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Sunday, August 7, 2005

Woot woot!! XD you heard right! There are only 18 days until my 17th bday! ^_^ So start shopping! lol j/k!

After having that happy note i will move onto a sadder one. Back to school... sadly, we go back tomorrow.. ;-; can you believe it?! Summer is already over! I swear it gets shorter and shorter every year!! Ah well.. i'm just happy i get to see my friends again.. XD i just don't want to do that work. lol.

I'm going shopping with my mom today to get school supplies for me and my nephew who is starting kindergarden. ;-; I can't believe he is already going into kindergarden!! omg i feel so old! My mom and my sister are going to take him the first week cus he may be nervous. But after he gets use to it some i'm gonna drop him off on my way to school.

Well thats it for now i guess. XD i'm off to go do random things! ja!

Random pic~

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KAWAII! ^____^

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