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Hey! Thiz is Kiger Baby saying that thiz my Site! >_< i have a son who has 4 legs so when ever i put posts about the baby, it is him! He is a kiger Mustang horse, and named Real Dreamer!

Monday, February 2, 2009

   midterms over!!!!
Well as you can tell from the title, im amen-ing with midterms finally being over and done with! >.< it was hard as hell but i studied my butt off and that ironicly payed off- i guess that if you work hard thing is true sometimes! so i passed so far but i still need 2 get one more left and that is happening next period so it is crazy!AHHH!
so anyways i got a few pix ideas that once i figure out how 2 scan my pixes than ill start changing my backround to make things more interesting so it'll be more funfunfufnfunfufnfunffun!!!(if not 4 you, but 4 me!) ^~^
and OMG! i hate my art teacher (who just happeneds 2 have a doc degree in art) at the moment and he is being like a total a-hole and shit! i can't beleive him! ok, so im working on this painting of my horse when he ways almost 1 year and he is out in the pasture running with Lacota and codie man, right~ and i put all this time an effort into this painting and it looks really close to the org. pix with some little here and theres that are alittle different, but i loved how it came out! so i turn it in and tried as hell and i just put my head on the table and wait for my cuz 2 finish her's(it is after i took my art mid. early in morning and there isnt any more skol after it is done on that day) SO anyway i put my head on the table and just listen 2 my ipod. a few minutes later, he asks me 2 come over 2 him and says that what i think about it, and im like 'ummm... i think it is as close as i can get it to the pix.' and he goes 'well wat about this and that ....' and goes on and on about the little things that i tried so hard on but just couldnt get and just ripped my painting 2 bits! now, keep in mind that im tried as hell and not quite stable emontionally state of mind~ and i become sooooo~ pissed and i take it. after he is done he leaves.
im is pissed and hurt i just stood there. my cuz and friend had 2 come up 2 me apperently and shake my shoulder to get my attention. than i blow up~ like big time~ and start in on how he doesnt understand how hard i worked on it and how if i could make it better i would but i was afraid that if i touch it that i might make it worse, like it was on dreamer's head and how hard it was to get his color! and in the mist of him tearing appart my painting he closed it by saying these words exactly~
'well, you should know that porpotions of the horses well, right? since you are the horse woman and all... so why cant you see here that his leg is 2 long and here that his chest is too small...'
now ill tell you one thing bout me, iv'e been riding horses for 11 years now, and i have someone that im not good at what i do (practicly) with my horses or am not interested in them. well ill tell you wat i wanted so much 2 yell at him or anyone who says things along those lines
"have you seen what im like around them? how the hell would you know what im like around them? LOOK AT THE FRICKEN PIX! his leg is longer from THIS perspective! his chest is SHORTER from this ANGLE!!!!! AHHHH! cant you fucken c that?!
and well i can go on and on but you get my drift than where im coming from. so i waste all this ink to fix a few things here and there, once that is done i trun my music up all the way and ignor him the rest of the time.
and well im out of time so ill continue this later so im out!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

ugh so i ran the mile 2 day and lets just say it suxs- majorly and i really hate the mile and well the mile hates me 2! but i got to sleep all 2nd peroid so it was worth being sick over and getting major cramps and having head rushes everytime i moved my head but i got a good time! under 8 minutes baby! WHOPWHOP! ^~^ well it is good for me cuz i couldnt do anything this summer cuz i got an opperation on my acl and repaired my miniscus and i was told 2 pretty much sit obn my butt all summer and that only last 3 weeks i was allowed to run and actually do things! so yeah it was hell! but i beasted for a person who didn't do anything all summer but learn how 2 walk!
g2g bell rung! and srry for the major sp errors!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

   Major update!
so i know i havn't been on very often for the past but now i have all this free time in my accounting class that i am nowing to update whenever i have time!
so yeah, i have a horse who is now a dad and he is 2 1/2, and he knocked up two mares(female hosres) before we where able to snipsnip him- so well now we have 2 babies coming in the spring.
***(if anyone wants the story in more detail than ask)
well one thing that hasn't changed is my hight but that isnt new~ >.<
well anyway i have about 3 more seconds left in this class so im going to wrape this up so l8tr!

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