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Saturday, March 5, 2005

in todays post
*anime news
*internet fun

Hey guys go to
and play nanaca-crash, then tell me your best record. first place is me of couse but every post will have the members S/n, and record.
1.kidotaku 10059.41m.
if you beat my record, your number one.
A little late, but it appears that Little Nemo received a limited theatrical re-release across the United States today. It's airing in Denver, Seatle, Atlanta, Austing, Houston, Delaware and other cities... Little Nemo was originally released theatrically in 1992 and reached a 579 theaters, earning $1.4 million. According to Biggs' Adventure the movie isshowing only on weekends in March at select Regal / United Artists / Edwards theatres.
Based on the classic Nemo comic strips by Winsor McCay. A pioneer of animation, McCay created the first Little Nemo animated movie in 1911.
Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata were attached to this project at first, but left due to "creative differences." Ray Bradbury is also thought to have left the project in its earlier stages.
Little Nemo - Adventures in Slumberland is the first Japanese anime to receive a national (wide) U.S. theatrical release.
Adult Source Media has updated their website with an announcement that they will release the adult anime Zero Sum Game sometime this month. Adult Source Media is already releasing the adult title Daiakuji -The Xena Buster-
Amazon.com has a streaming 11:50 clip of the first episode of Cromartie High School here
ScreenDaily.com is running an article (registration required), stating that Howl's Moving Castle has passed the US$200 million mark at the international box office and that it has "a good chance surpassing Spirited Away’s $265m international cumulative gross."

ScreenDaily however fails to take into account that the US dollar that it is using to measure foreign box office sales has fallen as much as 24% or more in comparison to foreign currencies in the time since Spirited Away's release.

According to Screen Daily, Howl's Moving Castle has earned US$170 million in Japan, compared to Spirited Away's US$234 million Japanese box office gross (73%). However, calculated in Japanese Yen Howl's Moving Castle has earned 17.8 billion yen, compared to Spirited Away's 29.3 billion yen (61%).

The US dollar has fallen 17% from 125 yen to 104 yen since 2001.

Internationally, the difference is even more drastic, in Europe where both Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away have earned a significant portion of their non-Japanese box office sales, the US dollar has lost 24% of its value compared to the Euro since its inception on January 1st, 2002.

In order to surpass Spirited Away's international box office sales, with currencies corrected to be equal to their 2001 values, Howl's Moving Castle will have to earn approximately US$310 million or more.
A Variety report (registration required) titled "Disney orders 'Delivery' Kiki delivering to Mouse House" describes Disney's plans for the film. An excerpt:

"Kiki's Delivery Service," a Japanese series of books that was turned into a hit film by Oscar-winning animation helmer Hayao Miyazaki, is becoming an English-language film at Walt Disney Pictures. Screenwriter Jeff Stockwell, who penned the partially animated "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys," has been hired to write the new "Kiki" screenplay based on Eiko Kadano's books. The first was published in English last year...

Scottish producer Susan Montford recently teamed with partner Don Murphy to secure the rights. The duo then reunited with Murphy's "League" exec producer, Mark Gordon; all three will produce on "Kiki's." Buena Vista Motion Picture Group topper Nina Jacobson, who bought the project preemptively, will oversee it with theatrical production exec Jason Reed.

Now post your records!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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