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Saturday, December 19, 2009

   Two new wallpapers
Dear puppy, Pikachaa
It's time for break today; break at school and I want to take a break at theOtaku also, hehe (just kidding). I planned to make two wallpapers today; these wallpapers will be someone's birthday presents; one is late birthday present n one is one time. Yes, almost done with them, just a little bit unsure that I should post them today or tomorrow since the house's internet is kinda suck. XD

I sure will take all my two wallpapers here when Im done uploading them at theO. Today is pretty much a nice day; nothing's bad, nothing's sad. Just waiting for another luck's coming to my life. hhehehe. BTW, Im making a new Christmas' song playlist and I will take it here very soon. -'__'-

MyO today looks different than the other day since I've change the Inner background color and the menu color to yellow and light yellow. Yellow represents luck anyway. ^^

Yeh, I stop here. What a little, short post, but I thank so much for reading.

Edit: Im done and have posted the two wallpapers today. :X

This one is for Sakuracherry.

This one is for Yamaro.

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