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Sunday, November 4, 2007

   A sad day on Earth...
These past few days have been some of the worst in my life...

On Tuesday, Oct. 30th, I was told that a friend of mine had been murdered....His name is Gaia Sumachi and he was 10 years old, orphaned two years ago so another memeber of my group by the name of Kroara took him in......She had him going to school and he loved being with her. He looked up to her as his older sister (he was an only child).

Gaia saw every in our group (or gang if you will) as his family: Me (age 16) as his mother, Inuyasha Kurasa (age 20) as his father, Kroara (age 18) as his older sister, Troence (age 19) as his older brother, Ursa (age 19) as his aunt, and Micheal (age 19) as his uncle. We all saw him as he saw us.......family. That's how we are in our little gang.......we're family.

The next day came, Oct. 31st, and the news of Gaia's death hit me so much harder in two ways: 1, today was Gaia's favorite holiday and 2, ....I was called by Inuyasha and he told me the police told Kroara the cause of death.......Gaia was stabbed to death.....the police told Kroara that he was stabbed 16 times and didn't die till the final one..........Inuyasha (along with everyone else) was infuriated with the police. They didn't need to tell Kroara that he felt all that pain before dieing.........

It's been 5 days since the incident.....and it feels like it just happened yesterday.

I don't know what's gonna happen now....I'm praying the police catch the one responsible for the murder............

It's all in God's hands now.


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