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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Auugh! Where to start??? The past few weeks at school and home have been...bleagh! I don't know. Hmmmmm......Ok. School: My friend Ashley and I have been a little shakey, those stupid little Freshmen won't stop getting in my face, and everyone is mad at someone, and it's so stupid!!! Augh! It's mainly the little freshmen who have GOT TO GROW UP!!!!!......Ok...Home: Life has been ok for me, I mean my stepdad and I haven't been fighting....my mom's been good.....but my siblings have been getting on my nerves a bit....well, truth be told they all have but it's normal.....now the other side of home...(heads up for Kaijin...I know you're gonna read this, sis.)...my love life......well, it's down the drain, as usual. I broke up with my boyfriend cuz of all the stress at school and at home (which I'm not gonna put exact what else has happened) and the ACTs and the fights at school and augh.....plus, my boyfriend and I have been going out for 7 weeks and have only seen (and would only see) each other once every 6 weeks.....I barely got to talk to him on the phone.......I'm just too busy for a long distance relationship right now. I was depressed about it for awhile but now I'm good. Thanks to my Best Friends Mel and Misty. Misty was there for me right after I broke up with Terry...and Mel was there after that.....they both are awesome and you can't find better friends.

Now, I'm chillin with my relatives.....it rules. I love them so much!! ^^

I guess that's it.......OH!

Happy late 18th birthday, Kaijin!!!!!

(whoever reads this, p.m. Kaijin saying Happy Birthday!!! ^^)

Over and Out,

Keya Natami Thunder

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