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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

   Atheist Qoutes
Lie is at the Heart of BeLIEf

If God Doesnt like how I live, then let him tell me himself, not you.

"What happens when we're dead? The irony is that all our questions wil be answered after we die. We spend our whole life trying to figure out the truth and the only way we'll find out what it is, is to get hit by a bus. And the only comfort that religion offers is that God is driving that bus."

"Good science should be independent of race, nationality, colour, politics, or religion. There is no such thing as science for Buddhists and science for Baptists. There is no such thing as Jewish science or atheist science. There is only science. Science should be understandable by anyone with the training and knowledge, you shouldn't need to "see the light" or "accept Christ" to be able to understand it."

"A believer is not a thinker and a thinker is not a believer."

"Faith is often the boast of the man who is too lazy to investigate."

"Most people can't bear to sit in church for an hour on Sundays. How are they supposed to live somewhere very similar to it for eternity?"

"Religion might be helpful in death, but education is helpful in life."

"Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day; give him a religion, and he'll starve to death while praying for a fish."

"It may be that our role on this planet is not to worship God, but to create him."

"I have never seen the slightest scientific proof of the religious theories of heaven and hell, of future life for individuals, or of a personal God." - Thomas Edison

"Suppose we've chosen the wrong god. Every time we go to church we're just making him madder and madder." - Homer Simpson

"I've yet to find anything convincing about the arguments Christians make for the existence of this God chap, and feel, that if he does exist, events such as the Holocaust, Cambodian massacres and Limp Bizkit illuminate the fact that he's been asleep at the wheel for quite some time." - Wil Forbis

"Atheism is a requirement for a complete human being. Religion is a crutch that is shackled to you, one you never really needed in the first place, but were convinced by others that you couldn't live without. Once you discover it's only an illusion, that it's not even a real crutch, you discard it gladly." - Brent Yaciw

"I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other gods you will understand why I dismiss yours." - Stephen F. Roberts

"The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own." - Frank Zappa

"God made me an atheist. Who are you to question his wisdom?"

"For most of human history we have searched for our place in the cosmos. Who are we? What are we? We find that we inhabit an insignificant planet of a hum-drum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxys than people. We make our world significant by the courage of our questions, and by the depth of our answers." - Carl Sagan

"Out of convicted rapists, 57% admitted to reading pornography. 95% admitted to reading the Bible."

"Organized religion is responsible for the brainwashing of millions of young children too young to know the difference between reality and the fantasies of millions. Save Yourself. Drop Christianity."

"Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely; God is all-powerful. Draw your own conclusions."

"Surgeon General's Warning: Quitting Religion Now Greatly Increases the Chances of World Peace."

"The contemplation of this world beckoned as a liberation (...)The road to this paradise was not as comfortable and alluring as the road to the religious paradise; but it has shown itself reliable, and I have never regretted having chosen it." - Albert Einstein, Autobiographical Notes

"An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church. An Atheist believes that deed must be done instead of a prayer said. An Atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death. He wants disease conquered, poverty vanished, war eliminated." - Madalyn Murray O'Hair

"There once was a time when all people believed in God and the church ruled. This time was called the Dark Ages." - Richard Lederer, Anguished English

"A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death." - Albert Einstein

"This is my religion . . . joy and exaltation in my own existence... so go ahead and snarl... bite... howl, you Calvinistic divines and all you who say I am no Christian. I say you are not Christian." - John Adams

"Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear." - Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Peter Carr, Aug. 10, 1787

"They say we are the children of god, if that is true that we are all inbreeds"

"HOw can I be the son of god when it wasnt him who went threw 9 months of pregnancy and hours of harsh laber"-Jorge Gonzalez 11/27/07

I only made the last two...

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Friday, November 16, 2007

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Leyend #2
It is said that every 1000 years amongs the wolf people there is a wolf creature/werewolf who is born with unimagineable power, it was said that the last OMEGA...as the wolf creatures call it was destroyed by his pure rage and power, he destroyed himself and a whole continent...

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How werewolfs came to be legend #1
How werewolf came to be:
A mighty warrior walked the forest after winning a fierce battle, he was dieing from his injuries, as he fell to the ground a wold appeared, and went to the warrior and sank his teeth in, the warrior was in pain, but there was a rare event taking place, the moon eclipes the sun and the a beam of light from the moon shined on the warrior and wolf, when the light faded the man was alone, the wolf had disappeared.....the man stood up confused, he felt that his injuries had healed, he also felt renewed his body had been altered, and thus the werewolfs were born...

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

about the moons and the effects on the king
Black(eclipse)-brings out hidden powers and abilities...increases the kings abilities

Red-makes the king bloodlustfull

Yellow-makes him sexually active(O.O) carefull ladies

Orange-drains his energy

White-gives him a sence of pece

Grey-no effect

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

In my currentl rule I hope to sever the strong rivalry between werewolfs and vampires, for we must work together to exterminate the honorless, heartless, mindless, lifeless zombies bastards which threaten both our peoples...we must stand together...for the future generations fo our people
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Kings of the Wolfs
Liken Wolfington= was the first King of Werewolf of the kingdom, he was a wise and loving ruler, a strong tactition of war, he gave up the throne to his son.He had 1 son.He ruled for 300 years

Lukan Wolfinton=The son of Liken Wolfington, he came into power of the throne 300 years later after his father, he was wise, and caring ruler, he was more of a deplomate than a stradijest.
He relenquished the throne to another wolf family after he had failed to provide a proper heir(wolf prince) so they went into exile.He had 5 daughters. He Ruled for 250 years

Jon A. Moonishi=He was apointed as the new king after Lukan failed to provide a heir to the throne, He was a powerful King, his power surpassed Liken Wolfingtons power, He was a wise ruler, but was not as caring as the WOlfingtons.He had 2 sons and 1 daughter.He ruled for 600 years.

Luppan Moonishi=He took power after his fathers death, he is said to have surpassed his father at age 8, he wasnt devoted to protecting his people, but he managed to minimize the vampire population during his rule.He had 2 sons, but only one became king the other went into exile.
He ruled for 1000 years.

Lukkan Moonishi=He didnt care about his people, he was raised to believe that he was superior, he enslaved his own people, and destroyed many rebelions.He had 2 boys and 3 girls, but they were all murdered.
He ruled for 550 years.

Zenmenteki Kagai=He took over as king of the wolfs by killing Lukkan and his family, he was a glorious tactition, greedy, evil, he didnt care for his people, he forced young wolf younglings males to join his military, where they were brain washed, he brought down the Vampire, Zombie, Demons, and Angels population to a minimum, almost wiping out angles that lived on earth.He had 1 son.
He Ruled for 3000 years.

Ookami Oushou=He Killed his father Zenmenteki, and changed his name, he was the same as his dad, but even more powerful, he proclaimed himself as a god, his power came unchallenge for 10000 years. He was Killed by the current King of the wolfs people, in a firce epic battle.He had no children, but loved to make love to his slave wolf girls.
He ruled for 10000 years.

Ousama Urufu=He was born with imaginable power, his family sent him away before he was drafted into the military or discovered and killed for his power, he lived his childhood training under Master Moonishi who is said to be a decendent of The Moonishi rulers. Ousama is said to be decended of both the Moonishi and the Wolfingtons, which would explain his power, he has a kind nature, and has freed the enslaved people, he has devoted himself to protecting his people, making sure there freedoms arent striped, he has brought back the wolfs kingdom know as paradize back to its formal beuty...he has gotten rid of the military draft and rules over hs people wisely and lovingly.

These are the kings that ruled and or currently rule the wolf people...

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my enemies that endanger my people*powers up* they shall perish
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Mindless liveless creatures that treathen my people...

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vampires have been our rivals for decades...while they are our main enemies, there are a few that we have befreinded
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humans have hunted us since they first came into this earth...there begining to be a real pain in the arse...with there staggering numbers...
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demons are a real bother to our people...although there higher demons are worthy foes...demons are ruthless and wont hesistate to kill my peoples younglings...
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Angels...not a real problem but there are a few angels that get corrupt and end up hunting just about anything including my people...

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me ready for action
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