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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

  today i am posting!:does little victory dance:it's been a loooooooooooooooooong time!i'm just going to tell every one about my day,ok it started out ok,but my contact wouldn't go in so i said screw it for a while 5 min before i have to go i put it in,i didn't know i put it in wrong until i was in the car and than i got to school and it was all fine and dandy until i get to biology class!than the frickin contact thinks "ok i'll be evil and fall out of her eye!!!!!!!!!!!"all of a sudden it just falls on the desk i freaked out cause i didn't know what happened and i was trying to put it back in and my friend was sitting next to me she says "lick it and put it in,it helps..." and i'm thinking ok she wears contcats she must do it a lot..(and if u know me personaly i am very very very gullible)i lick the contact,that was gross,and i put it in my eye all of a sudden my friend starts laughing......and my eye starts stinging it hurt so bad...i'm never going to do that again..(that was just my 1 class)now it's lunch time..i sit by justin and my other friends,justins crazy!i had changed my book-bag,i have a hellsing book bag with alucard on the front of it but i change book-bags today and he's freaking out cause i changed book-bags on him..than my friend(she's not really my friend but she sits at my table)got into a fight and the girl that was back talking her had a slurpee and justin goes "hey that's a good looking slurpee"the funnist thing..........ok i think i'm going to stop typing and doing rant's it's probably boring reading this anyway o.0 so bye bye ~cheza~
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