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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   Lazyness (Tired)

I am sorry to say I'm not going to have my noraml post with pics and stuff. I am feeling lazy today cuaes I have to get up at 4AM tomorrow. I am working at a wearhouse move boxs and shit like that. It really fun......not. But if you want somthing to do here's my "Myspace" page Just click the button.

Myspace page
Ok may be one pic but that's it. :P


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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   What's new....?

Hello everyone I am back again...again.........again. Andway let move on. Not much really to talk be hanging out with friend seeing movies and trying to get my life together. Well lately I have been playing Halo3 and Lost Planet....and no i don't have my own 360 my friend just leaves him at my houes so i play it. Also I got a new anime called Guyver The Boiboosted Armor it's really good. Its been around for a while this is kind of a remake sorda. It Reminds me of Power Ranger alittle and I mean the first Power Ranger not the new crazy one like wild whatever. Power Rangers I was one of my favorite show when I was "younger". My favorite was the Green Ranger: Tommy he was kool as shit. And I loved the Green Ranger Zoid it was kool too.

Well if you are going to see a moive don't see Meet The Spartans it's really bad me and my friend went to see it and we left like not even 30 minutes in also we got are money back. But this firday there is a movie comeing out a really funny one too called Strange Wilderness.
Strange Wilderness

Well that's it for now. Hopefully i will update soon again.

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