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Welcome to my ever improving little corner of MyOtaku! I've worked hard on my site, and hope that you enjoy visiting it as much as I enjoy working on it! If this is your first time here, take a look around! Oh, and don't forget to sign my gb and maybe even friend me if you like my page, I'll be sure to return the favor!

My Newest CGIMV, "Kingdom Hearts Tribute - Succession of Hearts"

Now, a brief history about myself and anime. The first anime I ever watched was Pokemon. I was absolutely obsessed with it at the time! (That was a LOOOOONG time ago!) It wasn't until we got satelite in our house that I began to watch a REAL anime- DBZ! I was amazed by DBZ at that age, (I think I was about 12 or so) and I instantly fell in love with the show, even though I couldn't watch it that often. When I first started watching, I identified most with Gohan as he was seen as helpless and a burden, but soon showed everyone that it wasn't that he couldn't fight, but that he didn't want to. I had been going through a stage in my life that made me feel the very same way. My all time FAVORITE DBZ episode is when Cell pushes Gohan over the edge by stepping on Android #16's head, causing the young half-saiyan to finally let go of his restraint and pent up emotion. I was in awe as he surpassed even his father and became a completely new person, and was the first to reach the Ascended Saiyan (SS2) level. I know it probably seems juvenile but I've always felt a lot like that. I do like a lot of the other DBZ characters especially Goku and Future Trunks, (Chibi Trunks is an evil spawn of Vegeta!) but my favorite has always been Gohan.

Mario has always been my all-time favorite character, hands down. I got my first video game at age 5 (Super Nintendo and Super Mario World) and never looked back. As you might have guessed by now, I value heroic ideals highly.

Ah, Cloud- the symbol of my darker, brooding side. He retains many of the same heroic ideals of the other two, but is plagued by a dark past and feels that he is too weak to help, even though he wants to. Eventually finding his true self, Cloud finally makes a stand, and saves the world. In the process, however, he looses someone very dear to him, which causes him to once again feel helpless.

I know that neither Cloud nor Mario are true anime characters, but they were both created and animated by the Japanese (a culture I absolutely idolize!) and have become prominent in their own rights.

Anyway, on to more of my animeautobiography! I have seen several other animes since my DBZ days. I have seen a little bit of all of the more popular ones (Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, etc.) I also used to be a pretty big Yugioh fan, too.
Thank you for reading, and thanks for visiting!

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•"Know that life is a gift- life and the one(s) who gave it to you owe YOU NOTHING because of it, in fact, it is YOU who owe THEM. Realize that it is your RESPONCIBILITY to honor that gift and to repay all of those who entrust and enrich you with such a gift by living up to, and constantly transcending and surpassing, your own potential. - Me

•"All you're seeing now is the Light between the cracks in the door, I am that Light. When that door opens, there will be NOTHING that can save you" - Goku

•"Two paths diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

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My first crossover MV, "Inu Strife Tribute - Loss"

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My First CGIMV, "Cloud Tribute - In Honor of Redemption"

My Second CGIMV, "Cloud Tribute - In Honor of Revenge"

My Third CGIMV, "Cloud Tribute - Rememberance"

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My Eighth CGIMV, "Tifaeris Tribute"

My Ninth CGIMV, "Kingdom Hearts Tribute - Succession of Hearts"

My First AMV, "Gohan Tribute - Tribute to a Scholar Warrior"

My Second AMV, "Half-Saiya-jin Tribute - In Honor of Gohan, Goten, and Trunks"

My Third AMV, "Green Menace Tribute - In Honor of Piccolo and Pikkon"

My Fourth AMV, "Inuyasha Tribute - Hail to the Half-Demon"

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Friday, February 3, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know I haven't posted in a bit, so I would like to wish everyone a happy new year, and I hope everyone had a good winter break. I've finally updated my page as you can see and have unveiled two new CGIMVs, Tifaeris Tribute and my Second Kingdom Hearts Tribute - Succession of Hearts, enjoy!

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Holidays!

No matter if or what holiday you celebrate this time of year, I wish you all the best possible holiday season!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Long Time, No post

Sorry all, I've been busy getting packed up and ready to head home for christmas. I've also found another distraction -

Ever wonder what would happen if...

...Zeratul's warp blade and Darth Vader's lightsaber clashed?
...Megaman's megabuster faced off against Samus Aran's power beam?
...Ganon's power fought against Sonic's speed?
...Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Wily matched wits?
...Mario and Metal Sonic fought in the ultimate clash of the titans?

Well, come to this site, and find out!

Smash Bros. RP

It's a Role Playing forum where you get to choose your favorite video/computer game character, and take part in a war for the fate of the different game universes. It's just getting started so there's a lot of choices still.

I joined up last week, and have been helping the admins so much, they made me one! I originally started as a normal member, but in one day, our number of members doubled, and they needed a mod (moderator) to help keep track of the new members, and send ideas up to them. They desperately (and I mean desperately) needed a new banner and asked if anyone could make one. I voulenteered and came up with this:


They instantly loved it and made me an admin, and I've been slowly gaining their trust. I've also revamped the layout of the board, and enhanced the graphics for it too.

Anyway, it's a lot of fun, if you're into RPing, you should take a looksy! Send me a pm if you need any other info, oh and if you join, tell them that Tails/Dark Link sent you!

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Friday, December 9, 2005

Woot! Classes done for the Semester!

Sorry for the lack of poastage all, but classes ended for the semester on wednesday and I've been busy screwing around since then lol. I have done a LITTLE studying (about 30 mins or so) but mostly been hanging out with friends, playing video games and most important of all - SLEEPING! Sleep is divine, Sleep 4 teh win!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well, will def post some more winter holiday goodies later on!

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