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Sunday, August 28, 2005

lol guess what peeps! My school won the first foot ball game of the season!! That not mean much to you guys but its alot to us. our school was 0 and 40 before we won a game.. sad i know but we are gonna rock this year! woot woot! ^__^

lol i went to the mall today with Breeze! ^__^ i got the 12th Gravitation, 7th Hana-Kimi, and the 6th From Far Away!! Woot! I can't wait to read them! ^__^ Breeze got Yellow! I can't wait to read that one either! XD The picture for the author in it is a hamster!! lol.

^_^ Oh my birthday was this past thursday! Can you believe it?! XD i sorda can't... ^^- my guy friend gave me 20 red roses!! He is so sweet i love him to death! (just not in that way guys) lol.

ummm... well thats about all for now. ^___^ Sorry so short... I'm gonna try to get to everyone today! ;-; i feel so bad i haven't had time to get to everyones lately
!! Anyway here is a pic for you guys!!!

Random pic~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ah! -^^- It's Chibi Draco!!! Kawai!!!!!

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