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Monday, March 24, 2008

It has been a very long time since I hae blogged here, and everytime I do I say I will do it more often. Life is a bit hectic right now so I am sorry I haven't I can barely go on my other sites. I have been here for years more then I have been at the others. Anyway I am happy to post again. Schooling, millitary prep, and talking to my friends and gf have been mainly what I have been doing in the immediate past. I am sorry I don't get on a lot, I have been so busy myhead spins. But I am fine so don't worry bout me ^_^ How are all of you? Great I hope. Oh and I turned 18 finally after about 5 years of this site I am now 18. Until next time I willsee you all later. And now a quote straight from me.

"The wind in your life may blow you around and sweep you from your feet, butyou must never let it carry you away"

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Monday, December 24, 2007

It has been 50 forevers since I have posted but i have been so wickedly busy the internet is kind of like a dream, I do apologize and after christmas sometime I will try to get to everyoones site. Anyway school has been great A B honoroll excpet psychology I have a C in there. but Christmas break should be fun except I have like 4 reports to write. Merry Christmas, I lurve you and Happy newyears to all of you.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It is still a sobering day for Americans who have a heart. I have gone back and looked over everything about september 11th and it makes me so sad. The people here so innocent got beaten in hate crimes, and though people died partially due to certain forces we speak up it wasnt really all their fault, yes they had some to do with it. But I don't see the point in fighting and killing innocents to tell the truth, some people want to nuke them and leae I want to simply go ahead and make peace, forget the fighting. I love life and I think everyone should have a chance at it.
Quote:"Isn't it wonderful tht nobody need wait a moment to change the world" Anne Frank

Seemed appropriate.

I pray for the soulds and families and troops. Thank you all for your deeds and for your lives. Your souls shall live on in memory.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hello peoples
I wrote a new poem and that was about all. I got settled into my class routine felt liek it was using me like a brick wall and tearing me down. But I was paying attention to life and peoples and I was inspired to write because of my love and peoples around me, and peoples stories. Anyway it is titled Emotions


The longing, the stars, all so far away.
The beauty in your eyes, and your calm distant love.
You say you want a best friend, someone who will never break your heart.
I would be anything to just hold you close, I would never hurt you.
The life i have now, so odd, all seems right when we speak.
How can we say forever you ask. I ask why not forever.
Heaven lasts forever, and love in you is heaven.
The longing builds behind my lonely heart, the ticking of the beat lets me know I am alive now.
If I could make time stop when I think of you the sands of time would freeze over forever.
The stars gaze down on our entangled hearts smiling softly as we find ourselves.
Never apart, even in the darkest nighs, we keep on even against others advice.
Don't let me go, keep on fighting with me, one day we will show them all.
What we have, no one can ever take it away it is ours, it is our love.
Can you feel the beat running through me? It is you, my heart beats for you.
Can you hear it? The bass of my blood, it calls out for you to hold me.
Can you understand it? This is love, never let me go, and fly away with me, to our heaven.
The longing, the stars, all so far away.

Thats all I have really for now, enjoy peoples. Be safe and I will see you all later.

Quote(from my poem):"Heaven lasts forever, and love in you is heaven"

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My posting will be a little odd, I apologize for this. I have a busy schedule and I have to get things set up before I post regularly. Right now though it is early in the year, so it will all be okay ^_^. Anyway I have been getting used to things making new friends losing old ones, so it is all okay I will live. Freshmen this year are more evil thne before. But I found that when I picked up my trumpet after three years I was still good at it. And band is also not bad but also it is fun at times. I am enjoying myself to tell the truth. Though my nrmal school classes are challenging band is making me pounce around. However 5th period makes me sleep hahaha It is soooooo boring. But I hear the first school play as I do my work. Highschool musical the Musical. It sucks haah. Anyway I am goign to go no I need to get chores done. Much love ya'll
Quote"It is wonderful that no one need wait a moment to start changing the world" Anne Frank. She is a very interesting person or rather was.
See ya'll Be safe.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fwahness ^__^ *dances*
I have my reports finished, I have my schedule for school, I also have nearly finished my reports for scouts, I will become eagle about christmas time, bout the time I get my school ring. anyway my classes are as follows

1)English 4 Honors
2)A.P. Psychology
3)American government
4)Band1(switched to begining weight training
5)Humanitees(college prep class-art appreciation- might change it to performing arts)
6)Biology 2 (forensic science)
Pretty busy schedule ehh? I don't mind, I am going out with a bang and of course I wanted most of these. I expect many stories over the year. Also the stories from summer camp, I didnt have too many, I was in trouble a lot because I had headaches alot and I snapped at people, and the one story I have that I like is how I participated in the race at the end of camp. I ran one segment in boots, I had to have general scout knowledge and chug a giant glass of water then run to the basketball court, loads of fun, I however stopped after that because I was in boots. Be safe all of you, love ya all.
Quote: "In the twilight hour will you see me, will you still call me yours bring me to a new dawn. Or will you leave me to fall to midnight?" Lurving the quote making all over ^_^

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fwah I am soo back
Well peoples it has been a long time and getting my life back on track has been a pain in my side but I have been doing it. All I haven't done is finish my psychology paper yet. Anyway I am back and if ya'll need me just message me, if you want to talk that is fine, I have missed you all.
So how have you all been, I hope all of you are okay. Well I thank all of you who have been loyal friends*hugs evryone* And I will get to your sites I promise.
Quote:"Love is not only proud scenes in public, but also the little things that no one ever sees"
I love making quotes ^_^

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Monday, July 30, 2007

I've decided not to quit myotaku, just to like figure what to write, I havent had anything to say for sumer vacation other then I was grounded and I am not anymore and that seems pretty good. How are ya'll doing?
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am thinking of taking a large break or maybe quitting TheO. I dunno if I will or not, I barely come here anymore I am sorry to all my friends I didnt get to recently. Love ya'll but right now, loads of family issus so if I quit I will come back.
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am gonna miss ya'll, I have summer camp, so I will be away for a bout a week. I will make sure to post when I get back and I will also make sure to have funny stories. I will also get around to sites wen I get back okay? I love you all, be safe all of you. See you*hugs everyone and licks them*
Quote: " Menfeel the breath beneath your wings it is the woman at your side building you up. Never forget to look back to them and draw them up as well or yo will lose steam."

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