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Saturday, February 19, 2005

yes!!!!!!! i got Tao Lenny!!!!

Wich Shaman King Cutie Will Fall 4 yooh?? by LDYTICKLISH
Name/User Name
Favorite Color
Who You Want to Get
Who your currently with
who is jealous of your guy
Who you really should be with
who your soulmate is
how much your guy luvz yooh: 76%
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What Kind of Angel Are You? (Girls Only) by Rose Lover
User Name
Eye and Hair Color
Fav. Archangel
Random Word
What you look like
Your JobArchangel- main angel
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not really but i'll give the big boys credit

Naruto obsession! by AznNarutoGrl
Xanga/LiveJournal Name
Favorite Naruto Character?
Favorite color
Are you obsessed?Hell Yea!
Obsession level: 64%
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somethin that just pisses me off......
hello my fellow friends. i was just wondering if you have ever experianced that an old or still friend of yours knows your password and uses it just to get to see what the hell is goin on?
well aparently this has happened to me several times. and they all think you wouldn't notice. anyways if you see this happen change your password quick before they know
k cyah

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this is something that i would do

How Scary Are You? by hazelbunny
favorite hobby
Who do you scareconcerned mothers
Scary quotelet's run over it and see what happens
Scary Actionbleeding at will
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

happy valentines day!!!
hey everyone happy v-day. ^-^ hope you guys get your loved one right where you want them...well at least i do. hope your v-day is pretty well and happy
<3 kikyo

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

good god he must have loved me today. i just saw puddle of mudd in concert and Wes has HOT! and so was Paul but he was being a jerk anyway they were really good and i have one of the beanies and a shirt too. god it was cool

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Friday, January 21, 2005

omg (oh my god) my moma just got me the new saiyuki movie and its like totally awsome.....ROCK ON DUDES!!!!!! *high tension* eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....breath in breath out......gokuuuuuuu......god i'm high anyways

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

WHAT IS UP WITH THAT GODAMN PIN!!!!!!!!*rips hair and screams*
you're arashi!
jealous, tough, and quick to temper, but deep
inside you've got love and passion in your

which member of paradise kiss are you?
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...he has a pin in his mouth.....
You're Arashi! You're sarcastic, vulgar, and

What Paradise Kiss character are you?
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Congrats! You got Arima and Yukino

Which anime couple are you? (with VERY NICE pictures)
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