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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Alright, this may not be quick, and it sure as hell isn't gonna be pretty. But here goes.

First off, I'm not planning on using this site much more, I'll probably delete it in a few days or so, there are a few people that I'd like to keep up with, but I think I'll just cut my losses at this point. I use live journal a little soberirish83 is the name.

But now on to the meat of the post.

My classes are terrible this semester, I've got two freshmen classes (French I and Calculus I) and that means that I get loads of busy work dumped on me. But the real kicker for the semester is called Geowriting. The teacher is a British guy who has pissed me off to no end tonight. I've spent the past six or so hours trying to figure out how to write a proposal for a research project and the end isn't in sight yet. Somehow we are supposed to be able to write a proposal saying how we intend to do something (which I have no idea how to do) and say how much its gonna cost to do it, and fill it with as much bull shit as possible, but it can't be just any bull shit, it needs to be bull shit in a proper format. But he never explained that format. The more I write on this damned proposal, the madder I get. I'm almost to the point of saying screw it. I've even thought about withdrawing from school, because I've got other tests this week that I need to be studying for, but I'm gonna be writing more shit for him this week. Cause we have to write an outline for a paper this Thursday, a paper that won't be written for well more than a month. Its just retarded. But I'm gonna get back to writing this damned thing, cause I'm gonna win through, no matter the cost.

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