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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Busy, busy...
Time: 11:04 PM

Song: Mercury & Solace

By: BT

Mood: Anxious/Busy

Awareness, the fruit of life.
Awareness and happiness.


The dance never ends.

But I know youíre there.
But I know youíre there.

Only you are my happiness.



Lovely voices...

In nightfall Iíll meet you,
Seeds of desire absolve.
Thereís no going back.
Iím losing control.

As the morning creeps up,
And Iím looking for the shade.
In your embrace,
My grieving says.

Reach out for me - reach out.
Reach out for me - reach out.

I know youíre there...youíre there.

Reach out for me - reach out.
Reach out for me - reach out.

I may go with you.

Reach out for me - reach out.
Reach out for me - reach out.

I savour every moment.
Iíll savour every moment.
Youíre precious,
Youíre precious to me.


It's amazing how much that song above reminds me of my dear Sethy. He's so lovesick at times... he just saw his love today and yet he already misses the loverboy. I feel so bad each time he locks himself in his room just because he's feeling horrible.


I would like to apologize another time because I have not been stopping by and returning the favor of comments as much as I probably should be. I'm sure you'd all understand if you saw everything I've been doing this week. I barely even had enough time to do my laundry as it is. e.e

I will be returning comments and everything as soon as my life dies down and good old summer break begins. With A-kon coming up this weekend it'll be considered the "launch" of my summer vacation and all.


Wanna hear about all Kawaii has been up to lately? (Of course you don't, but I'ma tell you anyway! :D)


Get up Early
Go shopping


Medical Ace Tape (For binding)
Get eyebrows done
Bathing Suit
Get hair cut


Style Muun Purinsesu's Wig
Finish packing for A-kon
Stay up as late as possible and Play Guild Wars and wake up as early as possible so I can sleep Thursday night. :D

Pretty busy, no? I gotta find time to do all of this too. e.e

Next part of post is reserved for Sethy. :D!


Seth: I am not sure if I really have anything to say about all that has happened lately. I guess I should explain a little more thoroughly since the majority of you do not really know the full extent of my thoughts...

Long ago I fell in love with a man that was everything I ever wanted... everything I ever needed. Unexpectedly, we got separated for a very long time, but I managed to find him after long years of difficulty.

But when I found him again...

... he wasn't the same.

He wasn't as selfless as he was in the past. He was a different person then he used to be, but I chose to hold on as much as possible to him in hopes that someday he may go back to normal.

We had many arguements... too many to actually say a number at this moment, but we would constantly argue about nothing in general and he would never fail to make me cry at times.

All of the sudden, he realized why we always argued (With help from Kawaii, of course. Sometimes she is an angel to me...) and out of nowhere he begins acting like his old self and tells me that he will always be this way; like old times.

But changes like this do not just happen over night. I am happier than I have even been in such a long time and I do not think I would be able to live on if he went back to the way he was before this change.

It is all just so confusing...

I should be off to bed though... I am very tired.

Siris, Kisa, Setoek, Sethos and Selen... I hope to see all of you this weekend for a little while. And I hear there is a dance... *Smiles at Siris.*

And to everyone else: Sleep well, my friends.

*Hugs Kawaii tightly and walks to his room.*


D'awww... I really hope that his loverboy stays this way. First time in a long time I've seen Seth smile more than twice in a day! I just don't want to see him so heartbroken.

And Siris just got himself a free dance this weekend. *Cheers on the thief.* :D!

I should probably get going too. I need sleep for tomorrow's activities.

Sleep well everyone!

*Tosses out cookies.*


-Kawaii Seth<3

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