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Sunday, August 21, 2005

OMG i have so much going on right now it's nuts!!! Monday's i have work, Tuesdays i have band and piano, Wensdays work, Thursday debate (some weeks) and band, Fridays foot ball games, Saturdays work, and Sundays i'm just too tired to do much. But oh well i'll live... i think...

OH my bday is in four days!! Woot!! lol thats right Thursday, August 25th is my 17th birthday! ^_^ WOOT WOOT!!

lol i had my birthday party friday and i had alot of fun. We had DDR and karaoke. We froced all the guys to sing "I'm to Secy" XD it was sooo funny!!

Well i'm super tired right now.. i may get on and post some more about it later. Ja!

Random pic~

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