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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hiyas!Today I feel much betta than yesterday!

Thankx to Yen(Chubbi Chibies) she help me get a border around my menu!And she helped me with this blog thingy!

And For Sess she helped me on getting a banner on my "Add as a friend" thingy!

I give credit to both of those kind friends of mine who cared to help!Thnx once agian Yen and Sess!-^.^-

Well the only problem is that I got a bruse on my knee!*Sniff* I triped yesterday and I got a bloody bruse!AND IT'S STILL BLEEDING!!!!Owies...Hopes it heals!xD

And KH 2 Banner I made!Took me a while...Hope u like it!-^.^-

I think thats all I have ta say today!So seeya folks!-^.^-

Btw!I have sum fanclubs!If u wanna join PM me!Thnx!


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