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So I'm going through a bit of a transitional phase right now... bare with me if you would.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New baby...
I'm pregnat again? Heh.... yea that...

Here were the reactions as followed:

Loz: *lip shakes slightly* You.... you are!? *hugs me tight but not to tight* OMG!!!

I know, how cute is that?

Ezra: Oh god another one! Havent you gotten the hint... your kids are crazy! Look at me and Iris.... do you really want another?

Ggguuurrr.... And yes I do son.

Keiran: OMG! NAme it after meeee! x3

Mabey, it depends. A little Keir Bear. x33333

Little Ezra: YAY! ANother baby to play with! Can this one be a boy.... plllleeeeeaaaassssseeeee?????

Talk to your pops, I cant effect that.

Iris: *ingores me for the rest of the day*

She is in denial. She dosent wanna admit that she isnt gonna be daddies little girl anymore.

So thats the news as I see it. And now.... for our enjoyment.... a goo goo dolls song. x3333333

OMG that reminds me.... John Rzeznik is old enough to be my did.... but he...... is so fucking hot!

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Friday, June 9, 2006

   Jordan: Cares about the World Cup Why?

I balled like a little baby when this happend...

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I'm no longer with Mokuba... ~_~ *sniffs* He dosent love me, he never did.

I'm ok... Loz is my new love and I get to keep my son! *hugs Ezra*

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