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Friday, July 29, 2005

Wow, sorry i haven't been around for a loooong time guys. I got really really busy.

Well the Harry Potter thing was so much fun. I met new friends there and everything, ^_^ very fun.

I had band camp this past week. so that means sun, sweat, and opening sets. I love band but band camp is always the worst where i live cus its soooo hott. One of the days we had four people pass out, three throw up(i was one ^^; ) and then we had a few people get so dizy the couldn't stand up. And for the rest of the days random people would get dizy or sick. But it's over! woot! Now all we have is night practices!

Can any of you believe summer is almost over?! I only have one more week left after this!!! ;-; it's so sad! Part of me wants to go back just so i can talk to all my friends but the rest of me doesn't want to go back yet. All i have been doing all summer is working and stuff. Ah well...

^_^ My mom did say because next week is my last week of summer she is gonna take me to this huge mall in a city a few hours away from us. we are going to spend the whole day shopping and tons of girls stuff. ^_^ I can't wait. XD Plus we don't have an Olive Garden where i live so i will get to eat there when we go. @___@ i love that place!

Lets see.. XD oh! Two of my friends are coming home this weekend! ^_^ i havn't seen them all summer so i'm happy they are coming back. I missed them!! and then Sunday i get to go to the lake with a whole bunch of people from my work. I'm still not sure if im gonna go but i may end up going. lol.

Well thats all for now! ^_^ I'll try to get to everyone's sites today! Ja!!!

Random pic~

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^_^ look its Harry Potter anime sytle! cool huh?!

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