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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ok, I'm in a much better mood tonight, I didn't get to bed until around 4:00 this morning, and I had class at 8:00. While I was getting ready to go to class I was sort of incoherently babbling, at one point I went and got my blue jeans out of the dryer and as I was walking back up the hall I looked at the light switch and said, "I'm sorry, but we won't be needing your services anymore" as I turned off the light. But all was well I got through that awful class, got back here and slept till 1:00. It was nice. And tomorrow I've got a Calculus test, and once I finish it I'll be set.

Now that calmer heads are prevailing, I may not delete my profile, who knows, we'll all see how it turns out. Oh and Friday, The North Mississippi Allstars are gonna be playing at a bar/club in town, I'm excited, oh and just to point out, they are a band and not any sort of athletic group.

And I reckon that's all from me, see you folks later.

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