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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Survey thingy
About Yourself -100 Questions-
- General Info -
Name?: Danielle
Age?: 18
Hair color?: light brown
Happy with it?: yeah
If not, what would you change it to?: I like my hair but I might add some red streaks
Eye color?: bluish gray with darkish green in the middle
Happy with it?: yes
If not, what would you change it to?: I have no clue
Skin color?: white
- Favorites -
Color?: black and red
Food?: I like pretty much anything
Animal?: horses, dolphins, whales, wolves, foxes
Smell?: rose
Website?: gaiaonline
Fast food?: I don't know
Activity?: singing
TV Show?: I don't know
Actor?: don't have one
Actress?: don't have one
Movie?: don't have one
Shoe brand?: Vans, converse
Dog?: yes
Cat?: yes
Board Game?: don't know
Video Game?: Rock band and guitar hero
- Usernames -
On Aol or AIM?: KimaraArtemis
On MSN or MSN Messanger?: Kimara_Artemis
On Bzoink?: don't have
On LiveJournal?: don't have
On Blurty?: don't have
On Neopets?: Kimara_no_chi (but I hardly go on)
- This or That? -
Coke or Pepsi?: Pepsi
Black or White?: black
Summer or Winter?: winter
Spring or Fall?: fall
Mountains or Plains?: mountains
Rock or Pop?: rock
Jeans or Khackis?: jeans
Shorts or Capris?: shorts
Message Boards or E-mail?: both
Some good friends or a lot of bad ones?: some good ones
TV or computer?: computer
Cordless phone or cell?: both
MSN or AIM?: msn
Survey or Quiz?: Quiz
Pink or Red?: red
Christmas or Easter?: Christmas
Read or Write?: read
Take or Create?: create
Flower or Weed?: flower
Pizza or Antelope?: antelope
- Love Life -
Have you ever had a girlfriend/boyfriend?: Yes
Do you currently have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: yes
How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had?: um..10?
Does your girlfriend/boyfriend give you presents?:
- How Many -
Piercings?: 3
Tattoos?: none
CDs?: Way over 300..
DVDs?: Donít wish to count..
Computers?: 3
TVs?: 3
Pairs of Shoes?: um...do I have to count?
Musical Instruments?: um...6 I think?
Buckets of Lard?: none
Pets?: 3
Hair brushes?: 2
- Talents -
Can you sing?: yes
Can you dance?: I feel like I suck at dancing...but I guess..
Can you decorate?: yes
Can you type fast?: yes
Can you train animals?: yes
Can you write?: sometimes
Can you read fast?: I guess
Can you sharpen pencils?: yes
Can you paint?: yes
Can you draw?: yes
- Random -
Name a random song: Ten Black Roses
Name a random TV show: Tsubasa
Name a random food: sushi
Name a random person: Chase
Name a random animal: wolf
Name a random holiday: Christmas
Name a random cartoon character: Train (heh black cat..)
- Family -
Do you have siblings?: yes
Do you get along with them?: sometimes
Do you live at home?: yes
Are your parents divorced?: no
- Are you.. -
In love?: yes
Sleepy?: yes
Glad you took this survey?: I guess

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