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Saturday, March 12, 2005

*Yawn* Oh, dudes...I am like soooo tired, but I wanna finish this pic of ANBU Itachi that I am currently working on. I've finished all of the preliminary sketches and the background sketching and cleaned it up, I've been working on it for like maybe one to two hours and thrity mins long. I want to finish it tonight, so I can post it for you people to see tomarrow. But, I'm pretty shure that I'm way to tired to ink it. *Sigh* Knowing me, I would mess up and like waste 50-cazilion' peices of paper. Coz' I have a light board that I use to trace my final copies off of my sketches. And usually, I re-draw the pic more then 5 times before I'm done. It would be a pain for me since I am soooo sleepy. Well, i want to go to sleep, so, sleep well everyone, good night.


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