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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I found a story!It's called Sora's Kid!

Sora's kid:

It was a sunny morning on Destiny's Islands. Sora is 10 years old and still in bed by 12:07 at noon. "Sora! Dinner's ready!" his mom called at him. Sora lifted his blanket over his head to block the sun from his eyes and said,"How about 30 minutes!" loud enough for his mom to hear him. Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from the stairs towards his room. "Sora, Its going to turn cold. I made you some chili."his mom said entering his room and turning on his light which brightened the room."Mom" Sora said,"Give me at least ten minutes,". "Tell that to the chili, chili get cold fast! Now get out of bed!". "NO!" Sora said putting his pillow over his head. "Come on Sora, if you don't get out of bed now, Iíll have to force you downstairs, 1-" his mom said throwing his blankets on the floor. "MOM!" Sora said trying to touch his blankets. "2" she continued, she threw his pillow on the floor. "M-O-M! My eyes! The sun!" he said one hand trying to block the sun from his eyes and the other on his hair trying to lower his static in his hair."3! Now come on!" his mom said starting to tickle him,"Lazy butt! Your hair is a mess!". "OK! OK! Im com-coming! S-Stop it!" Sora said jumping out of bed. Sora put his clothes on and slowly went downstairs. "Thereís my boy!!"Sora's father said as he entered the kitchen, "Is Riku going to the island today?". Sora looked at his dad and said, "Hey dad, Riku said he wanted to duel with me, he said he'd make me a wooden sword, I wanna beat him for once!" He grabbed his bowl of chili and sat down at the table with his parents."I heard a new family moved in yesterday at the sky blue house that used to be for sale and there is a girl about your age that lives there and I think her name is Karie" his mom started a conversation. "Riku usually tells me whatís new with things, he'll probably tell me more about her" Sora said finishing his chili and got up. "Feed the plants honey they-" his mom said being interrupted by the phone ringing. Sora picked it up and said,"Hello? Oh, hi Riku!...What? Now? Oh Ok, ill go get my boat, and don't forget my wooden sword!"then hung up and told his parents,"Im going to Destiny's Islands." he said quickly on the way to the door. Sora pushed his boat in the water and headed for Destiny's Islands. When he got there, Stephy had arrived there too and she said,"If you want I can tie up your boat too.". Sora looked at her and said,"Yeah sure" then searched for Riku. Sora went in the tree house and found Riku sitting there making a strange marking on a wooden sword. Sora sat down next to him and asked him,"Is that my sword?". Riku put his knife aside and said, "Yeah, its your sword," he pointed at the marking, "You see that? This sword is made the same as mine, the wood is very strong so you have a strong weapon. That marking represents #2 so people don't think you had the first one" Riku said laughing as Sora made a disturbed face. "Anyway, you can have it now, I just finished it a while ago at home then I came here and made that marking. Wanna duel now?" Riku said giving Sora the wooden sword and took out his. Sora took it and smiled,"Yeah!". They went on the beach and counted from 1 to 3 and started the duel. The first four hits was scored by Riku then Sora got a little angry so he stopped trying to defend himself and started attacking Riku and he found out that he was better at hitting then defending. Sora had scored 3 hits then Riku had finished him off. Sora and Riku collapsed themselves on the sand. Sora was breathing heavily and said,"Am I better then I was before?"he asked Riku. Riku sat up and said,"A little, you should practice with Stephy, she's way easier". Sora turned his head and said, "Stephy is easy, Tidus is a little harder then her but now, I think you and I are the same.". "No way! You'd never stand a chance winning against me!"Riku said grabbing his sword and heading into the sea. "Riku..."Sora said as Riku turned around and a wave was coming up behind him. Riku quickly said, "Grab my hand, and come here, ill make sure you won't fall when the wave hits,"Riku took out his hand and Sora grabbed it and Riku pulled him in the water. "Hold your breath!"Riku said as quickly as possible then held his breath. Sora took a deep breath then the wave hit causing Sora to lose his breath. The next thing, Sora wakes up on the sand next to Riku."Phew, im glad I didn't have to do CPR" Riku said giving Sora his sword,"here, it almost went into the sea!" Riku said,"Its wet so if I we're you, I'd let it dry off!". Sora sat up and took his sword, "Hey Riku? There's a new girl and she moved into the sky blue house?"Sora finally said. "Oh? Its weird I haven't heard yet," Riku said looking around. "You haven't?"Sora said amazed,"My mom said her name is Karie". "No, I haven't heard of any Karie," Riku said. "Odd," Sora said looking at the direction of the sun, "Its almost supper time, I'd better go home, see you Riku!".

The End!



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