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Saturday, April 16, 2005

   ren will never smoke

well as what i have said earlier in my post, i'll never agree to such idea that my beloved REN TAO would loose his mind and go on smoking. i cant seem to find any reasons why such talented artist, like the one who drew this would think about it. grrrrr.... pardon i just can't accpet it...

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

pics of ren...

here are some of REN TAO's pics i got from a site..

well i hate to break this up, but i even found a pic of ren smoking which really made me feel upset coz i know he'll never do that. but still you know fan arts are like that and they most likely exist when it comes to hentai and yaoi. enjoy this pic ok! ^_^x

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

Ren Tao Speaks...

my name is ren tao... you can call me len, lenny, lain or even the worst of all lian and my name means lotus but not excatly. well my chinese zodiac is tiger and my eyes color is yellow. ok dont take me wrong i dont heve hepatitis and i dont drink liqour. my zodiac sign is capricorn and i was born in kishuu china. obviously im a chinese and bason is my power spirit. my furyoku is equivalent to 55, 721 and oh yeah hakuoh is my horse. my weapons are the bason-tou, and horaiken our family sword. my attacks are chuuka zanmai, golden chuuka zanmai, chou golden zanmai furyoku no kizen, and well the golden punch. i love eating chinese foods and peach cakes well add the fried chicken too! and my favorite fruit is well.... peaches. in the shaman fight i belong in the Ren Team well that made us very popular you know. i love drinking milk and in fact i think i drink it 3 times a day. i love saying kizama (you bastard) and toozen da (of course). most of you dont know that i know kung fu and i use kwan dao (well this is a large spear). at first i was yoh asakura's rival.. and im still a rival and most of them say a bestfriend. i first made my appearance in the manga during the chapter 6 and on the anime on episode 3. i admit that i was really mean the first minor episodes but i think that wasnt my fault but en tao's fault and he is my father. as you all know we tao's are known as assassin shamans and when me and my elder sister jun were still small my father placed a tattoo on my back and punishes us if we do mistakes and that started to put hatred in me for the people around me who experience hapiness. i was even pressured to be the strongest shaman like what i am now. i treated spirits like they were tools for my success but i realized that they can be our friends and yes bason is my best friend. i really worked hard to take this hatred away from me and i can be unkind at times.... but super cool anytime. i love my sister so much that i cant neglect her favors......

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

   roronoa zoro

Image hosted by Photobucket.com aside from my two fave characters which are killua and ren, i also like roronoa zoro of one piece. though others may say that they prefer sanji, i do like him. well you may stare at him and see how handsome he is. well if in case you dont agree, fine but for me this handsome swordsman really rocks!

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