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Saturday, October 15, 2005

   I'M ALIVE!!
lol can you all believe it? Yes i really am still alive. Sorry i haven't posted in forever so much has been going on.

Right now i have work on Mondays, Band and piano on Tuesdays, work on wensdays, debate and band on thursdays, games on fridays, work on saturdays, and by the time Sunday comes around im too tired to do anything! X.x;;; Ah well i'll live. But i dont think i will update much more untill football season is over or till the next break. I'm not sure.

Ummm... Well not to much is going on right now besides all that. ^_^ I got a boyfriend now. He is really sweet to me too!! He goes to a different school than me though which im not sure if thats good or bad. Bad cus i don't get to see him as much as i would like too and good because at school i don't have to really worry about my guy friends and a jealous boyfriend. yah know? lol. I work with him and we work together alot. Sep tomorrow ;-; He had to go out of town so he won't be there. Ah well... ^_^ i'll see him Monday.

Ummmmm.... Well i guess thats about all for now. I'll try to update soon. Oh and for my fanfic readers I'm so sorry i died like that. ^_^ As soon as i get time i'll work twice as hard to make up for all that lost time. I have sooooooooooo many ideas now! ^_^ Well thats all for now my lovely people!

Ja ne!!!

Random pic~

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Ah!! ^^- Kawaii pic of Seto and Jou, ne?!?! ^______^

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