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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

   New Music and Harry Potter!!
Hey People whats up! If you look up under my shout box you will see i put up a new song. ^__^ Just press play. It's called Let Me Fall and it's by Alexz Johnson. Some of you may know it already but i love it. ^__^ i hope you all like it too!!

Only a few more days before the new Harry Potter book comes out. I can't wait. sadly Riruri-chan won't be joing me to wait for the book. Its just me and Breeze right now. The Hurricane came through (which it wasnt even bad where i live) but they closed the most of the roads for a while so she couldn't have come. Maybe some other time i guess...

Oh i start band tomorrow! Part of me is happy cus i get to see a lot of my friends again that i haven't seen over the summer... then part of me is upset cus that means Summer is ending, school is about to start, and i have to see a few people i really really don't want too... ::sigh:: Ah well life goes on, right?

Well thats about all i have to say for now! ^__^ I'll talk to you peeps later! Ja!

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