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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So, yeah...
Time: 11:15 PM

Song: I dunno the name. (Song featured below music video.)

By: I don't know! ;.;

Mood: Perplexed/Anxious/Worried


Things seem to be lightening up just a bit more now that I'm not bottling all of that anger inside. Thanks to yesterday's "vent" I think I feel a lot better now and I'm not letting things bug me as much anymore as I was for a long while there. So about my day...

I woke up around 7:50 AM (I have to be at the Driver's Ed place by 10 AM every morning. Blegh. x.x) and took my shower. I had a breakfast (Not much of a breakfast though. It was a choclate Slim Fast... yum.) and then sat downstairs talking to my step mom about various things. I wasn't very awake yet... so I just kinda babbled on as she read her book.

She drove me to Driver's Ed where I sat outside working on the 85 question assignment that was given to us about signs, laws, penalties, parking, driving, blah. Then my buddy Christine (I just met her on the first day, but she's really cool. She likes VGCats and anime and video games too!) showed up and we chatted for a bit until the teacher dismissed the class before us and called us in.

My... teacher... is... CRAZY! O_O

He yells and throws "fits" and goes all out on us students. He's kinda funny and all, but surely a really weird dude. One guy even asked the teacher if he was on drugs and the teacher responded with, "Not yet. I don't start 'til after this class."

Then the whole class fell silent...

I had a test over different signs... easy as hell. I turn my stuff in for my permit tomorrow... then I'll get to practice driving!


When class ended at 12 PM, my mom picked me up and we went to go get lunch, Taco Bell! :D

We went home where I proceeded to just kinda sit around all day doing nothing. Yugi called me practically crying on the phone and we chatted for about three hours about how "good" our summer has been going. From the sounds of it, she really misses me.

Her mom's been calling her a lazy ass when she's the only one really trying to keep the house clean and babysit her little step brother and her little sister. What a drag, ne?

I feel sorry for her.

I offered to let her come spend the night and all, but her mom was being a major bitch at the time so she's going to try tomorrow. My mom said that she can just hang out here at the house while I'm at Driver's Ed... fun. xD

As for my friendship with Yugi...

... it's repairing itself.

I think her and I have come to something of an understanding of each other. Even though I still don't like the way she tries to get everyone's attention (Attention whore, basically.) I still try to suck it up and all.

We shall see what happens...


Gosh, I'm already thinking well ahead of myself. I'm thinking about Oni-con, which is in October. Bishojo Tenshi and I are going to work on getting together a belly dancing outfit so we can run around at night time with the outfits on.


As for cosplay purposes... I'm having major money issues. I need about $40 before I can achieve the last bit of my cosplay and not have to worry about it.

Oh well. Still got a few more weeks to raise said money the best of my ability.. ^^;

Seth: Wow... you sure did have a lot to say tonight.

I know... I feel bad for rambling.

Seth: Not at all... I enjoy listening to you talk.



Fucking AWESOME music. :D!!

-Kawaii Seth<3

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