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Saturday, January 8, 2005

what i would do to have him in the real world
Kurama loves you and would be lost without you. He
hates being away from you and would hold you in
his arms forever if he could. He hates seeing
you upset and would protect you at any cost. He
would never let anyone take you away from him
and he will always be by your side.Please vote
part 2 will be coming up shortly.

A Kurama Story (part 1)
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my new fav anime
you are a..MODERN vampire. you are pretty much in
the middle of good and evil. you dont mind
humans, but you like going along with your
insticts as well. you show your opposite sides
at very different times. you can be kind and
merciful, but suddenly harsh and cold. you
sometimes make a game of it. are you kidding?
are you serious? one wrong step and who knows!
you love tranquill water, going with the flow.
you are pretty nutral

what kind of vampire are you?(hellsing pics)
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Friday, December 17, 2004

back from
hey i'm back from flordia. uhhh yah so it was ok there i like caughr a stingray and it was so goddamn scary.and i also saw a gay guy there. anyways merry christmas or happy hanuka and happy quanza...sorry if i spelt it wrong.anyways i'm back and ready to talk to you all. so talk to you all later bye

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

just today
ok today we went to a museum "the mueseum of tolerance"and that place was like CRAZY like it talked a lot bout natcies and gays and stuff...anyways my friends and i were playin static shock with eachother...it was anyways bye

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

hey everyone the 9nth was my lucky 13th b-day....YAH!!!! now i feel so happy!!!!
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Sunday, October 17, 2004

a talk i had with "Marvin"
ASoundOfProgress: ??
Bakurazmine: hi its
Bakurazmine: me
ASoundOfProgress: hi
ASoundOfProgress: how old are u?
Bakurazmine: due i'm 13 what audra says is like crap
Bakurazmine: dud*
Bakurazmine: dude*
ASoundOfProgress: ok
Bakurazmine: yep
Bakurazmine: dude you do not need to know
ASoundOfProgress: ........
ASoundOfProgress: ur all no fun
Bakurazmine: yep...sorry
bakurazmine wants to directly connect.
bakurazmine cancels request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
Bakurazmine: fine meanny
Bakurazmine: eany
Bakurazmine: e head
Bakurazmine: marvin...u r the mean one..NOT ME..but u
Bakurazmine: yes
Bakurazmine: u
ASoundOfProgress wants to directly connect.
ASoundOfProgress is now directly connected.
ASoundOfProgress: ok
ASoundOfProgress: finally
ASoundOfProgress: what did u wanna send?
Bakurazmine: hold on
Bakurazmine: tada
ASoundOfProgress: anyway
ASoundOfProgress: whats up?
Bakurazmine: nm
Bakurazmine: u
Bakurazmine: oh yah those things are on my site
ASoundOfProgress: why did sasha dump axel?
Bakurazmine: not tellin u .....actually i don't know
ASoundOfProgress: .....
ASoundOfProgress: yeah
ASoundOfProgress: so
ASoundOfProgress: whatd u think of me
ASoundOfProgress: from the homecommin?
Bakurazmine: ....well i think of u as a nice dude
ASoundOfProgress: haha
ASoundOfProgress: dude
ASoundOfProgress: whos better looking axel or i?

Bakurazmine: uhhh ...i don't know
ASoundOfProgress: whod u like more
ASoundOfProgress: him or i>
Bakurazmine: i don't know
Bakurazmine: who do u want me to pic
ASoundOfProgress: him
Bakurazmine: y?
ASoundOfProgress: io think hes better looking
Bakurazmine: why do u tink that
ASoundOfProgress: i dont know
Bakurazmine: thats not good to say.
Bakurazmine: infact you do actually look better then axil
Bakurazmine: axil is just nice
Bakurazmine: and your like funny and nice
ASoundOfProgress: funny
ASoundOfProgress: hah
Bakurazmine: y is it funny?
ASoundOfProgress: nope
ASoundOfProgress: the only thing i agree with u is that i am funy
Bakurazmine: nope your mostly nice and a funny remix
ASoundOfProgress: brb
ASoundOfProgress direct connection is closed.
ASoundOfProgress signed off at 11:20:39 PM.
ASoundOfProgress signed on at 11:21:25 PM.
ASoundOfProgress: ok
ASoundOfProgress: back
Bakurazmine: uhh..whoa my eyes hurt
ASoundOfProgress: mine too
Bakurazmine: but u wear glasses and i wear contacts which hurt more ...HA I WIN
ASoundOfProgress: u have pretty eyes
ASoundOfProgress: i dont
Bakurazmine: dude u haven't seen me eyes
ASoundOfProgress: theyre green
ASoundOfProgress: you went to homecomming
ASoundOfProgress: theyre green
ASoundOfProgress: heh
Bakurazmine: and you'd be wrong
Bakurazmine: there brown
ASoundOfProgress: rreally
ASoundOfProgress: a blonde with brown eyes?
Bakurazmine: well i'm more of a golden blonde cause i have brown in my hair
ASoundOfProgress: ooooo
ASoundOfProgress: do u have a pic?
Bakurazmine: nope...wait yes i do
ASoundOfProgress: can i see it?
Bakurazmine: yah hold on
bakurazmine wants to directly connect.
ASoundOfProgress is now directly connected.
Bakurazmine: ok
ASoundOfProgress: u were right
ASoundOfProgress: gold hair
ASoundOfProgress: brown eyes
ASoundOfProgress: so whats up?
ASoundOfProgress: whats ya doin?
Bakurazmine: nm
Bakurazmine: sorry that its big
ASoundOfProgress: not big
Bakurazmine: yah it is
ASoundOfProgress: ok
ASoundOfProgress: ur cute
ASoundOfProgress: really cute
Bakurazmine: hehe thanks
ASoundOfProgress: sure
ASoundOfProgress: so what are you doing tomorowa/
ASoundOfProgress: ?
Bakurazmine: i'm going to stay at home then drop audra off at home then go back home and do my homework
ASoundOfProgress: fun?
ASoundOfProgress: heh
Bakurazmine: no not really
ASoundOfProgress: ima just do h.w
ASoundOfProgress: i have no life
ASoundOfProgress: heh
Bakurazmine: not true
ASoundOfProgress: it is
ASoundOfProgress: i never go out
ASoundOfProgress: anymore
Bakurazmine: y
Bakurazmine: thats so sad
ASoundOfProgress: i dont know:-D
ASoundOfProgress: i just dont
ASoundOfProgress: the people i know kinda suck
Bakurazmine: wow same here
ASoundOfProgress: i havent gone to see a movie in forever
Bakurazmine: take audra to see sharktales
ASoundOfProgress: ahahaha
ASoundOfProgress: funny
ASoundOfProgress: yeah right
ASoundOfProgress: im not her b/f
Bakurazmine: yeah i know
ASoundOfProgress: so what grade are u in?
Bakurazmine: 8th
ASoundOfProgress: haha
ASoundOfProgress: sorry that was mean
ASoundOfProgress: what school do you go to?
Bakurazmine: el segundo
ASoundOfProgress: never heard of it
ASoundOfProgress: ooooo
ASoundOfProgress: is it on
ASoundOfProgress: that one street
ASoundOfProgress: whats the street called
Bakurazmine: its on center street
ASoundOfProgress: its around marshall isnt it?
Bakurazmine: no its pretty far away from marshall
ASoundOfProgress: who hits yugi?
Bakurazmine: i don't know
ASoundOfProgress: hahahaah
ASoundOfProgress: hahahaha
ASoundOfProgress: theyre gay?
Bakurazmine: ah damn how'd u guess
ASoundOfProgress: are they really?
Bakurazmine: no
ASoundOfProgress: ok
ASoundOfProgress: whats ur favorite color?
Bakurazmine: purpl
Bakurazmine: black
Bakurazmine: red
Bakurazmine: andbrown
ASoundOfProgress: cool
Bakurazmine: yep
ASoundOfProgress: whats your favorite movie?
Bakurazmine: ummm....not sure i don't like movies that much
ASoundOfProgress: ooooooooo
ASoundOfProgress: i dun like u anymore
ASoundOfProgress: haha
ASoundOfProgress: jk
Bakurazmine: eh
ASoundOfProgress: whats ur fave band?
Bakurazmine: ummm....well i like tatu,and like japanese bands
ASoundOfProgress: LESBIANS!!
ASoundOfProgress: OMG
Bakurazmine: and of corse my friends bands\
Bakurazmine: ....
ASoundOfProgress: are you a lesbo?
Bakurazmine: no
Bakurazmine: i just like their music
Bakurazmine: its
Bakurazmine: cool
ASoundOfProgress: yeah
ASoundOfProgress: i guess......
ASoundOfProgress: ur into techno huh?
Bakurazmine: yep
Bakurazmine: well what r u into...besides blimk182
ASoundOfProgress: lost prophets
ASoundOfProgress: guns n roses
ASoundOfProgress: boston
ASoundOfProgress: boxcar racer
ASoundOfProgress: rufio
Bakurazmine: huh...boxcar
Bakurazmine: cool
ASoundOfProgress: taking back sunday
ASoundOfProgress: cheap trick
ASoundOfProgress: green day
ASoundOfProgress: simple plan
Bakurazmine: yah greenday
ASoundOfProgress: jimmy eat world
ASoundOfProgress: less than jake
ASoundOfProgress: my chemical romance
ASoundOfProgress: audioslave
Bakurazmine: yah
Bakurazmine: cool
ASoundOfProgress: yeah
ASoundOfProgress: the starting line
ASoundOfProgress: i could on
ASoundOfProgress: i like mainly
ASoundOfProgress: bubblegun hairmetal and emo to sum it up
ASoundOfProgress: yeah i
ASoundOfProgress: I AM EMO
Bakurazmine: thats ok
ASoundOfProgress: hey look
ASoundOfProgress: audra signed off
Bakurazmine: no she didn't
ASoundOfProgress: haha
ASoundOfProgress: she blocked me
Bakurazmine: no she didn't
ASoundOfProgress: oo
ASoundOfProgress: a different sn?
Bakurazmine: oh wait yah she did
ASoundOfProgress: hey look
ASoundOfProgress: audra signed onn
ASoundOfProgress: haha
ASoundOfProgress: well
ASoundOfProgress: ts been nice talking to u
ASoundOfProgress: gonna go now
ASoundOfProgress: bye
ASoundOfProgress direct connection is closed.
ASoundOfProgress signed off at 11:59:36 PM.

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Len Tao is the boy for you!
Len Tao
Len has won your heart, even if you don't notice.
He's a reserved boy who had a hard childhood,
so it's not easy to be his friend. But he's
also strong and totally cool, and he works hard
to throw away the hatred and pain in his
heart... who wouldn't love him?

What Shaman King boy is your perfect match? (for girls)
brought to you by QuizillaHASH(0x885c4f4)
O_O OMG COOL! You got Tao Ren's image song, Ryuuro!
It's pretty angsty, but COOL. VERY cool! ^-^

Which Shaman King Song Are You? o_O
brought to you by QuizillaTamao's Pants
Tamao's Pants - You're kind of shy, but your pants
do the talking for you. They're cute and
fluffy, just like you!

Which Shaman King character's pants should YOU wear?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Sunday, October 10, 2004


Join Me (In Death)

What Song By HIM Are You?
brought to you by Quizillasdg
Your beauty is FUN!!! Man, you really don't CARE
about the way you look because it shouldn't get
in the way of you having a good time. You love
being around lots of people and are very
friendly too. Your beauty tends to be very
ordinary at first but your care-free nature and
contagious laughter make you very appealing.
You've got great verbal skills and your sooo
easy to get along with because not only are you
quite understanding and compassionate but your
light-hearted about things as well. You don't
get under stress that much which helps you keep
up your perky personality. Your beauty can be
characterized by a laugh.(If you can't see tje
pics, go to my homepage and look near the
bottom and find your result)

What kind of Beauty should you have? (girl) (PICS)
brought to you by QuizillaYou represent... angst.
You represent... angst.
You have an extremely cynical outlook on just about
everything. It's okay to sulk and be
depressed, but life is short, and you only get
one. It's only what you make it, and only you
can make it improve.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizillakind
you're the kind and sweet type of bishounen... all
girls and boys love you, because you can make
everyone happy with just a smile (^^)

What kind of Bishounen are you? (^^)
brought to you by QuizillaUriel
Uriel: One of the busiest angels, one of prophecy
and creativity. Concidered to be
represenatative of the sun, and one of the most
beautiful archangels ever. Of course that could
just be vanity...

Which Angel Lays Within You?
brought to you by QuizillaHASH(0x8ab890c)
kamui-your the boy thats so pretty that your often
mistaken as a girl. although your feminine, you
can kick any football players ass.

what anime bishounen are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Which Naruto Character are You?
quiz by orangeday.net
You wear a Girly Uniform!
Congrats! You would wear: A Girly Uniform!

What kind of Anime School Uniform should you wear? (..now with pics!..)
brought to you by Quizilla

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weeeee...uh fun gifs

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yami the sexslave was a very nice friend who #1 scanned #2 uploaded #3 manually configured these pictures several times just so they would show up and be a convenient thumbnail size. LOOK AT THEM PLEASE AND MAKE HER BURDEN WORTHWHILE!!!!


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