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usssop (04/20/06)

Ur site is awesome the bg is cool!
what's ur favorite manga? it's FMA?
Please come by my site and sign my gb
Thanks and Later!


lostmydragon (03/20/06)

*A Large white dragon flies overhead and lands nearby a rider jumps off its back and walks to the screen, and a small blue drake lands on her shoulder*
Hullo im LMD this little drake is Pip
and this big lovable lumonx is Ramamoth
^thats me the dragon waha^
i like the slightly random GB entry you did for me
^ the more random the better^
yup anyway i had to com and cheak out ur site, love the background
^and ur signure pic is pretty funny^
and your rite there are some breeds of monkeys plotting to take over the world
^yup but we stopped them, i bruned them to monky crips heehee^
well time to go, PM me anytime
*LMD walks back over to Ramamoth and jumps onto her back, little Pip flies to Ramamoths left horn and holds on tight, Ramamoth waves and lurches into the air, and they all soar off back to the world of Yeratod*

tsnade26 (03/16/06)

yo! i saw your avatar and was on the floor cracking up! i found it so flippen funny! i just had to come to ur site! lol. most people who come to my site have boring avatars. i wish mine was funny like your. but my friend put my name on it and i couldn't refuse. next time it will be different *insert evil laughter*! you have a cool backround tooo. very animeish with the moon and kitty with big eyes. lol. anywho, c ya around! l8er g8er!

WinryChick (03/12/06)

Cool site. Come and visit mine sometime. I need some company. ^-^

jennifer92 (03/07/06)

Me:WELL!!! You are Right!!....X3 Z is my Online Big bro! I call him Big bro! XD Yup!! he is my best friend ever to RPG Play with.Nice to meet you. *bows* My name is Kitsune! ^o^ I love your site. Hey!! Do you like to Rpg Play? O.o If so!! IM me sometime! I added you onto my friends list and on my AIM. ^-^ I love to RPG play alot! W00T!! W00T!!! Can we be friends..T.T Please!!


Me:Oh thats Bakura!! a Buddy of mine!! *Glomps him*

Bakura:..O_o Get off me!!


Shadow:....They do that alot. But I'm use to it. Hey you must be Kitten? i am Z's friend as well so is Bakura. we talk alot. ^-^

Me:..*nods* Yea!! I miss Ed..T.T

Shadow:...-.- Chill Ed is with Z. Ed will be happy when he comes back. ^-^



Me:..NAO!!! He is also a cool friend! ^o^

Nao:Um Hi. *bows*

Me:..Okay let me tell you a bit about myself before I leave. I...Love to write alot..Um I love to RPG I so loooooove anime! I'm a yaoi fan I like almost every anime out there but number one is FMA,YU-GI-OH AND Naruto! XD I'm 13 and I act hyper alot and um...I'm a goth..I have a eval Kitty and Dog! XD Oh almost forgot I'm in 7th grade...suppose to be in 8th but I had to repeat the grade..T.T *sniff* Ha!! There you go all you really need to know about me. ^-^ I also love to support my friends. PM me anytime you wanna chat so we can talk.cool site I can't get over the BG it roxs! well I better get going. Have a great day bye!

Bakura: Later..

Nao:..Bye for now. *bows*

Shadow: Ha!! Buh Bye! ^___^

~Kitsune Kisara~

shinjiunit01 (03/06/06)

Hey there thanx for visiting my site.OOo you like my backround,Isnt she pretty?Well ill add you as a friend.

darkalchemist77 (03/04/06)

helloooooi like your site

metal-inuyasha (11/30/05)

5 things to do, when bored
*that might get you killed*

1#zombies are fun,,,,so play with one,,go on,,GO!!

2#comment on my post, so i don't need to hunt you down^_^

3# if you like hats,,but donít like the look of some treeís,,,then you might be Big Foot

4#if you stop by,,,ummm,,then,,hmm,,,,well, i don't know, but as i said in number 2,,COMMENT,,BUWAHAHA

5#being random is fun for all,,,,ok,,maybe thats just me^^

i will now be going
you can pm this one any time you want
see ya

~may Peace be with you in a world of Zombies

Menmei (11/23/05)

Menmei:FMA is awsome.

Hiei:I'm sure it would be cool if i knew what it was.

Menmei:I luv Roy.He is my favorite.

Hiei:Who is this Roy?


YusukesLover123 (11/19/05)



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