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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

About Today in my Place:

I dont really know what to say today,Im just bored,as usual...Well,today my dad is so kind and he's giving me extra time on the computer!Which is a good part cuz,I getta feed my neopets so that they wont starve and talk with my friends online!My dad said that tommarow Im ganna go to the beach!I hope I wont get tan...-.-

But whats bugging me is the beggining of school agian...This happens to me every year...Not only that I have summer homework...I have to read two chapterbooks and do a report on both!Maybe like a whole page summary?Why cant the school let us enjoy the whole summer with no worries?Well Ill try to get it done!

Once agian!Thankies to all the kind ppl's that helped me with the codes!-^.^-


Thankies to all thease kind people,they helped me get the code to having images in the scrollbar!I really apreciate their help!I must really give something to them in return!

Some Of my favorite pics!

Sora and the Rest in KH2!

Sora with his fwends!

Ummmm...Riku next to Sora at the bed...(This pic Rockz)

Chibi Marluxia!He looks like Leon here tho...xD

A cute smiling pic of Sora!(So cute!)

Oh yea,and btw if u need any help with yur Otaku,feel free to PM me!Id b happy to help!=^o^=


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