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Friday, June 2, 2006

The Last Day!
Time: 11:20 AM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Accomplished (I passed my sophomore year!)


Today is the last day of school for me. We have half-days the last few days of school and since I finished my finals in this Computer Multimedia class... I'm here to update this for the last time in this class! Hells yes!

Today was a pretty easy day seeing as how I only had my Biology and Computer finals... which I'm sure I passed both. Confidence is key in most cases! :D


For once in a long while... this is actually longer than just a few sentences. I'm quite proud of myself for this one right now. I've been so busy and wiped out that when it comes to updating... I just don't have the energy to do so.

I've been dozing off at the computer for the past few days... you can just as my twin, Lemony Slash. XD

Other than dozing off... I've been playing a lot of Guild Wars with Lemony and enjoying some alone time with my computer.

... wow... that last sentence just sounded REALLY bad... didn't it? Lawl!


Anyway... I'll be pretty busy next week as well. I have to get ready to go to A-kon! *Whoosh.*

I get to cosplay as Ryuichi Sakuma, meet new people, and meet new guys! *Swoons whilst thinking of Alucard cosplayers.* Teehee! -^-^-

Seth: *Coughs.*

Oh, yes! Here's my list of things:

Get Ace Tape for binding

Grocery Shop

Style two wigs

Get both costumes ready

Sew a little something together for a friend

Woo... doesn't sound that bad to all of you, but it's busy enough for me.


Seth: ... *Yawns.*

You're ALWAYS tired these days! XD

Seth: I am tired when you are...

You'll have a week to get rested up! Then it's A-kon time!

Seth: *Chuckles.* More dancing ensues... I am just happy I get to see Setoek.

Yeah. Me too!


EDITEDIT!!!!: ANDWOA! I just now realized that I am now a Senior Otaku!


*Does victory dance.*

Seth: *Chuckles.*


-Kawaii Seth<3

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