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Sunday, October 21, 2007

   HELLO!! ^^
How's everyone been doing?? It's been awhile since I posted. I miss y'all!!

Anyway, here's my life so far: School's been cool. In 1st, we've been working on plays and having fun! I'm the only villian (a witch) in one of them, and I'm Hurricane Katrina in our Hurricane Story (it's about Katrina and Camile). 2nd's been hard as usual but fun (not much to say here)......3rd, it's cool....I get to see alot of people in my 2 different lunch waves so it's good I switch every week, back and forth. (I get to see my bf in lunch this week). ^^ In 4th......we've been just the normal WACKY class of course......lots of tests.....and lots of fun (I finally got the chance to steal my drawings back from Tyler this week/he stole them like a month ago.....yay!). And Tyler has started on people calling me Skipper cuz I get to class alittle later than normal to talk to my bf and friends. (I do not skip, Kaijin!)

OK, home life's been normal except some people downing my friends and bf....but it's ok.......(my parents still don't know about my bf but I'm gonna tell them tonite). So it's cool.

Hmmmmmmm......love life.......ok, everything was cool then two freshmen (a friend and a not friend) started saying that they loved me alot.....it took me awhile but I set them straight (it was easy once I got my bf/^^). Ok, then last Friday I hooked up with Johnathon (my bf now). We've been going out for alittle more then a week, and we're planning our first date this up coming Sunday. Alot of people at school have been having the "I can't believe you're with him!" exprssion when they hear of me and Johnathon......it's getting really annoying, but some have said that we make a cute couple like our friends. ^^ I love seeing him everyday at least for a few minutes.....and he walks me to my classes! Our song (cuz every couple should have one) is 'So far away' by Staind. We were listening to it on his MP3 player when we first hooked up. ^^ Hmmmmmm.........what else???......

Note to everyone: If you ever need advice in love, life, or anything; just email me.....(plz be patient if it takes me awhile to get to you....), I'm more than happy to help anyone with their troubles! ^^

Well, that's all for now! I love yall! Bye bye!!

In God's Eyes,


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