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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Song: Coin Lockers Baby

By: Miyavi

Mood: Content

Hidoi yo, mama
Fukanzen naru hora, hidoi aza darake, godai ha fuman
Temonakereba ashi mo nae
ima mo mukashi mo nita keshiki
dosu kuroi heya
kibou no ki no jisae doko ni mo ariyashi nae
Kuroi, cry, Kuroi, cry

So, yatto tsukanda nanairo no Feather
Father, moushiwakenai kedo
Tebanashi taku ha nai no sa
tashou no gisei ha o te no mono, nandaro?
Tonari ni aru no ha otouto ka imouto ka...

Sorry my baby, it's my own fault.
Allow me ratting on you.
I've nothing to lose
Oh, I feel lonely...

Zubutoi, zubutoi, anata to no kizuna ha
Masshiroi youfuku kita aitsu ni setsurarete
hai, sayonara
iinda, iinda, sou nozomu no ha, nozomurenu boku
Tatoe hitoribocchi demo ikinagaraete yaru sa.

Hey my mother, what are you getting at?
Put a sock in it
Okay, suit yourself.
I miss you too, mum...


I feel so horrible for not being able to visit everyone's sites lately! I have been staying after school every day until 7:00 PM to help the freshmen learn to march and what not. I've been so dead tired that I have lack of time to even log on my computer when I get home before getting to sleep each night.

Seeing as tomorrow is Friday and my birthday, I may be coming home early though and just skipping fish camp. If not... then I will surely comment on Saturday before my actual birthday party. I swear to you guys that I have not forgotten about all of you.

I love all of you too much to forget. ^^


My stress level has only increased about 2% seeing as how I'm worried about my Sweet 16. I just want everyone to be comfortable and have a good time. I ddidn't want this to turn into a stressful matter, but such is life, ne?

So far we have set up:

Food - The majority of the food is oriental, fruits and vegetables.

Music - Nothing but techno and trance.

Color theme - Neon green and black.

Glowsticks - Working on them.

DJ - I don't know him personally... but hopefully all goes well with this one.

Location - A decent sized club house.

Whew... here's hoping. e.e


As for comments on my favorite kid's show; no one got it right, but one person actually hit close to my all-time favorite "kids" show.

The following is the winner:

Roboartemis - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

As a prize: The next time Roboartemis is looking for a new layout... all they have to do is contact me through e-mail with what they want!

*Huggles everyone else and gives them cookies for trying.*

And Cycon.... Level C is SURELY not a kids show! XDDD


I should get going now... seeing as how I have stuff to do and all. I vill talk to all of you later!

Seth: *Continues sleeping.*

-Kawaii Seth<3

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