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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'm still alive...but barely...I know I've been gone for quite a while...Hopefully things will return to normal at the end of the month...or sometime around that. I'll explain everything once I get back.
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Friday, July 22, 2005

Okay...as you can see, there have a been a few changes. I'm too tired to point them all out, but I'll just list the important ones. As you can see, my bg is of Mustang doing his snapping thing. He looks evil there...It took me some time to find a good image hoster that would accept a wallpaper that big without drastically reducing its size. Danke, Tinypic.com...And the song. The name of it is up there in the intro. Danke to Joshualover for giving the link to that FMA site. My favorite Al song file...So, you like the song? Yes? No? Yes? No? Yes? No? SAY YES!!!

It seems many of you were baffled about what I was talking about yesterday...I don't blame you. Give it time, and you'll see soon enough...in English. But, to those who knew what I was talking about, REJOICE, FOR IT HAS BEEN RELEASED!!! (To the same people) If you can, PLEASE POST SPOILERS!!!

I've been meaning to give this link to you guys for some time now...it's a game...but, it's special. Wanna know why? Because it concerns Mustang! If you've been on [as]'s site recently, then you've most likely seen it already. Beat my amazing score of 298000 (That's actually a low score...XD). Tha' Game

I read Travis Willingham's posts on LJ (LiveJournal)...it seems that he likes Green Day...And apparently, he was beaten by "himself" in FMA: Broken Angel...

I'm going to bed now. It's already five in the morning where I live. I'll get to sites when I wake up (which is one in the afternoon most likely)

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

HAHAHA...One more day until my questions will be answered...overseas...No matter...I just hope someone on the net is kind enough to post a highly detailed summary of it...and hopefully it's in English.

I'm officially a weak-minded person...I swore to myself that I would keep this theme for a month, but I saw some new Mustang...New Mustang will be here tomorrow.

EDIT: Holy crap...And I'm officially a slow finder of things...I just found Travis Willingham's LJ account...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

If you didn't get to see Tuesday's Family Guy, the song is a small portion of what you missed.

I received my high school books today...Somewhat happy, and somewhat feeling screwed...The Algebra 2 book happened to be the same book that I used last year in school. So I was slightly happy...But I think choosing French was a mistake...

And I'll leave you with a rather disturbing pic...Look at it if you'd like to, but if you are going to comment on it,


You may laugh...but only in the darkest corner of your room...where no one can see you...

Damn the creators of South Park and such...South Park and its creators can go burn in hell along with Circuit City, Blockbuster, Gamestop, American Dad (if the next ep isn't funny), Matt Groening, Matt Groening's shows, that goddamn Eastern terrorist who shot me, and eye doctors...

EDIT: People who find their way on MyO and aren't anime fans have joined the "Burn in Hell" list.

The phrase "Damn you and such" @ copyright 2005 Seth Mcfarlane (all rights reserved)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Good news: I got two new cats for Al!

Bad news: Some lowly terrorist shot me...and I didn't save...now I gotta' replay most of the second level...Burn in hell, Eastern terrorist!!!

I feel wierd...I bought 42 songs on iTunes for $10, but I feel like I ripped myself off...If you must know, I bought the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack...Consists of actual in-movie dialogue, potential elevator music, and disco/techno crap, but it's quite funny. Gah...stupid contradicting feelings...

About the avatar (if you actually can see it...stupid intro sign...), once I saw it, I just had to use it...

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Let's see...Gamestop, Circuit City, and Blockbuster can go burn in hell...with Matt Groening and his crappy shows (Just because Family Guy is doing much better doesn't mean you have to dis it...) along with American Dad (if the next episode isn't funny.). Best Buy was originally burning with them, but it had "it." FMA 2...Curse of the Crimson Elixir...

Really quite an awesome game. Even comes with dubbed eps #27 and 28 (Yay! Got my dose of FMA for now.). But as I was saying...those people did an amazing job...Just buy the game, and you'll see...Heh...Hughes thinks Ed is trying to pick up Elicia...

And Hawkeye really kicks asp.

Already beat the game once (Thank you counters and katanas...), and I'm replaying it to get the art bonuses.

Nothing could possibly bring me down at the moment...Scratch that...High school begins in a month...

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Don't remind me...I know I didn't get to sites...

This just in: Peter is officially a retard.

I'm going away for the weekend...that's all for now. And I changed the song (only for a few days) because that movie came out today...I don't remember the name...

See ya' on Monday.

This just in: my father thinks Edward Elric is a duck.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Not good...my love for forums have just resurfaced...In other words...I doubt I'll be able to spend as much time here...

Ha...yesterday's FG featured the song that's playing on my site...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I saw yet another movie for the second straight day...This time, it was War of the Worlds. Still...traumatized...Pretty awesome movie...But the idea of it happening in real life will deprive me of sleep...Anything that makes a sound is sending me into shock for two/three seconds...

I have done it! I R proud of it! I've seen the two episodes of Family Guy that FOX was too chicken to air!!!! I love you [as]...Now just put new FMA up...

I know I've only gotten to four or five sites so far...I'll get to others...I'm already tired...I can't even put together a coherent thought at the moment...

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Yesterday I saw Fantastic Four, and it was pretty awesome. Definitely better than Batman, IMO. And I saw this creepy trailer which gave me a good reason not to download AIM...I'm sticking with YIM...

I'm not exactly a big fan of the DB series, but I rented DBZ Budokai 3...and I'm hooked on it...Hahahaha...SSJ4 Vegeta pwns all...and so does Broly...I'll try and get to sites as quickly as possible so I can start playing. And FMA 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixer comes out today for the PS2.

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