates... trying to catch up... I actually was thinking about making a card at some point, but I have my eyes on a challenge that rather seemed like it would be fun. I don't know if I'll enter (it feels like it's been ages since I've seriously tried to draw) ~random~ Think I'll end the post here. Probably have rambled enough for one day ^^

Hope all of you are well and may God Bless you!

Have a great day!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hi everyone! I'm going to be attempting a rant, so please bear with me.

*hugs tightly* Thank you so much to Kelsey, Meagan and Noir for commenting on my last post! Wow, I don't think I've had three comments in a while ^^; Really, thank you! It was fun to read all of them and I appreciate your prayers for my friend. (and, yes, 34 degrees Fahrenheit is a huge heat wave. My brother is already convinced that he doesn't need to wear coats or hats anymore.)

~feel free to skip this, it ended up longer than I expected. I guess I was more upset about it than I realized~

Okay, now onto a touchy subject, Meagan (innocent heart, but I'm sure anyone reading this knows that) wrote a very well-worded rant on this topic and it just stirred up a lot of things that had been bothering me~

You all know that I've been taking A LOT of breaks lately, but when I come back, I try my hardest to get caught up with everyone. I know that I miss a lot of people, and I'm sorry for that. BUT these last few months, I've been noticing something that's really 'weirding' me out-

Very few people seem to be commenting. I thought that it was because they were all taking breaks, but they aren't!! My backroom it getting so crammed with so many people's updates that I keep missing the important ones! Yes, I said it- the 'important' ones! I don't want to make it sound like everyone's work isn't important, but it's getting to the point where I don't even like LOOKING at some of their things anymore because it's all so similar, I don't feel a connection with them because I never hear from them (yes, partly my fault for not updating enough) But it's just disheartening.

The worst of it is that these people aren't *commenting* on apparently ANYONE'S work! THE ENTIRE REASON I JOINED THEOTAKU WAS TO COMMENT. There, now you know. I used to come to this site to send e-cards and look at wallpapers to put on my computer. And, the more I came, the more I realized that people weren't commenting on the beautiful e-cards that I loved to send. So I created an account "KittenLark" just to tell a few of the artists how beautiful I thought their stuff was! So, I was really happy when I started to notice more and more people doing the same thing.

But, for some reason, that's changed. Last week, I decided to ignore my 'backroom' for the most part and just go through all the cards and wallpapers that I found that appealed to me and whether I favorited them or not, I left a comment. I could have cried after seeing some of the most beautiful artwork that had NO COMMENTS while a weird picture from Naruto with a nonsensical caption was the most popular -.-;

I can't force people to change, and I'm sure that right now I'm preaching to the choir (since I'm sure that if you're reading my post, you're one of the few people who do comment) But, it's frustrating and I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who's noticed this.

Part of me has a suspicion about it... I'm not sure if this might be the cause of it or not (and I'm sure that part of it is just selfishness, we're all human and it's a problem that I'm sure everyone, including myself!, has)

But I know that I just stopped commenting for a long time after reading article after article about how to 'properly' comment. (whoops, I think I'm falling into a completely different rant) It was a sore spot for me, though! To read all those guides to 'properly' leave a comment were disheartening. I tried to do what they suggested: make sure that all the thoughts are expressed with precise grammar, no excess exclamation points, don't abbreviate words, only comment specifically on the topic, don't mention how much you love the anime they used, and make all comments 'constructive'.

For heavens sake, I agree that certain aspects of those are necessary, but it honestly scared me off of commenting at all!!! (yes, I just used THREE exclamation points :O

I don't know if others were intimidated by that, and I'm positive that's not the only thing. But, what's wrong with losing track of what you're saying in a comment and just having fun telling them that you like what they've done instead of "look at the colors. The hue of ??? perfectly compliments the subtle undertones of ???"

Instead, maybe people should just try commenting as though they'd talk? When I did that last week, a lot of people who replied seemed very grateful.

OK, I'm going to be fair now- the people who wrote those 'how to comment' things probably were aiming it at those people who comment on EVERYTHING saying "Very good. I like it." and that's it. (wait, I've ranted about this before, haven't I)

So, I guess the point I'm getting at is that once I found time and found pretty enough artwork, I was able to easily sit down and quickly type out a couple paragraphs to cheer the artist on (not that I could offer any 'constructive' comments ^^;; I'll just leave that to the people who understand art better than I do.)

^___^ Thanks if you've survived this. I think this finally qualifies as a rant, doesn't it? Perhaps a bit too long (way too long) But I'm glad to have spoken my peace. If I can find time and energy to comment at least a few times, I hope that others will too.

And, as a message of hope to the people reading this who DO comment and are as sad as I am about all this- I believe it will change. Like I said, when I first joined, I didn't see a lot of comments on cards, but then more people started commenting. Maybe these people who post all the time will start to realize that commenting is important again. ^___^ I have to stay hopeful.


This week (just a warning) I'm probably not going to be very active. And, as I said, my backroom has been getting spammed ^^; So, if I miss something of yours, feel free to let me know.

You see, my Grandpa (he's recovered from his shingles ^^ ) has left on a cruise that my uncle and aunt are taking him on. They like taking him on cruises because they get to spend time with him and Grandpa goes along with it so he can spend time with them. It's really sweet. <33 Although, I always worry about him when he goes on long trips like this... I love him so much and miss him a lot... But I know that my uncle and aunt will take good care of him.

Oh, anyway, my point is that while he's gone this week, my Mom and I will be taking care of his shop. ^__^ If you're interested I can explain, but I'm afraid this post has become too long, so I'll leave it at this.

1. What kind of comments do *you* prefer to receive?
2. Do you prefer rain or snow? *random*

my answers-
1. Heartfelt from friends ^^;
2. Neither and both depending on my mood (and how cold the snow is XP)

Anyway, I love all of you and may God Bless you and whatever you're going through!

Have a great day!

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I don't think I like making titles... They never seem to be about what I end up posting...

Hi everyone! *hugs tightly* Thank you, Meagan, for your comment ^___^ It's really great to hear from you again!

Well, I first want to say that in all fairness, I was only gone from TheOtaku for about a week! Yet, somehow, in that amount of time, EVERYONE seems to have logged on and submitted fan arts, cards, wallpapers and dozens of posts. I just stared at my backroom for a long time, then opened each of the about ONE HUNDRED available updates that I found and tried to go through them all... So, here is where the apology comes in, because I'm positive I've still missed a lot and I'm sorry for that (maybe I shouldn't be, but I am!)

So, the past I don't know how long, I've been going through some amazing artworks and posts and trying to comment and hug and read everything that I could. Once I got to the very last one, my computer screamed and refused to load TheOtaku anymore... Just kidding about the scream ~.^ But, my internet did seem to fail for a minute, so I had to restart and come back to do this post.

Basically I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here ^^; I was planning to do a card, but the last week has been crazy... A very sweet lady who was an Alto with me in choir at church... well, she was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. I thought she'd make it, but last Sunday, Father announced that she had passed away. So, with the funeral and sadness, well, I just sort of glazed over.

HOWEVER, everyone is handling this better than I would have thought. Her husband, a very sweet man who is also a choir member, seemed to be well when I saw him last and our other Alto (a dear friend of the one who passed) smiled at me today and said that she guesses that God wanted her to sing in Heaven.

Anyway, so, if you could say a prayer for her and her family, I'd like that.

Aside from that- more craziness, but I survived and I think that this week maybe might be calmer so I'm taking deep breaths and smiling, because even the sun came out!!!!! I don't remember when I saw a more beautiful sky... I want to share it with all of you. Everyone is so happy too, because the TEMPERATURE IS GOING UP!!! YAY! *happy dances like a crazy person* Break out the sandals, shorts, t-shirts and pass some lemonaide, it is now about 34 DEGREES!!! ^___^ Heat wave!

I think I was going to say something else, but I can't think of it and truthfully, I'm exhausted from a Soo Bahk Do related trip we had to take yesterday (just to go to Soo Bahk Do again tonight) so, I think I'll wrap this up.

1. What is your favorite temperature (if you have one)?

2. Do you ever just randomly start laughing hysterically for literally no reason at all? (I hope I'm not the only one ^^;)

Take care, I love you all <3 Thanks for dropping by my page.

Have a great day!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hi everyone! *hugs*

Thanks Fma17, Meagan, Kelsey and Noirassasin for your sweet comments! *hugs you tightly* ^___^ It's so wonderful to hear from all of you. And I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on 'happy colors'(Especially yours, Noir-san, I like the idea of all of the colors being included).

Truthfully, I don't have much to say right now. ^__^ I just felt like checking in on TheO and remembered that I had said I'd post again this week, so here it is ^^; I'm sorry if I missed commenting on one of your works, my backroom was completely full of updates! It's so good to see so many people being active!! (for a while, I'll admit that I was wondering how many people still came here *hugs*)

My emotions have been all over the map this week. My dear Grandpa (the only grandparent of mine who is still alive) had a strange rash on his forehead and Mom and I kept trying to convince him to go to the doctor, because it wasn't going away. I thank God that last Sunday after Mass, our dentist (and Grandpa's neighbor) saw the rash and helped us convince him to go see a doctor.

Then, about a day later, we find out that whatever the rash was, triggered something that was making his eye almost swell shut. It turns out that it is shingles (I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but it's sort of like a mutant adult form of chicken pox I think)

It's all turning out okay and it's healing, but for a long time ... I was worried. Anyway, I'm just glad it's working out.

So, umm, yeah, things have been interesting here. I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the weekend (Ahhh, I can't believe it's already Saturday night!! I seem to be a little more absent-minded today...)

1. Do you have a favorite vegetable?
2. Do you believe that Chocolate is a vegetable? (And, if yes, would you change your answer for the first question?)

~.^ It's something that I just wonder about (I actually can't eat chocolate, but I still think its interesting, if true)

Take care!

Have a great day!

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