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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A-kon 17 Report!
Time: 11:09 PM

Song: True Colors.

By: Phil Collins

Mood: Perplexed.

Features babyface

You with the sad eyes
Dont be discouraged
Oh I realize
Its hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness, inside you
Can make you feel so small

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And thats why I love you
So dont be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow

Show me a smile then,
Dont be unhappy, cant remember
When I last saw you laughing
If this world makes you crazy
And youve taken all you can bear
You call me up
Because you know Ill be there

And Ill see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And thats why I love you
So dont be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow

[intru part]

So sad eyes
Discouraged now

When this world makes you crazy
And youve taken all you can bear
You call me up
Because you know Ill be there

And Ill see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And thats why I love you
So dont be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors, true colors

Cos theres a shining through
I see your true colors
And thats why I love you
So dont be afraid to let them show
Your true colors, true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Beautiful, like a rainbow


All right, some of you guys have been waiting to hear all about my A-kon 17 experience.. so here it all is for you guys! I'm not sure how detailed I'll get with this, but here goes nothing, eh?

Seth: I will make some tea.

Wee! :D


I woke up pretty early, did some last minute packing and Sethos called me asking for a ride to Tori's house (Which was pretty damn last minute for me, so I was little irritated.) so I asked mother and mother agreed. After packing everything in the car, we went to pick up Lemony Slash.

We drove to Schertz, Texas and got to Tori's house without much problem at all. Mother left us and we all proceeded to just hang out with Paul. Many things happened... we watched yaoi, went swimming and teased Paul about his uke-ness. Paul went home and we all got into bed about 11 PM-ish.


We woke up around 4 AM and got all packed up after taking showers and what not. We got into Tori's mom's car and got ready for about a five hour trip. The whole trip there was me leaning on Lemony Slash and Tori leaning on me. We call it the "domino affect" afterall!

We slept the majority of the way up to Dallas, but woke up in time to stop at a gas station to take care of much-needed business. As we all waited in line to use the potty, we met some duded who were on their ways to A-kon too! We chatted randomly with them and piled back into the car for a good while before we made it to Dallas.

By the time we saw downtown Dallas, everyone started to become a lot more alive and we were oh so happy to have finally made it! We got to the hotel, checked in and managed to get all of our shit stuff up into the room without much problem. Went downstairs and waited in line FOREVER to get our badges. Nese and I got excited when someone said they needed some people with "T-Z" in their last name... so we ran up to get our badges. :3

We ran back up to our room and got changed into our beautiful Alice in Rave Realm costumes and went to hang out downstairs for some fun. Checked out the dealer's room and meandered around aimlessly just looking for something to do. I took a few pictures of good cosplayers and just hung out for the rest of time.

I met up with my ex boyfriend, Ian, and we hung out for a bit too. He was cosplaying Sora from Kingdom Hearts and he was sitting in my lap for a bit as well. People would walk by and take pictures of the Sora sitting in the Mad Hatter's lap and laugh about it.

A Quatre cosplayer (Gundam Wing) walked up to us and I got pictures of him. He also played a few songs for us on his violin! They were so pretty. I even recorded him playing for us and will post it on youtube as soon as I download everything off of my camera.

We got up and walked around some before going up to the room and changing again. I got into my Ryuichi outfit and walked about some more. I got tackled and glomped plenty of times along with pictures taken of me too. Once I got bored with Ryuichi, I went upstairs and changed into my Rave outfit to keep comfortable for a bit.

We went and found tons of people playing "Little Sally Walker" and we joined them since Yaoi Fairy and shirtless Dante (Devil May Cry) were playing too. Damn, it was so much fun!

I met a guy named Wolf while sitting outside of the Kotoko concert. He gave me a kick ass massage and he was real flirty with me. Good thing he's only 18, or I would have felt hella bad for flirting back and all. xD

We hung out with Yaoi fairy and tons of other people while the concert went on. I spoke to WildFire and Zappa about some concerns about the clan and we had a small meeting and discussed our thoughts and all of that. The dance was really late so a lot of us got pretty pissed off about that. :/

We danced for a while before getting tired of the dance. The best part was the fact that I got to dance up close with Yaoi Fairy. I'm sorry, guys... Keichii radio is good and all, but not for dances. It's just my opinion though, so if you have the time to flame me... go ahead. ;3

After the dance, we went back up to the room, set alarms, and went off to bed after laughing about a fat lady on the ceiling and me shouting, "I'm the king of games, bitch!"

... xD


We woke up pretty early and got showers as needed. After showers, binding took place and after catching breakfast... we were ready to get downstairs and have fun. We ran down, in character and everything just to make it even more fun.

Sethos ran off with some new friends of hers and Setoek ran off somewhere too... so I just meandered for a little while longer. Went shopping in the Dealer's Room with Lemony Slash, met back up with Wolf and he took us to go get some food. Yay food!

We burgers and went to Wolf's room to drop some stuff off before heading back to the con hotel. We sat down and ate while Chris joined us with Sethos and some more random people. We split up once again and just hung out.

I got separated from everyone and decided to just go look at my yaoi Doujins that Tolarin kindly helped us buy (I love you Tol! XD) and everyone went swimming. I had my reasons for not going.

Brandon called me while I was still in the room and we chatted for awhile before I went downstairs and met up with Neal (Who I think has a BIG crush on me) and we hung out for a bit. I got tired of being in my costume and went up to change into my rave gear again with kitty ears and a kitty tail this time. I took off the binding I had on and lost some bits and pieces of skin... ouch. x.x

I escorted Nese to the food court before running back to the hotel and hanging out with Neal some more. Later on in the night, we were all just hanging out in a small group outside the other concert. We were talking, playing around and just having fun. A random kitty boy came to sit with us and he drew a picture of me in my rave gear.

He was SO adorable!

Then a Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing) came to sit with us. He was really flirty with me, but he ended up getting my number in the process. While I was telling Duo my number, I caught Neal typing it in his phone at the same time. Teehee...

Brian came and hung out with us. He made us laugh lots and we all had a flat-out great time just being near each other.

Everyone kinda split up again and me and Tori went to go play "Lil Sally Walker" with everyone once again since it was started once more. During the game, Tori and I had to walk back to the room to check in wif her mom. We got changed a little and brushed our teeth.

We went back down and continued playing "Lil Sally Walker" and tons of fun things happen.

Lemme explain "Lil Sally Walker":

Everyone gets in a circle and a person skips or walks around the inside of the circle while everyone sings, "Little Sally Walker walkin' down the street, she didn't know what to do so she stopped in front of me."

When the "stopped in front of me" is said, that person chooses to stand in front of a person. Then everyone sings: "She said "hey girl do your thing just do your thing" and switch". That person does a dance and when they switch, the person chosen does the same dance and goes inside the circle.

At one point, a guy proposed to me, one guy made me bow down before him, and Duo booty danced on me. It was really fun playing it with everyone. I wish I would have had my camera with me at the time though. It would have been so much fun to catch in camera. XD

After "Lil Sally Walker" ended, we had fanboys lingering all around us! They were: JT, Leon, Duo, and Some other guy that loves Lemony Slash lots. Zappa hung out with us too and much fun ensued!

Tori and I went for a little walk and we talked for a bit to clear out a few stuff... it was fun.

Everyone stayed around waiting for the dance to start so we chugged tons of energy drinks to keep us awake. Turns out that drinking about five different energy drinks isn't too well for you at a con (Duh, right?) so Lemony Slash and I had a laughing fit the whole time. Colter was there to keep me from falling over, but it must have been quite comical to see.

After waiting forever, it turned out that around 2:45 AM, they say that the bloody dance was canceled. Fed up with everything that was going on (IE: Drama, drama, drama and more fucking drama.) I just gave up and decided to hang out with Duo and them.

My sugar high had died, sending me into a daze-like state... so we retreated up to the room and went to sleep after eating something.


We meant to wake up at 7 AM, but ended up getting up at 8:40 AM with bags under our eyes and crazed hunger. We showered and ate and heade downstairs to meander some more. I waited in line with Lemony Slash for about an hour just to get into the Dealer's Room for some last minute shopping. I was on a mission to find Seth a surprise. ;3

Seth: What?

It's a surprise, dear.

Seth: Oh... *Goes back to listening.*

Finding said surprise, I walked about some more and talked to people. Duo called my phone and asked for a hug. I found him and gave him his deserved hug before meeting my ex boyfriend and high-tailing it outta there. Went and raped the dealer's room some more by constantly walking around.

Lemony Slash and I got to try some Black Black gum. It was so strong it hurt to breath. x.x

We left the dealer's room and hung out with Setoek's mom for a bit while waiting to check out. We said bye to those who were nearby when we were leaving. We had to climb about four flights of stairs to get to the parking garage because the elevators were full... e.e;

We got packed up and began our journey back home. I slept the whole way there too. XD


I'm sure there's a hell of a lot more detail that should have been in there, but I was kinda remembering the things I know I wanted to remember at the time anyway.

Notice how you see NO drama in this post? Consider it sugar-coated because this post would continue on forever if I addressed the bad parts of the con. Because talking about drama leads to ranting which leads to subject changes which leads to the post never ending. I know some of you guys don't mind longt posts, but you would hate me for the length. *Sheepish smile.*


Anyway. Things bought:

Vincent Valentine from FF7 Advent Children action figure

Anubis Statue

Two shirts

Scrolling message electronic thing

Tons of energy drinks

And I got tons of new friends too! :D


Anyways... I should probably get going now.

Goodnight everyone!

Seth: *Nodnod.* Goodnight...


-Kawaii Seth<3

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