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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Whats up everyone?!

Nothing much going on here. My Uncle and Aunt are in town. They came in last week and stopped by then left for the beach. Then the stopped by again on their way back up north. Which I don't mind too much. Everyone says i get all my love for music from him and i get my sarcasm from him too. ^^;;

So Riruri-chan may come and visit me! ^__^ I really hope so! I called her yesterday to see what the plan was but i just missed her. And when i left work last night i checked my cell phone and i saw she called me. And it was too late to call back. ;-; I felt bad... ^_^ but no worries though! I'm going to call her back later today.

So the 15th is coming up! ^_^ For all you HP fans you know that means the 6th book is going to be sold at 12:01 that night! lol ^__^ Me, Kamikaze Breeze, and Riruri-chan(hopefully) are going to go to it! XD We have a whole day planned already and i can't wait! We are going to go see a movie, go out to lunch, have dinner at Breeze's house and i guess crash at my house. ^__^ But it starts at 9 and goes on until midnight. We are going to be like the oldest people there. XD lol. it's gonna be fun.

Oh! ^_^ I just got the coolest Gravitation shirt! AH! i love it! It has the members of Bad luck on it but they are chibis and it says "Bad Luck" across it. Then on the back it says "Gravy Tour" then a list of all the places where they have sung. It's so cool it looks like a read band shirt! X3 I love it!!

Well thats all for now!! ^__^ Here is a pic for the road!

Random pic~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

XD Yay! Hope everyone likes the pic of Shu-chan and Yuki! ^__^ They are awsome!!

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