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Introduction? Whats is there to say? Im just a girl trying to learn to draw, write, act, and get a life. Dosen't spending all your time locked in your room drawing, writing, watching Anime, and going online make a life? I also have an obseesion with blinkies and amimations, which i got from Gpetz.com! and one from katikai.com.

..::giggle::.. vash,gotta love him.

Ah, beautiful Kurama...


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Sunday, October 5, 2003

  Okay i did get to fill my tummy with yummy foodies! not like any one cares but im telling you anyways so live with it. Or you could just not live with it, but being dead mean no Anime do think about it. Okay thi swas a waste of my time and energy. And why did AOL invent parental controls!!?!??!? I can only be on line till ten! TEN!!!!! thats a whole four hours of time that is wasted!!! I must find a way to get around this... i must find a way! O.<


..:: yawns..:: soo tired. I need to get to bed before two more often. And was supposed to go out with my fwends today! yes i do have some friends, a small selection but i have em'! Anyways now we can't go out to lunch cuz one had to go visit the gramdma or something. And now im really hungry! I wanted to get lunchie!


Saturday, October 4, 2003

  I joined this site today. Its also saturday and the means I get to watch lots of Anime tonight! Whoo! I get excited over such little things. Hey! Its all i got to live for. And im pissed cuz they took cyborg 009 and DBZ of to put on S. Jack and Transformers! I love almost all anime but transformers is not one of em'. And S. Jack isn't Anime!!! They wanna take all the joy out of life!