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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 01/12/05:
I hope that the part where it says that my sweet love can be broken like that is not true.

~~~%SWEET LOVE%~~~ You have a avage normal love life. Where you care
dearly about someone. That's normal. Tip, don't
get to attach to people,your sweet love could
be broken like that.

LOVE SECTION, Whats your love type? very,very good pics.UPDATED
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Result Posted on 01/12/05:
I was bored

+Popular Quizlets+ Your Future

Created by -PrincessE- and taken 730 times on bzoink!

You will marry aged...39
The number of children you'll have will be...4
You will die when your...198

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Result Posted on 01/11/05:
Heehee, yep.^_^

You like the ones that understand you.

What kind of guy are you most attracted to? (CUTE anime pics)
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Result Posted on 01/11/05:
That's so true that it's not even funny.

lonely moon
you represent the hard times in life. you have a
hard life yourself and a hidden self many don't
know about.

What part of life do you represent? ( AWESOME anime pics ^_^)
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Result Posted on 01/11/05:
Yah that kinda sounds like me.

src="http://images.quizilla.com/H/hoplessromantic/1100938670_oinpicture.jpg" border="0" alt="violin pic">
You are a violin. You are very held back and
quiet. You do what you want and that usually
means something quiet like reading or writing.
You are calm and perhaps considered dark to
some. But you rarly talk to anyone besides
your close friend or family.

(BEAUTIFUL anime pics) What is your soft toned intrument?
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Result Posted on 01/11/05:
Got that right, it's quite true.

You are a hopeless romantic like me. ^_^ You dream
about whoever all day (rarely anything else);)
Don't worry it's not a bad thing believe me. So
what's holding you back! Go get 'em!

*UPDATED* What kind of love are you? ( COOL anime pics)
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Result Posted on 01/08/05:
It's sounds a lot like me and my gemstone is a saphire.

Your Hidden Power Is Water

You have a rather calm soul, but when tempted
will get pissed off at those who bug you. You
do whatever you can in your powers to help
those of your allies and have a okay taste for
human kind, but you find them rather annoying
on occasions.

Gem Stone: Saphire, Eye Color:Ice
Blue,Hair Color:Dark Blue that's long
that goes to your waist.

Quote:If you wait for me Then I'll come for you. Although I've travelled
far, I always hold a place for you In my heart. If you think of me, If you miss me
once in a while, Then I'll return to you. I'll
return and fill that space in your heart

What Is Your True Hidden Power? .::Beautiful Anime Pics::.
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Result Posted on 01/08/05:
Yah i got Youko.^_^

You Soul-Mate by Keera
your soul-mate
when you meetJuly 15, 2006
how you meetHe saves you from certain doom.
when you marryMay 18, 2015
number of kids12
eye color
hair color
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Result Posted on 01/07/05:
Yep that sounds a lot like me.

Moon angel
You are a moon angel! You are more of a loner and
is usually depressed. But your friends always
try to cheer you up! Many people find you very
mysterious too.

What kind of elemental angel are you?*anime pics* girls only plz
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Result Posted on 01/05/05:

why does sesshomaru like you by ayane isozaki
favorite color
birth month
anime name
why does he like youYOUR PERSONALITY ^__^
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