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Saturday, August 19, 2006

I cry (not good enough)

I cry every night
Crying about the hateful words
Thos hateful words you say
They make me cry every night
Crying about the love I want you to give
Hoping that you will give me your love
I cry even more
Thinking that you never will
I try
Try so hard to show you my love
I keep crying
Thinking that my love for you is not good enough
Thinking that itís not good enough to show your love for me
I keep crying
Crying because of fear
Fear that you might not love me anymore
I keep trying to show you how much I care
As I keep crying
Crying because I feel that I am not good enough
Not good enough to have you
Not good enough to love you
Not good enough for your love
I still cry
Thinking that I will never make you happy
Make you happy that you have me
As I am happy just to have you

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