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hi my name is martha add me as a friend i an an anime loveing weardo that listens to almost nothing but japanese music i love to talk and to listen i will never underestamate any one i am a nice person who loves to help ^-^

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In the darkness I can fell him there. He calls to me at night. Poles me to his dark place. I try to reseed his temptation as he draws near. My hart skips a beet as I fill his touch on my shoulder. I try to scram but I don’t make a sound. I fill him kiss my neck. I plead to him to let me go but all he can say is don’t be frightened. As I hear his voice I now it I tern to sea his face and he is gone as the sun rises I can not wait until darkness to come because I now know how he is. He is my life my friend my Miyavi.
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i love to right stories.so if you ever have any ideas plese send them to me i will make sure you get credt for them if i get them pulblished ( i cant spell*-*
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Monday, February 4, 2008

   to all
to how ever fucket up my sight i do not fucking think that it is right even if it was a prank i dont mess with other peoples sights so stop fucking with mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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