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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

   busy busy!!!
Oh dear lord! This past week has been so busy for me!! ;-; Sad thing is i still have a lot more to go and then right after this week school starts again!!!

Monday i had to get up about 6 and go to work, right after work i had to go to school for band then stay for this little pep rally thing we have for the new freshmen. then right after that i had to go to piano! Then after that i had to baby sit for a while finally i got to go out ot eat with my parents.

Tuesday: I spend most of the day babysitting my nephew, and five other kids. all between the ages of 2 and 7 >< omg. it was horrible. Then i had to go to band only about an hour after they left!

Today: Today isn't so bad right now though. I'm only babysitting on kid right now but i may have to baby sit two little girls i baby sat yesterday. which will be okay cus i don;t mind those two. Then i have to go to work at 4.

Tomorrow: XD You guys getting bored with all this yet? I have to get up at 5 in the morning because we are going out of town to visit my brother 4 hour car ride! yay! and thats if we dont hit any red lights or stop...

Friday: i get home from my brothers around lunch time my mom said (another long car ride) then i'm going to a pool party with my friends. which i can't wait for.

Satuday: XD i gotta get up bright and early to go to work and i dont get off until 4 in the afternoon! woot! . after that my parents are more than likely gonna make me go to walmart and stuff for them.,

Sunday: is my only free day this week!!! but sadly im gonna havet o spend the day getting school supplies because i haven't gotten any yet. Then of course Monday school starts back up...

Ugh.... im gonna be so tired Sunday XD i may make my mom get the stuff for me sometime and just sleep all Sunday. Well thats all for now peeps! i'm outties!

Ja Matta Ne!!

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