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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Time: 11:20 PM

Song: Sooner or Later

By: Breaking Benjamin

Mood: Content/Happy to be alive

I want a normal life
just like a new born child
I am a lover hater
I am an instigater
You are an oversight
Don't try to compromise
I'll learn to love to hate it
I am not integrated

Just call my name
You'll be okay
You're scream is crawling through my veins!

Sooner or later your gonna hate it
Go ahead and throw your (my) (our) life away
Driving me under, leaving me out there
Go ahead and throw your (my) (our) life away

You're like an inch in time
You are open wide
You see them try to play me
Just like you see on tv
I am an oversight
Just like a parasite
Why am I so pathetic
I know you won't forget it


My fourth of July was alright. Went over to Sethos' house and hung out with tons of MyOtaku friends (Muun Purinsesu, Sethos, Setoek and Lemony Slash.) along with some other in real life friends of mine. We were all just kinda hanging out and watching Batman & Robin for a bit. Brandon and I chatted about different Marvel comics while everyone was doing random things.

We danced for a bit after running around outside in the rain. At first there was plenty of lightning and thunder, then it all went away and the rain stayed. We all went through the ditch and into this field where I stood in the rain for a bit; it was refreshing.

Seth: I am glad you enjoyed it...

*Nervous laugh.* Heheh... ^^;;

We saw two rainbows too! It was so cool looking!

Later on at night we went for a walk around...

Seth: Sometime around 2:45 AM.

Yeah. We were lucky that there weren't any police roaming the areas. ^^;

Then I fell asleep on the floor.

Seth: The floor was uncomfortable..

Well YOU insisted on sleeping there.

Seth: All would have been fine if Pharaoh did not take the blanket from me... I was cold...

I know. *Pats.*

Then I had to wake up early and go to Driver's Ed... where I kept dozing off and got yelled at by the teacher. XD


On to other subjects!

My awesome friend Heley has requested that I make a button for her!

I am going to ask this once while I get started on her button...

Does anyone else want one?

If so and you are on my friend list, please state so in my comments. :3


I'm getting pretty bored and all... so....


If you want a layout, please scroll up to my profile and read rule number 3.

I will be accepting FOUR layout requests. First come first serve, guys. *Huggles everyone.*


If you want an icon with words on it like mine or anything of the sort, please put that in with your request as well.

Woo... I'm off to bed! :D!

Seth: *Chuckles.* Good night, Kawaii.

Are you going to bed too?

Seth: .... not quite yet.

Alright. G'night!


-Kawaii Seth<3

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