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Friday, September 12, 2008

Those who hate them, I say BOO TO YOU! -3-
Okay, two simple words:
Today. At the mall.
Black and white plaid tripp skinny jeans, tokio hotel tee, black and white checkered wallet, anddd... tokio hotel SCREAM CD.

$70-ish dollars and one dinner later...

I feel like I'm forgetting something... which I prolly am, cos, you know, this is Miyu we're talkin bout...
Who cares.
I'm learnin French in skool! (too much invader zim. ^w^')
The pronunciations are odd...
I'm listening to Girugamesh right now. ROCKER'S.
Ah, yush...
I want sleep.
I'm REEEEALY narcoleptic lately.
Like, pass out on my bed at 9 narcoleptic...
...mebbe it's cos of skool?
Nah, couldn't be. <3
Imma splode now.

Miyuki <3

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